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So I got in a car crash and the hospital put me under for surgery. The next thing I know, I wake up as a small pony with wings. And I can't see. And it's freaking cold up here.

At least I've still got my smokes.

(Got the idea from the funny picture. Rated T for language and tobacco use.)

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I shall read and I shall enjoy!

"Well, I still got my smokes"....

Yeah, get that filly more disabled. Cause that'll be fun. Nice story, though. Laughed my sides off at the cover.

This is similar to that story... To Be Old Again? That story had the same thing happen to the guy, and he is a colt.

And the funny thing in this story is that this guy ended up in a filly's body. What happened to Snow Drop by the way? :rainbowhuh:

Liked this story, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

This is very good for a HIE intro! Most people use a lot of cliches in the introduction. You did use the death on earth/ reborn into equestria chiche though. I'm willing to overlook that because everything else is perfect!

5767094 Good question Silver! Considering this is during the time of the Mane 6, and 'Snowdrop' was set before the Nightmare Moon era...Snowdrop died about a thousand years ago. Which just adds another layer of bizarrity (not a word, I know) to an already bizarre scenario. :pinkiecrazy:

5767238 Thanks! And about that one cliche, we don't actually know that Jay is dead. I think I'll leave that part of it up in the air for now.

lol i see the friendship is witchcraft reference in there!

5767368 ORLY? :pinkiegasp: Which part? I've actually just seen snippets of FiW (Sweetie Bot and the like), so I didn't know I was making a reference! ^^

There is a part in episode 9 of Friendship is Witchcraft where Snowdrop yells out "That's because I'm blind you jackass!"

5767385 Oh! I saw some funny fanart of Snowdrop where that was a meme, just didn't know the line came from FiW. Sweet. :yay:

It's a bit better written than most in the 'Why am I X' genre, and you generally have a decent prose for first person. The main downside was starting with a character's life story, usually a bad idea. Would have been better to show a bit more action early on, and then reveal his history more as the story progressed.

Dis iz a gud storeh.
Some srs feely bidnus in this storeh.

it'd be pretty fine and unique if "jay" went along with it lel

since everyone is saying "Im not a pony"!

Amazing Grace Reference

This is a dam interesting concept. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

I approve. Proceed forth with thy pony words.

Ill be honest I was not sure what to expect from this story as such I began from this chapter. That said however. You have caught my attention and I shall continue to read future updates to this story to see where it goes. :twilightsmile:

Featured at the second attempt. Not bad (took me about fourteen tries, and even then it was only for twenty minutes). :rainbowlaugh: It's also very good, too; not too many clich├ęs of the genre I could spot, and I don't necessarily mind a little info-dumping. Get it out of the way nice and early the get on with the story.

I Do have a question now that I think about it. At the beginning how did she know she was "up" somewhere?

5768711 Precisely my intent. :raritywink: Establish that Jay is not an anon, he's a real guy who's going to tell you something about himself--then stand back and let the crazy stuff happen.

Oh man, don't tell me I'm in the Feature box. That's...way beyond anything I've experienced in writing. How do I thank this many people?? :twilightoops: I guess the only way is to write more of this, and soon.

Comment posted by Szalhi deleted Mar 22nd, 2015

5768716 Good question. As Jay mentions in the first chapter, "Maybe I should back up a little. (Not literally. I might just fall off the edge of...whatever I'm standing on.)" He must have found the edge shortly before the story began, and concluded that he was on an elevated surface.

I read this in the weirdest voice ever.

5768802 Ohhh thanks! Oh and I did go back and read the first chapter. :twilightsmile:


I could never force myself to watch Snowdrop on youtube. It was too.... eh.
But I think I can happily educate myself through this fic. :)


...Moar sir I need more of this 10 minute addiction


More writing is the best thank you I can think of, yeah. :ajsmug:

Was that a Friendship is Witchcraft reference? I think it was.

I'm loving this story. It's probably one of the better Snowdrop docs I've read (And I've read a lot of Snowdrop fics.)

Three more chapters and you'll get a like..Six more chaps and you'll get a spot in my read it later library....

So I finished reading "Who Is This Lord Tirek You Speak Of?" and recently started to read "I'm Going to Save And/Or Destroy Equestria!". And this story would share a similar theme with the two stories I have read and would be my first time reading a fic with Snowdrop in it.


You know what? Let's follow this story to see where it goes.

I had the impression that Snowdrop was legally blind but could see a little bit.

I kind of feel sorry for Jay, mostly because he's going to go through puberty AGAIN, only on the otherside. Once he realizes that, I imagine a total freak-out.

Truthfully, I think he attempted suicide because he wanted to be with his wife again. Obviously she died tragically and Snowdrops remind him of her because her family grew them traditionally.
Honestly I hope we learn why he looks like Snowdrop down to the cutiemark, in Equestria, if Beth is there but as a colt and if he'll get his original body back. I think she died of child birth myself and the child was either taken or died soon after the birth.
Okay he's divorced.....I wonder what happened........

5769542 Just 199 chapters, and you get a set of steak knives and a free Shamwow.

Great story.

When does this story take place in the MLP timeline?

Huh, interesting.

I assume beth was the previous snowdrop?

5770085 You'll find out the answer to that soon, particularly in the next few chapters. :pinkiesmile:

5769996 That's possible, but I'm going with totally blind because they didn't say otherwise, and one of her classmates mentions "she can't see her own hooves in front of her face." But we could ask someone at SFS to find out for sure.

5770032 Jay did not attempt suicide. He hasn't achieved everything he wanted in life but I stop short of calling him depressed. We will find out more about the accident and his ex-wife soon. :twilightsmile:

...That cover is just so, so wrong. :twilightoops:


...Faved. :trixieshiftright:

I don't tend to dive into unfinished stories (for the obvious reason of running out of material and forgetting about it) but the title of this chapter drew me in. I also don't usually laugh out loud at things on the internet, but I did when I read the title--because it is a reference to FiW, right?

Anyway, the story is great, and I would be binge reading it for sure if more were available. That said, I would appreciate it if you did not let it fall by the wayside like so many authors do with their stories. If that means more beer, then by all means, let me just go ahead and open a tab!



Though if he's on a quest to reunite with his wife, I'm calling definite shenanig-no I'm not, what are you talking about? Let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

5770809 LOL! You had me going there for a second. I'm thrilled to see you here, even honored. My friends recommended 'Oh, To Be Old Again' all the time and I did read some of it a few years ago, but I still have a long way to go TBH. Had to get some RL stuff out of the way. :twilightsmile: More chapters coming soon!

5770913 I can see it now.

Jay and Silent Mac. :eeyup:

This is brilliant! Bravo! I am so glad I clicked on this I anticipate the next chapter:twilightsmile:

This is gonna be good.

*squee* :yay:
I wish I could thumb you up more than once for that.

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