• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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From man to mare: Chaotic convergence - The Psychopath

Derry Wilhall, now a mare, will go through more dark times in his new life.

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Rest and relaxation

"So, ya want ta get out 'n smell the daisies?" asked the general.
This was Bullseye apparently.

"Well, I thought-"

"No you didn't. Yer in here fer your own protection. I don' think ya know your predicament."

"But sir, I believe that letting her out under my supervision and that of the other guards, just to go into the backyard for a relaxation session, would help make her health better."

"Hmmm. Ya got a point....I've got more patrollin' ta do, n' I'd hate to see this lovely lady get in worse condition than she already is...fine, but if something bad happens, it will fall on you!"

"Yes sir. Thank you sir."

The general left the room in a rush. He apparently had better to do than deal with someone like me. Cyclon moved his helmet and rubbed his forehead in relief.

"Well, you heard him, time to go outside."

The sisters finished limbering up a bit more and followed the guard outside. I tried to stand properly, but legs were all wobbly, and I felt like they were made of water. Not jelly, but literally water. I nearly fell down, but Rarity caught me and helped me along the way. I thanked her for this. In the garden, I could appreciate the scenery in a better way than last time. We went to a quiet patch of grass near the maze. It was still easily seen by the guards patrolling the walls, so it was the perfect spot.

"Well then." said Aloe." I believe that we can start the yoga."

"YOGA?! I'm as flexible as wood! How am I supposed to do that stretchy stuff?"

"It's necessary. We'll start with the tiny stuff." said Lotus.

"*moan* Fine, but I won't go far with this."

We started the "relaxation" session. Some relaxation. Even as a female pony, I was as flexible as cooled metal. The guards took interest in what we were doing and started laughing at me every time I messed up and fell on my butt or my backside. This was getting to me. I'm pretty sure one of them would have been recording this if they had cameras in Equestria...I hope they don't. Rarity apparently sprained herself when trying one of the sisters' back bending techniques. She preferred to stay away for the time being and went next to Cyclon while she "healed". I still had to do these horrid techniques.

Rarity stayed next to Cyclon and seemed to start talking to him.

"Ow. I think I blocked my back."

"Sorry, but I don't know anything about that sort of stuff, so you might as well just try and stretch it out here."


"What? Why are you staring at me like that?"

"For nothing. I've just noticed that you've been eyeing Silver lately." Cyclon blushed.

"Of course. I have to watch over her. I AM a bodyguard appointed by the princesses themselves."

"No. I meant that you have been EYEING her."

"What? What do you mean? I don't see where you are going with this."

It was painfully obvious that Cyclon was trying to avoid the subject. Rarity knew full well how to extract this sort of information from stallions, but it was a bit harder to do with mares (Except for a certain one who wasn't exactly a mare, so to speak).

"I meant nothing by it. It just seems that you have been looking at her in a way other than professionally."

"Hmph. You are implying that I feel a certain attraction towards her? That's unheard of!"

"Maybe. You do seem to be taking your "repentance" a bit further than it should be. Just so you know, I think that whatever has been attacking her MIGHT have "possessed" you if what you say is correct. It might even explain why your attitude has changed so dramatically since we last saw you beating her up."

Cyclon looked at the floor in shame. He didn't notice that bullseye was right above him on the walls above and was staring straight at him. Bullseye rested his head on his hoof as the general listened very closely to what was being said between the two. He looked very carefully at Silver, who was still tossing and turning about. The spa sisters were even trying their best to help their special patient with the positions. Every failure had the guards falling down and gasping for air as they cried laughing. If that mare's looks were taken better care of, then she might look good. She wasn't his type, though. He preferred the hard working mare that would be the very definition of good-shape, early working, and good attitude.

"Maybe. I stained my honor and my reputation and must regain it. I was even yelled at by the princesses, something that has never happened before. I'm ashamed of myself for hitting such a b... pony." Cyclon averted his eyes and suppressed the blood circulation to his face.

Rarity smirked. SHE heard what he was going to say, and so did Bullseye.

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"I heard what you were about to say. You LIKE her, don't you?" Rarity pointed directly at Cyclon, who started to shake and scrunch up his face as he tried to keep himself from saying anything unnecessary.

Rarity started to stare him directly in the eyes. This mare knew exactly what kind of thing needed to be done. Cyclon was literally imploding. Bullseye was giving a silent smirk and head bobbing to indicate a suppressed laughter.


"I'm not staring at you."


"No. I'm just looking at the landscape behind you."


Cyclon grabbed his helmet and started to smash his head as his forelegs pushed ever harder against it. He suddenly let go and sighed.

"Fine. So maybe I find her...mnah... "pretty". So what? I find many mares pretty or beautiful."

"Sure, but I'm also certain that you're "admiration" for her beauty is more than just "admiration"."

Cyclon started to stress. This mare was looking through him like an open book. She was pushing these estranged feelings further evermore. In the meantime, the spa sisters were helping Silver with some relaxation methods, mostly inhaling and exhaling.

"This is boring." I complained.

"Deal with it. If you don't do this, you will never feel better." replied Aloe.

Oh yeah, never felt better in my life, especially with so many things happening to me in just two months.

"There we go." she said again. "Now you can just have a normal rest, and then we can deal with your aesthetic problems."


I looked at Cyclon who seemed to be panicking with whatever Rarity was doing to him. I gave a silent chuckle.

"Ah? So this is why her heart has been releasing more since we left the room." aid Lotus. I swung my head around in fear.

"Huh? Are you insane?"

"Lotus is right. I do feel that you two have some special connection." I lift an eyebrow.

"Well of course! He beat me up!"

"But he seemed to be possessed at that moment. He told us this story as well, and we believe him."

"Plus, he seems to have too much good in him to be truly evil." said Aloe.

"Meh. I don't care."

I couldn't help but look at him again to see that he had broken under the pressure Rarity had given him. I laughed a bit, but quickly sealed my mouth as I stared at the sisters who had their heads tilted against each other and were smiling with their eyes closed.

"I just find what Rarity did to be funny. That's all."

"Oh, we aren't implying anything. It's just time for your aesthetic needs." said Aloe.

Stupid bitches. First Big Mac and now Cyclon? Grrrm. I do seem to have a better feeling with hi- no. Nope. Not thinking about that.

Yes you were. You were thinking about THAT again.

Shut up brain! I'm not listening! LALALALALALA!

Don't force me to give you those images again.


That's better.

The sisters called Rarity and told her what time it was. She jumped up with glee. My death sentence was here. I let myself be dragged to the hangman post. We went back in the castle and up to the second floor. We passed the weird decorations and armors (why do castles always have to have armors sitting around?) and entered a room on the far left side of the corridor. The mares let me go and gasped in surprise and admiration. I looked up.