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Both Big Mac and Discord are in here. (Damn you character limitations!)
Part 1:From man to mare
Part 3:From man to mare: an aching heart
Part 4: From man to mare: I love my mommy
Part 5:From man to mare: Time to tell

Derry Wilhall is now living a rather special new life as Silver, his once stuffed animal pony. "She" has been having a better expectance at life and has made firm friends with Twilight Sparkle and Spike and she is still trying to avoid Rarity's insistance to get her together with Big Mac. Besides this, there are many mysteries still left untold, many revolving around the strange Giga Sparkle. How will they be explained, and what is this about a statue?

Ya, I put "The Empire of Blood" on hiatus to make the part 2 just to please you all. SO WORSHIP ME! MUAHAHAHA *thunder*.

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Oh nice, tracked before I even read :pinkiehappy:

After reading, sure it seems to start slowly, but I'm sure you'll get used to it and apparently you didn't mess up the character names...

Some minor grammatical mistakes but it's not that big.

:twilightsmile: Glad your continuing this story. I don't really go for gory ones so i had to opt out of the last one..... Commented before I read gonna edit this later :twilightblush:

*Edit* Oooo~ A Nightmare night continuation.... I like where this is going. Starting off a little slow for you though~ better be rolling downhill.

Silver doesn't need to worry- Everypony has fantasies about Big Mac. Everypony. :eeyup: :heart:
Also, it seems that Santa Claus has finally tracked down our protagonist, what happens next? Find out in the next exciting chapter of From Man to Mare!

Ohhh, someone calling Silver by her true name?

Normally, Celestia and Luna should be the only ones to know...... and I highly doubt it's Luna....


I guessed so much too, so I see 3 possibilities with one of them being the most likely.... after all it IS called From Man to Mare: Chaotic Convergence.....

OHHHHH is it Oil and Bitch?

:twilightsmile: I know who is out to get Silver. Just call it a hunch that is for sure to be accurate.


I think you're not the only one....

Let's just say the subtitle for this story is a big clue.... especially with what "Derry's mom" managed to do....

361042 I wasn't exactly aiming to make it discreet, but what will happen later will hopefully have your brain leave your head vacant.

a mind-blown moment? yeah, I guess it can still go any which way

ohhh i wonder who it is now... is it oil...or maybe the granddad?...or bitch again...

361511 Well, let's just put it this way, from Luna's point of view of what she did to "bitch", but represented by someone else. images.cheezburger.com/completestore/2011/5/24/a6c3cd6f-5cfa-45f0-bc4f-19f9b3f71174.jpg

...Discord dance? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Clearly Silver's mom learned gypsy magic to travel to Equestria in search of the inheritance, but upon seeing Discord, her fashion sense compelled her into wearing him as a hat. By getting her to accept a deal of "Eternal Life in exchange for Freedom" he trapped her mind and soul within the statue while he was left in command of her body. He is currently in the process of reshaping it to his tastes, which is why he's mostly formless and colorless. It makes so much sense.:pinkiegasp:

So much chaos!! And this story is actually a bit more violent than its prequel, good job.

I sure hope you'll keep the violence level WAY BELOW *THE* Fanfic that one must not name and the others with similar premises....

What am I saying, there's NO way this story will devolve to that, isn't there?

363344 No. This is just to have Silver get traumatized at a faster level. And what do you mean by "THE" Fanfic? The one I was doing before?

Edit: Don't forget that this is chaos and my mind could be too much for even Discord to deal with.


nah, THE fanfic is how I refer to the dreaded..... Cupcakes.....

364723 Oh. I thought perhaps you were referring to Rainbow Factory.

well, Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Sweet Apple Massacre... fanfics like those which should totally not exist but hay.... humans

365101 Did you just throw in a pun?:unsuresweetie: Also, you don't like those sort of fics? Then perhaps, when I finish this and "The Empire of Blood", I could make one just to scare you. Muahaha!


Altough I enjoy your stories, I still CAN'T read one of those awfully grimdark stories due to the psychological scar I got from watching the flash video of Cupcakes O_o sorry but fusing the gore, death, cannibalism and stuff with a "merry sounding" song (which is definitely NOT merry XD) and the dance moves just scarred me, I'm not scared by those stories, I just go THE HAY?!?

365438 Meh. I've never liked those sort of stories anyways. I just like to add the violence and gore WHEN IT FITS with the story. The other story I was writing( and will finish) fits with that. Although the next chapter for it won't be pretty. I've also noticed that not many people seem to like this "continuation" of From man to mare. I think I know why. :ajbemused:

365526 Clearly because you've reduced the sexual tension between Big Mac and Silver. :eeyup:
Either that or you've cut down on the "I used to be a human man" vibe, which was really the whole concept of the original. Plus I notice that people seem to be much harsher on stories that go dark- I personally like seeing the ponies messed with (:trollestia:), but I don't like seeing them hurt, physically or mentally.
I'm going to keep reading anyway.

365973 Ah. That was basically what I thought. I can't stay on the same subject forever, though. It'll make something bland and boring afterwards because the subject becomes repetitive. Also, there will be one between somepony else.

Have you read First Pony View?

Now all Rarity has to do is arrange for Big Mac and Cylon to compete for Silvers affections. I can see it now~
Cylon locked the door behind him, reasoning that whatever was after Silver would have to waste time opening it in the event of an attack, buying precious time to escape if necessary. For now, however, it served to give them privacy.
"Silver, I-" Cylon began, before the door swung inwards with a resounding SMASH, revealing the backside of Big Mac, in the aftermath of what was suppoded to be a gentle knock from one his his powerful hind legs.
"Sorry," said the farmpony. "I forgot how dainty these castle defenses can be." Silver looked between the two stallions, before something clicked in her mind. She strode forward slowly.
"Oh, the two of you all to myself?" She said. "I can think of some fun things the three of us can do," corners of her mouth twitching as if smiling at some joke only she could hear. The two stallions shared a glance and resolved to put aside their differences, however temporarily. As one, they turned towards Silver.

A white guard pegasus walking beneath the tower was forced to dodge as two large objects hit the ground near him, along with a light rain of shattered glass. He looked up and saw a beautiful silver mare peering out a broken window down towards him. A groan brought his attention to the lumps before him, now recognisable as Cylon and a large red Earth Pony that the young male guard felt eerily attracted to. A soft voice on the wind reached his ears from the mare above, "Be a dear and get them some medical attention, would you?"

369831 FFFFFFFFFF-! I forgot about reading that! I've been having too many ideas flowing in with the infinite possibilities that I can engrave my imagination upon. Must. Find. Concentration.

369902 I'm not sure what I should make of this. I don't know whether you made a sexual innuendo, some brutality for Silver not liking that sort of thing, or both. In either case the-tech-guy.net/wp-content/uploads/im-watching-you-meme.gif

369993 I'll never do that sort of thing. If I want to put in romance, it will be direct (for the reader) and if there was ever going to be any sax (I didn't write "sex". U mad?:trollestia:) it will never be referred, but it will certainly be "viewable" by the reader.

370064 Are you talking about me? I was unaware defenestration had any sexual undertones. :twilightoops:

Yay! :rainbowkiss:


Ha Discord, finally you reveal yourself.... at least formally instead of just all the hints you gave...... and why do I feel like Silver will actually realy be attracted to Cyclon.... after all they have more in common than Silver + Big Mac....
altough..... Discord could ruin everything if Cyclon becomes aware of Silver's true identity.....

After discovering their mutual loves of writing, violence and looking pretty, they proceeded to write an adventure film where a nameless red pony defeats Discord by crushing him beneath his massive apples. Big Mac took the star role, and the three of them moved in together and made lots of money.

I think i hate myself for loving this fic.....


378737 Glad that my "shocker" hasn't disturbed anyone yet.

Come to the chaotic side Silver, we have muffins.....:moustache:

378974 I'm pretty sure The Psychopath would love to follow you.:pinkiecrazy:

Are you going to go into more detail about the Sparkles? And why did Discord specify that the one bound to Silver was a "Giga" Sparkle? :trixieshiftright:

379501 The previous story mentioned that they were all called Giga Sparkles. Although I can make a change to that and modify the story a bit. I've already done that the second I saw your comment.

Cool a story that is a continuation of another which name hath never graced mine ears.

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