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Status Report: Code Ember · 7:24am Feb 4th, 2014

Well, it took me a month and a half, also more money than I want to think about, but I finally fixed my computer! It only took a new motherboard, CPU, two sets of DDR3, and a new power supply! The last of which only arrived this weekend, so I spent all my waking hours blundering about as I installed drivers, added updates, corrupting all my data, reformatting my hard drive, and re-installing windows 8! Fun!

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The Novel Novice

Well, hello there random viewer! If you're reading this then it might mean that you probably want to know more about me, huh? Well there's not much to tell, but I'll give it a shot.

Name: Yuri Petrovitch
Age: Old enough to drown in booze.
Gender: I'll give you a hint, I have XY chromosomes.
Location: Somewhere on the West Coast of Canada
Likes: Video Gaming, Writing, Sleeping
Hobbies: Video Gaming, Writing, Sleeping
Special Talents: Procrastination
Education: Graduated and learned to weld metal at college.
Aspirations: To one day build my very own mecha, and with it I shall conquer the world! Muahahahaha! *cough* sorry about that...
Favorite Writers: Hoopy McGee, MerlosTheMad, The Ancient One, JarOfHearts, and last but not least Muppetz.

Other than that above I'm just a lowly peon writer trying to improve his work. I hope this helps, and if you feel like commenting on anything really feel free, the comment section is always open.

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No problem, I'm really interested in seeing how things play out

Thanks for the fav on my story, The Ones From Beyond. :ajsmug:

tbh I wasn't liking the story in the beginning, too many plot holes and grievous mistakes on Jake's part that a seasoned lieutenant would never make (like how he was late to the operation and leaving the ship still emitting a signal for the enemy to find.) There was also a lot of red herrings where something like Halloween/NMN as the date for Jake's 'arrival' had seemed to be related to the plot yet never really mattered as everyone kind of forgot about that holiday. And while I can agree Jake's super soldier body may be able to take a trashing you never got into details about the 'how' behind it, sort of just saying "yeah he's got more holes in him than a siv and broken more bones than a cemetery after an earthquake, but he's still kicking cause reasons.":rainbowhuh:

Later on tho the story gets much better, and although I feel Luna's and Jake's relationship seems a bit too rushed to get started they end up in a nice adorkable 'not-a-couple-but-totally-are'.:rainbowkiss: I really want to see more development between them, especially with Luna taking lil trips into Jake's dreamland.:trollestia:

Almost all of these are simple to fix with a lil editing and rewriting to flesh the story out. Like saying that the suit also acts like a brace or cast keeping his bones together as he walked into town that first time. And one glaring plot hole that needs to be fixed is that Twilight doesn't seem to remember having her front door kicked in, but again, easy fix but having Jake apologize about that whole misunderstanding and such.:twilightsmile:

Honestly here, I like your story and I want to see it continue on for quite some time!:pinkiehappy: I'm just just left with a twitching eye a few times at some glaring problems from earlier in the story.:twilightsheepish:

Yo! Thanks a ton for the fav friend! :twilightsmile:

Rly hope you're enjoying the story!

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