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Just a guy that stumbled into the fandom, and started writing.


Author blerbles and a Question · 5:24am Mar 8th, 2016

So I hammered out a chapter for the side story, and it's so close to the plot of the other story that it may be necessary. I'm having this weird moment of trying to decide where to keep that chapter, or whether I can even host the same chapter in two stories. It's a weird question, but I'll probably just leave it in Life and Times of the Ladies of CU. Otherwise you fine folks may notice a slight pick up in my writing volume, and you can blame me finally burning myself out on Diablo! Regardless

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A year sure goes by fast! You still alive there man?

Hello! Long time no see :raritywink:

2403094 I had never really gone after that fic, she might be willing to give a copy if you message her via tumblr or Skype, but I dunno where all of that can be found other than the source. Sorry I'm not much help!


and I've never loved her approach to fantasy story telling

You wouldn't happen to have a copy of Tales of the Valkerie lying around, would ya?

I've been trying to hunt down Lily's old work. I have most of the Stockholm series, but Tales is all but gone from the internet.

2402307 Oh yeah, not all of her work I love or even agree with, some of the hyper rant stuff and whatnot, and I've never loved her approach to fantasy story telling or some of the envelope pushing from parts for the Razzle Dazzle series, but I like her stuff. I don't take in as much or produce as much content from Fandom these days because I'm very busy and technical stuff happens but I still follow in a minute like it's my job!

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