• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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From man to mare: Chaotic convergence - The Psychopath

Derry Wilhall, now a mare, will go through more dark times in his new life.

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Chasing blades

It was my mother. That stupid bitch had somehow made it here...yet she wasn't a pony. I always felt something ominous about her...but there was something different about her right now.

"Look at that. My worst accident is here." she said.

"Accident? You're bad fashion taste is already an accident. You look like you went through a troll's nose."

Her black hair was all swished up into some type of mountain shape while she wore an ugly snot green dress. I did say she had bad taste, and this proved it.

"Awww. How sad. I thought you were going to stay at home. I passed by and saw that you weren't there, so I came here."

"Hmph. You aren't my mother."

"What are you talking about?" I started to walk back and forth.

"Well, one, even if my mother would insult me, she'd never come and visit. Two, I never told 'you' or my dad where I was going to live. Three, how exactly did you come 'here'? That's a massive inconsistency."

"I'm your mother, I always know how to find you."

"No you aren't and no you don't. You could barely find the door to get out of your room when you bought clothes, and I literally had to break the door down because, like the idiot you are, you locked yourself up and lost the key. So, basically, you aren't my mother because your sense of orientation is about as well developed as a rock can move on its own accord."

Her face started to distort, and I felt my guts tell me to run away as a strange smile formed on her face.

"I suppose you also want to know how I recognized you?"

"I...didn't think of that."

"It's because of that stupid doll you always carry around. I never understood what you found in it, that wretched little thing is so ugly and disgusting."

I looked at Silver's hooves as I tried to squeeze a hand into a fist, but I noticed that my crystal costume had disappeared. I started to feel shivers form along my body. As I looked up, it seemed that the bitch imitator was staring over me. She wasn't even bothering to lower her head, her eyes were ample enough to get a good look at me. I still had my anger to guide me through:

"Ugly? You would definitely know the term It's also normal that you could never understand what connection I had with Silver."

My "mother's" distorted smile faded away as she started to frown.

"You even named it? I told that old pile of dust to not give you anything, but he would never listen. *sigh* I'm going to have to take it away from you now."

She grabbed my neck and squeezed with a strength that I didn't think was possible. I felt light-headed suddenly. She was somehow cutting off my blood circulation. I tried to cry for help, but to no avail.

"Don't worry Derry, I believe that you will be much better this way. Perhaps you will kill yourself and your father and I can get that money that old coot gave you."

I started to black out, but a bright blue flash illuminated the area and threw my mother against a wall. I fell back onto the ground and coughed roughly. How the hell is she even capable of such feats of strength? Even if it's an imitation, she wouldn't have that much strength. Where did that flash come from, anyways? Perhaps it's what little is left of the true Silver within my body that is protecting me? No...that's impossible.

I looked back up as I tried to stand back on my legs, just to see that bitch get back up in a twisted way. She started to walk slowly towards me. Her fingers seemed to have turned into blades. She slid them against each other like scissors as she walked ever closer.

"Well then Derry, it seems I'll have to tear up Silver. You'll feel better after this, I promise."

"St-stay away from me."

I tried scampering to my hooves, but I kept falling backwards.

"Why? Don't you want to feel at least a SINGLE form of affection from your mother?"

"Stay away from me! Don't come any closer!"

She slashed at me. I narrowly dodged and started galloping through the alleyways in order to get to Twilight and Luna. I never felt so scared before. Even when Luna and Celestia tried to kill me, they were direct about it and Iiterally had nowhere to run to. The feeling of escaping but still feeling trapped is horrid. My heart was flying away as I ran between buildings. Somehow, whenever I was about to reach an exit, she was there. Every time I tried to run further away, she would chase after me while scraping the walls of the houses.

She popped back up again as I had gotten near another exit. The group was further away. They were sitting near some steps of a house. Why couldn't they see us when we were clearly in a wide opening?

"Hey! Help! Twilight! Luna! Somepony!"

"There's no point in calling them. You have no friends and family, remember?"

"No! You're wrong! Whoever you are, you must've put a spell on this area, it's the only explanation!"

"I'm sure. No one likes you Derry. Even your father and I didn't care about you. What makes you think that another world will? You will never be loved. You will always be hated and rejected. Now let me get rid of that stupid doll of yours."

I felt emptiness slump into my soul by what this creature said. Was she right? Was I just some useless pile of mush that they all took pity on? No...NO!

"Shut up! You don't decide my life you useless waste of existence! I'm going to reach them even if you don't want me to!"
"Then you'll have to get through me first."

She smirked as she started scraping the blades against each other again. I lowered my head and started to kick up dust with my foreleg. I grinned. I had a single objective in sight. My fear was starting to eat me up from the inside. I wouldn't last long if this kept going. With my eyes watering up, I charged straight at her. She threw her hands forward, trying to stab me. I ducked quickly and slid right under her legs. She still managed to cut my cheek. I ran straight forward and passed through what seemed like a chrome-colored liquid wall. I ran towards Luna and the others as my heart felt like it was going to stop. They saw me running frantically towards them, nearly crying. They stood up immediately after that blade-handed thing popped out of the wall thing and started chasing after me with a murderous smile on its face. It had changed in appearance. It looked like an entirely black bipedal being with yellow eyes and blue pupils. It jumped up high and tried to land on me, but I curved around the impact point and kept trying to reach my friends.

"Silver!" yelled Twilight.

"What is that thing?" said Applejack.

"I'll get it!"

Rainbow Dash used her trademark speed and rammed into the thing's face with her full force and speed. The creature flung high in the air, but landed back onto its feet, and charged back at me. Every time it looked at me, I felt ice cold knives going through my entire body. Rainbow Dash tried to attack it again by making it trip and she was certainly going to box it to death, but it literally twisted out of her way and kept stomping away. I tripped and tumbled into Twilight. Luna stood up. Everypony around was staring at this creature and were wondering what Luna would do.

"Get away from here, beast!" she yelled. But the being did not flinch. It simply tilted it's head and spun into the air, hoping to get me. Luna stopped it with her magic and threw it into the ground.

"Fine then! Have at you!" she said.

The creature laughed and started toying with her, while she was giving her all to defeat it. Every strike she tried to perform was met with a deforming of the body. When Luna finally grabbed the beast, she used a spell that concentrated the moonlight into a pure white laser. It struck the beast in its head , causing it to dissipate into a self-consuming flame. Luna checked around to make sure that this wasn't another trick. The crowd cheered, thinking this was another event of the night. She went back to see that I was in shock. Shaking, breathing irregularly, sweating profusively, eyes widened, crying silently, and crunched up into a ball, I was huddled against Twilight Sparkle who was trying to comfort me.

Luna looked at me, estranged by what had happened. She was certainly disturbed by the way I was acting. I certainly didn't break down like this when she and her sister tried to kill me. It seemed that there was something out there trying to get me.

"Twilight Sparkle, I suggest you take her back to your house and let her rest. After this night, we will consult with Celestia about what happened. In the meantime, you should watch over her very closely. We do not think that she will be left alone after this. More is certainly to come."

"Okay princess. Spike!"

Spike was busy showing off in front of some more jewel admirers, but quickly caught up to Twilight. He was surprised to see me in this state. He asked Twilight what had happened, but she wouldn't explain.

"Oh ho! "She" could be useful to me. Let's see what happens if I go deeper." said a shadowy figure on a rooftop. It quickly disappeared as Twilight brought the Silver pony into her house.