• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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From man to mare: Chaotic convergence - The Psychopath

Derry Wilhall, now a mare, will go through more dark times in his new life.

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Digging deep

It was already the next morning, and I still couldn't move. What the hell was that thing? It managed to scare me, and then freeze me. I don't know what that was, and I didn't care. I felt safe in Twilight's house.

"Okay Spike, Princess Celestia wants me to go to Canterlot castle right now. Although I don't like the idea of leaving Silver here all alone, you'll have to watch over her while I'm gone. I'm sure she will be in fine...um...claws."

"You can count on me Twilight! Can you tell me what got her like this now?"

"No!" yelled Twilight. Spike complained but did as told.

Twilight left her house to find that an open-top carriage was waiting for her. In it was Cyclon, still wearing his silver colored armor encrusted with blue jewels. He was looking at Twilight in a very stern manner.

"Miss Twilight?"


"I'm here to watch over Silver."

"Why? Are you going to beat up on her again?"

"No! I still don't understand what came over me. I felt possessed, so I'm here to watch over here to pay for what I did."

"That's...a weird way of thinking."

"Please step onto the carriage. My soldiers will take you to the castle."

Cyclon waited that Twilight was in to close the door of the carriage. He watched it fly away before he walked towards the door of the library and blocked it. Nopony alive would get through him. He would redeem himself in the eyes of everypony.

Finally arrived at the castle, Twilight went directly to the throne room, but it was locked. She asked a servant who was passing by about the whereabouts of the princesses. They were in the basement.

The basement? What for?

The servant took Twilight through the castle garden, the maze having apparently reformed since last time. There were a few new statues dotted around the grassy garden. Some of them were covered with vines in a rather "artistic" manner. What disturbed Twilight the most was the lack of Discord's statue. If she remembered properly, he used to be put here on display yet again, but he seems to have disappeared. Twilight finally arrived where the servant directed her. It looked like a tall catacomb. The entrance looked like a very scary grey-stone shrine. A few ledges carved on the rooftop and the pillars also carved into the wall gave off an ominous feeling. A few dead leaves here and there gave it more creepiness than originally hoped.

Twilight thanked the servant and opened the metallic door. A scary screech, and the entrance was waiting for Twilight to come. Twilight looked around cautiously first, until she gathered her courage and entered the empty, tiny room. The metal door slammed suddenly, causing Twilight to jump and scream. A voice was heard, one that reassured her.

"Twilight Sparkle? Wait there. I will open the entrance for you."

The floor rumbled slightly, causing a few pieces of the shrine's roof to fall down in a crackled sound. A small gap opened up in the floor. Twilight went through it and was surprised by what she saw. It was a gigantic room with colorful windows adorning the walls. They looked like they represented stories that not many ponies knew. The windows pretty much composed the entirety of the walls. The room , in itself, was very circular. There were a few other ponies here, mostly unicorn guards. What Twilight saw in the middle actually explained why Discord was no longer in the garden. He was right in the middle of the room, in a hollowed out part. A magical barrier was being held up. Luna and Celestia were staring at his awkward pose. Celestia looked back at her student and looked concerned. Luna continued to observe Discord, hoping to find something out of place.

"Ah! My student!"

"Hi princess. What did you need me for? How come Discord is here?"

"Because Luna believes that the creature that attacked Silver was a creation of Discord."

"How come? Isn't he sealed away thanks to my friends and I?"

"Yes, but, as you recall, the Giga Sparkle attached to Silver was a breed that destabilized magic, correct?"

"Then you think that the seal on Discord was weakened?!"


"Oh no! Then I have to get the others right away and-"

Celestia stopped Twilight's sudden panicking.

"First things first, how is she?"

"S-Silver? She's in shock since last night. Why?"

"That's what I was afraid of."

Luna stepped forward.

"Like you and your friends may have realized, Discord likes to mess with the feelings of a being to overcome and control them. This is how he managed to corrupt you and the other elements." said Luna.

"Silver may not have her Giga Sparkle anymore, but her feelings remain mostly chaotic and negative, and that alone is enough to give Discord whatever he needs with her." she continued. Celestia took over from here after nodding to what her sister had said.

"Do you know what form Discord's creation had taken before becoming the dark figure that Luna told me about?"

"No. Sorry. She won't say anything. She's too frightened."

"*sigh* I was hoping that she would have said something."

Twilight just realized something:

"Um...is it a good idea to be saying this near Discord and the other unicorns?"

"We had placed a silencer spell around us for a proper conversation. You didn't notice?" said Celestia. Twilight brushed and gave a nervous laugh.

"No...heheh...So...um, you just needed me to learn about Silver?"

"Actually, we believe it would be best to teach you how to see through Discord's trickery." said Celestia.

"Wait...there are actually spells for that?"

"Yes. That's how Luna and I managed to defeat him when we had the connection with the elements."

"Great! When do we start?!"


Back at Twilight's house, it was already noon, and Spike tried to make Silver a fruit salad of great looks. But to no avail. She wouldn't eat. Spike was worried, especially now that the stallion who beat her up was blocking the front of the house. Spike thought of making something a bit more special, which would probably give the mare who was stuck in her bed appetite again. Spike returned eagerly to the kitchen, taking out some ingredients and a book of pastry-making. It was a gift by Pinkie Pie. While Spike was busy trying to follow the instructions for making a strawberry shortcake by the letter, he didn't notice the white bipedal figure form right behind him. It grabbed Spike and covered his mouth. He was easily lifted into the air. It closened to him and whispered in Spike's "ear" while the little dragon tried to scream. Only muffled sounds came out.

"Shshshshshhhhh. It's bed time little one. No need to alarm the guest." it placed a now sleeping Spike on the flour and sugar ridden table. Several wares were moved slightly away from the dragon, in-case he jerked about in his sleep.

"Now then, time for work."

Ugh. I felt terrible. I preferred to stay under these comfy blankets. I felt the need to eat the salad that Spike made for me and placed in front of the bed, but I just couldn't eat it. Just the thought made me want to vomit. Apparently, that douchebag guard with the weird name was "protecting" me by blocking the front door. *moan*. I needed to go to the Spa sisters' place for one of their bone breaking massages.

I wonder how Twilight is doing? Hmm. It must've been important if she was directly summoned by Celestia.

I decided to shrink deeper into my blanket fortress by wriggling from side to side. I was going to try and sleep. However, I felt a hand move the blanket from atop my head and start "petting" me. I thought it was Spike using something to soothe me, something given to him by Twilight, after all, the only other person here was Cyclon up front, and he didn't have hands. I heard a familiar tune being hummed near me. I didn't know why, but I liked these strokes through my mane. They felt...soothing.