• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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From man to mare: Chaotic convergence - The Psychopath

Derry Wilhall, now a mare, will go through more dark times in his new life.

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Cracked Awakening (Rewritten)

"Mmmmm. A comfy bed...but so fluffy. And why is it re--"

"What's the matter, darlin'?" a masculine voice asked.

I awoke screaming really loudly, my body drenched in a cold sweat. I was staining the bed Twilight had made me a couple months ago, and my yell apparently startled Spike so much that he had shot out of his bed like a bullet and was now clinging to the walls with his teeny lizard claws. I took a quick glance around just to be certain that it really was just a nightmare.

"Damn it, Rarity," I cursed under my breath.

Living with Twilight in this horse body was fine and all, but having Rarity trying to hook me up with Big Mac just because of a simple misunderstanding is REALLY...grating on my nerves. I'll confront her about it. Eventually. In the future. Within the full length of time.

"Y-you okay, Silver?" Spike strained to ask me through his still trembling body. He had landed back onto his bed but was still stiff as a log. Almost looked like a frozen cat, actually.

"Yeaaaaah..." I rubbed the back of my head, already forgetting I had no fingers. "Just one of those...uh...typical-yet-disturbing nightmares." I grinned sheepishly at him.

"W-well, I guess you got me ready for later," he chuckled.

I stared at him with dull eyes. "Ready? Ready for what?"

He blinked at me several times, giving me a weird face. Preeeetty sure it was disgust. "Nightmare Night. You know, the one night in the year where we can around everywhere getting free candy!"

"Oooh. Right. Halloween," I chuckled.


"Nothing!" I blurted. "You're not going to dress up as a dragon, are you?"

Spiked blushed in embarrassment. Much to my not-surprise he did indeed do this. Ugh. Who could've thought that this world would even have a Halloween. I learned of it from Twilight Sparkle after there was a lot of back-and-forthing concerning the giga-sparkle. She's as rap...rapap... opportunistic as a vulture, so she thought it would be smart to take me to her 'secret lab'...which I would air-quote if I had any fingers. Where did she even get any of these machines? I thought these people were medieval. That unicorn needed to scan my...cutie mark -whose name I despise for being too frufru- to see if she could find my gigasparkle in there, but she could only find traces of it. It really seemed like it was dead, something that...created a pang in my guts, almost like I lost something precious to me. Like someone hacked at my soul with a pickaxe. While the true Silver might've been dead, she at least gave me a second chance, something I wasn't going to waste. I became somewhat familiar with the two giant horses that tried to kill me, but I won't trust them worth a damn after what they tried to do without warning. It felt like the blue one was trying to be friendly, but the white one felt weirder. As far as I know they're both the same, just with different colors!...and one with a giant butt. Being around the blue one felt...wrong somehow. I couldn't quite explain it.

"Silver!" a voice called out. Twilight teleported next to me. "What happened? Why did you scream?" she yelled in a panic.

"Nothing." You weirdo. "Just a nightmare...induced by Rarity," I said through clenched teeth. She gave me a single laugh in response. A laugh! "What?"

"A nightmare on Nightmare Night. Must be a sign of good luck!" she teased.

I rolled my eyes. "Or bad."

Twilight snorted. "Don't be so pessimistic. It's just a night of fun, a night you need to get ready for."

"This early in the morning?" I complained.

"Don't question her ways, Silver," Spike warned. "She'll literally make a list about lists."

"Yo dawg," I thought to myself in olden.

I sighed. "Fine. Gold on." I get out of the bed and started stretching, producing multiple cracks all over my body crowned by a single, long, and very loud crack. "And that's the sign of a good night's rest."

"Stop doing that," Spike complained. He was sticking his tongue out and had a hand on his belly. An opportunity!

"Do you mind if I just do a bit more...stretching?" I asked as I gave him a side glance.

"No wai-" He was interrupted by a loud crack and clamped his hands to the sides of his head. "Gross!"

I stood on my hind legs, threw my fore into the air, and gave the best diabolical laughter that I could. Twilight, meanwhile, had prepared breakfast, although...eugh. To say she wasn't that good would be polite. I think charred wood might've tasted better than this. Spike and I forced the food down our gullets, then when Twilight wasn't looking, dumped everything out of the window above the sink, giving her innocent-but-nervous smiles when she returned. After confirming that we 'loved' her 'delicious' food, we went to Rarity's for the costumes. She had already started them some time ago and we were going to get them. I chose to go as a pony made of blue crystals with emerald green eyes, preferably made to look like the actual rock. That said, I wasn't looking forward to going to that annoying puffball. My heart may be opening better thanks to Aloe and Lotus -whatever that meant- but that didn't mean I was going to accept the white one and her annoying mannerisms.

When the doors of hell opened, a familiar chill ran down my spine as I could feel Rarity's evil eyeing me from afar. The ground was plotting against me! And the stairs were the most nefarious of schemers! Little shits! This weird magic world probably works like that. I mean, my plushie came to life, after all. Rarity's shop still looked beautiful though, and I could see her adding the finishing touches to a few outfits. Mine was there and looked just how I wanted to, much to my actual pleasure...which is an odd thing to think. Something I wanted that I actually got. How...fun? There was a costume that looked like the white pony and one that...I don't know. Was it a dog? A dragon? Wolf? Whatever it was, I had my costume and that's what counted. Twilight thanked Rarity who, of course, ha to get them to leave so she could be alone with me.

"Now, about your costume," she started. "I still don't know why you didn't want one to attract Big Mac"s attention."

I lost it. My pupils shrank and I started gritting my teeth. I lifted my forelegs at Rarity and stomped the ground. I hated doing this, but she wouldn't leave me alone, and I had been having to deal with this crap for long enough!

"Okay...I've had it."


"You see these hooves, Rarity? I will put them around your neck, and then I will lift you in the air and throw you in an Ursa Major cave. I could also wring your neck, but that wouldn't give me any satisfaction," I growled.

She put a hoof to her neck and gulped. I didn't know how I looked when I was mad, but I always hoped I looked at least a bit intimidating.

"You know...you could have just asked me to stop--" I cut her off.

"I'VE BEEN ASKING YOU FOR TWO MONTHS! LET IT GO! You shouldn't be the one who decides about my personal life." I huffed. "Please, just stop it. Give me my costume. I want to leave," I said.

I tossed the dress over my back and stomped out of the shop. Rarity stayed in place, rubbing her neck. She forced my h...oof. I might've gotten used to this female body and its differently functioning anatomy, but I was still me. I've been feeling strange since the real Silver was...killed, but that doesn't mean I was going to change like that! The way I acted sometimes made others call me a feminine mare, tch. Yeah right! I was sure I was going to regret blowing up at the fashion pony, but she had to learn like that or else she would've never left me alone!

Ugh. The next stop was Pinkie's bakery. Forgot the name. That was fast. I facehoofed. Seeing the town, though, really showed how much they liked this celebration. I saw some teeny weeny itty bitty of white and brown that I could've sworn was a chihuahua for a second, all giddy about Luna coming back. Pfff. Twilight told me she would come back as Nightmare Moon when nobody was expecting it just to scare everyone. I forgot to ask what a 'Nightmare Moon' was and didn't really care to ask later. Opening the bakery door flooded my nostrils with freshly baked scents as we greeted the Cakes while they prepared a batch of holiday treats for tonight. The babies were being put in their costumes by their mother, but they were rather fidgety and fighting it.

"Already getting dressed up this early?" I thought to myself.

We found Pinkie upstairs dressed up as a stereotypical present dousing herself in confetti and stringy things.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

"I'm readying for my 'present explosion!" she announced. "And hello!"

"H-hello..." I stammered. "And what present explosion. What for?"

She scoffed at me and rolled her eyes. "When I've gotten tons of candy, and it's the end of Nightmare Night, I'm going to make it all explode into the air as a surprise! A Pinkie ending to this great holiday."

I felt excitement! Rare! "I can't wait to actually see that!"

"I knew you would!" Her smile softened. "And what are your costumes?"

Twilight stepped in. "Wait that we get dressed and you'll see, and sorry if we're kicking you out of your room. We didn't want anypony to see our own costumes yet and--"

"Not at all!" Pinkie interrupted. "Just hurry up. I want to see your costuuuumes!" she said. Sounded like she really needed to go to the bathroom.

She bolted out of the room and slammed the door behind her long after she had disappeared from sight.

"Well then, let's get started!" Twilight said excitedly.

"You really are going to do that," Spike sighed in worry.

Twilight rolled her eyes in a way that I didn't think was possible. Almost looked like they went back into her head. "Of course I am, silly! I've been preparing it for a year! I can't wait to use it in field testing!"

"You what?!" I shouted.

"Let's start with Silver, then."

"Get away from me, you psychopath!"

She teleported the costume onto me, stunning me. It felt slightly leathery and very tight for something that was meant to evoke crystals. Since the weirdo was going to do it anyways, I closed my eyes and got ready for the inevitable. Twilight's horn glowed bright, and I felt the costume starting to tighten around my skin.

I reopened my eyes to see that Twilight was staring at me proudly. 'Look' she had said whilst pointing to a very conveniently placed, tall mirror. It was impressive, to say the least. I really looked like a pony made of crystal. My mane was more crystalline, leaning to the rear and spiking upwards towards the end. My tail looked like a scaled crystal and my body took on a more angular and sharpened look with some sharp, thorn-like protrusions here and there. I jumped to Twilight and gave her a big hug, thanking her for the work, then I let go after realizing what I was doing.

"Oh! Sorry, Twilight. Look at w hat you did, though. I look like a crystal pony!"

The unicorn took in a deep breath after getting over the pain she just felt from the spikey protrusions of my new body. " "Well, I'm glad to know that you at least like something." She turned to Spike. "Now it's your turn."

"Awesome!" he shouted.

I admired my new look until I saw some strange ruby grab my hood. It was Spike who had himself turn into a fire ruby dragon.

"Cooooool," I said. I sounded a bit...stoned. Hee.

Spike seemed really excited about something. "I know, right? I bet Rarity is going to love m-yyyyy new costume." He caught himself.

i cast a disinterested face as I patted him on the shoulder. Another flash blinded my peripheral vision, and I got to see a tiny version of Celestia mixed with Twilight.

"So?" she said. Likely expecting a reaction. "Do I look like the princess?"

"Yeah. You do," I grumbled.

Spike rubbed his chin as he walked around her, analyzing every little detail. "Wait, do those wings work?" he asked as he pointed to them.

Twilight chuckled. "Well, I can move them but I can't fly with them. Um, does the rest look okay?"

"It sure does. You look exactly like her." I moaned, something that didn't escape Twilight. She was frustrated at my response but apparently didn't want to fight since she didn't pursue me.

"Don't forget that this spell only lasts for the night," she warned.

"Okay," Spike and I replied.

I opened the door and clenched my chest when I saw Pinkie Pie right there, bouncing up and down in eagerness. I think I might've gasped all the oxygen out of the atmosphere. She seemed to be 'awesomed out' -as she put it- when she saw the spell Twilight had cast on our costumes. Spike was really eager to show his to the marshmallow what he looked like. All that was left was seeing the other three. I'm more curious as to whether or not this Nightmare Night had anything to do with Halloween or not. I wonder what the candy is?