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The Dead Chapter · 3:07am Jul 8th, 2018

Writing is hard. The worst part in my opinion (other than writer's block) is putting time and effort into something only to scrap it in the end. However, this can be a good thing. Sometimes you make something better to replacement or the story would be better without it (lots of cut stuff from the first story). However, this was the only time I cut an entire chapter. I'm not too happy to abandon it, but the replacement chapter is far better. I still have the google doc and will link it.

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Just popping in for a welfare check, sup?

Hope you are still around. Love your story

Sorry for the late reply. I saw your message while I was busy with something and forgot about it. I haven't worked on it in a while since I have been busy as well distracted with things, but I plan on getting back to it next week. I have the whole story thought out for the not really the sequel story, but I am still suffering writer's block with a few subplots, so it will need some time.

Any updates? (still waiting for sequel)
Or the cake gone stale? :trollestia:

I must say, I was very surprised as I read "queen of hearts" by how well it was written.
I think of all the story's I read so far, I like your way of writing best. You have a great feeling for the character's and their interaction with one another.
Just wanted to say that.
I am german and my reading is better then my writing, so sorry if some of my sentences are odd.

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