• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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From man to mare: Chaotic convergence - The Psychopath

Derry Wilhall, now a mare, will go through more dark times in his new life.

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I felt horribly sick for some reason, but Spike was helping alot. I knew that humming tune, but I just couldn't figure out where I had heard it. My shaking slowly stopped as I started feeling warm again.

"Thanks allot Spike, this really helped."

"I believe that your grand-father has a name other than "Spike" Derry."

My eyes widened as I heard that. I jumped out of my bed and quickly turned around to see that it truly was my grand-father right there. He was crouched and was looking at me with a smile. His medium-length hair was of a great white, and was very well "maintenenced". He had a gray coat on with gray pants and black leather shoes.


"It's okay Derry. It seems that when I died, I ended up here in Equestria."

"Then how come you never looked for me?"

"I never knew that you were here. It's just recently that I found out that you lived here now."

"But how did you know it was me?"

"Are you kidding me? You think I would forget the present I gave my grand-child? Although your predicament now is rather...unsettling."

"Yes. I know. I had trouble with it too."

"Mmyes." (Yeah. That "Mmyes" that I would say every now and then came from him.)

"Cyclon let you through?"

My grand-father seemed to think here.

"I actually had to sneak in. He wouldn't let me pass."


"So...how did your parents react with my will?"

"Ohoho! They were pissed off. I even turned the mansion you gave me into a hospital for the less fortunate. I even gave it two billion to let it start off."

He seemed to have gotten pissed off and stopped stroking my mane. His teeth seemed to clench and grit.

"Is...is something wrong? OWOOW!"

He had grabbed ahold of my mane and was pulling on it. He lift me into the air, his face as red as a fire ruby.

"How DARE you! MY possessions weren't meant for the lesser people!"

"What?!" I was struggling to try and get him to let go of me. I was flailing my hind legs in the air, desperately hoping to get them on some solid object.

"I gave you all my money, and my most PRIZED possession...and you turn into something USELESS?!"

"What are you talking about?! I only did what you ever...no...NO! LET ME GO! You're that bastard from before! Let go of me!"

The imitator's frown deformed itself just like before, but this one was different somehow, it seemed to be made of fury.

"As you WISH!"

He threw me against a bookcase, tossing me like a piece of paper. I slammed, full force, against the bookshelf. I'm sure I heard a crack. As I fell on the floor, the books tumbled all over me as well. I tried to get out of the pile, but the imitator was there again. His hands and forearms seemed to have turned into a metallic mace-like object. His fingers were still there, but they were bent to keep the maces in blunt-trauma mode. His anger was now a trait of his face, as his eyes had become red with white pupils, and his fury could be seen by the horribly mangled mouth that was now a "smile" of fury. I scampered out of the book avalanche and dodged a strike from the mace hands as I went to the second floor of Twilight's house. I went to where her bed was, and watched the imitator stare at me.

"You know Derry, I never loved you. No one ever did." he pointed at me with his little fingers:" No one will ever love you. I gave you that stupid little toy, hoping that you would be even more ridiculed by the world, and it worked! Now look at you...a female pony that took on the form of that toy. Blech! It makes me sick to think that you were once my grand-son."

I was clutching my ears down, hoping to not hear anything, but those words were echoing in my head even if I couldn't hear them. Distorted and horrid images of my grand-father started to appear in my head. They were...cruel and unforgiving. I was shaking my head violently in denial.

"My grand-father was never like that! Get out of my head! Get out! GET OUT!"

"Oh, but it is nothing other than the truth." he started to shrug and showed a rather overly confident look on his face as he walked in a circle with his eyes closed. The white pupils could still be seen glaring out of the eyelids and staring directly at me. It was like looking at a ghost.

"If you can't deal with it, then perhaps I should take that toy back and destroy it."

"Not again! Leave me alone!" I started to break down in a fanatical crying session. I had grasped my head between my hooves and was trembling near Twilight's bed.

He started to punch the wall that I was on top of. Twilight's bed started to shake, and the window started to crack too. As I saw the wood splinter and fissure, a huge *BOOM!* came out of nowhere. The door of Twilight's library flew across the room and straight into the imitator's face.

"Silver! Where are you?!"

Cyclon gazed upon the whitey creature in front of him, upon which it stared back at him:" What the buck?"

To Silver, the creature looked like a horribly mangled version of his grand-father, but to Cyclon, who was not affected by the illusion, it looked like a white-ish bipedal creature with no facial traits besides the red eyes. It's arms were still in the shape of the metallic maces. It had twist itself to stare at the one who threw a door at it. It turned back around to face Cyclon head on.

"What did you do with Silver?"

"Me? Oh, not much. I've just been messing with her mind like my "sister" did. It's lots of fun actually."

"So you're the reason that she's become like this? AND YOU TRY AND WORSEN HER STATE?!"

"You dare to yell at me?"

"Oh, I'll do more than yell."

"Come at me bro! I'm all open!"

Cyclon charged at the creature. The imitator seemed to expect a simple charge attack and thrust it's right arm into the ground to intercept Cyclon, but he jumped in the air and kicked the creature with his hind legs as he flipped backwards. The imitator slammed into the fragilized wall. It pulled itself out of there, and started to attack Cyclon maniacally. It managed to intercept Cyclon with an arm swing, and sent him flying to the other side of the room. Luckily, his armor was protecting him, and he barely felt a thing, that he actually used to taunt the creature.

Spike had finally awoken from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, then bounced up after remembering what had happened. The sounds coming through the door were enough to make him remember quickly.

"Oh no, SILVER!"

Spike scampered through the door to see Cyclon fighting with some strange white creature. Cyclon caught glimpse of the little dragon and started to yell at him.



"Send a message to Celestia!"

"Ok hold on! I need paper and a quill."

Cyclon was sent into the air and slammed into the wall right above Spike, but landed next to the little dragon instead of on top of him. Coincidentally, there was a cupboard where Cyclon was thrown that held ink, quills, and parchments. They all landed on the stallion's head. Spike laughed, but the imitator would not wait. It stomped towards the two, but the soldier got up and slid under the imitator, causing it to trip on the floor as the soldier stayed hooked onto its leg. Cyclon swung on the creature's leg and landed on its back. He swung both forelegs around the imitator's own legs and pulled back. He was struggling to keep them there.

"Spike! Send this message : Silver in trouble. At Twilight Sparkle's. Come quickly. "



And with a belching of fire, the parchment was sent. The imitator slammed it's arms onto the floor as it screamed "NOOOOOO!". It flicked Cyclon off itself, grabbed him, and threw him out of the library. Cyclon wasn't one to be messed within however. He was one of the elite, and his armor helped him greatly, but now the imitator was using it's anger. Even if it missed, a shockwave formed every time it slammed it's arms onto the ground. A good few minutes had passed, and something started to happen. The sun was shining ever more brightly, and the rays started to fry and bubble the imitator as it tried to shield it's face. Celestia and Luna had arrived, and Celestia was burning the creature. Despite it being blinded by the sunlight, it started to laugh as it sensed the sun princess eb ever closer.

"I was almost done too, but you had to come in and interrupt everything."

"What do you want with Silver, Discord." Celestia said in disgust. The imitator seemed surprised.

"Hoh? So you figured it out? Such a smart mare. I suppose I can tell you nothing, heheh."

"You better tell me or-"

"-Or poof? Yes, most indeededly."

"Most indee...?"

*PAF*. The imitator literally popped into a bubbly white goo. Celestia wasted no time.
"Luna, go check on Silver. I must speak with Cyclon."

Luna nodded and ran past Spike to find Silver.

"What happened Cyclon? How did it get past you?"

"I...I cannot explain. I was guarding the only entrance, and I was scrutinizing every point that I could, but I did not see anything. I heard noises inside and bust through the door to see that she was being attacked by that strange white thing."

"It seems he has been freed, or, at least, some of his powers have."



Luna came back outside with a terrified and confused expression on her face.

"Luna?" asked Celestia, expecting the worst possible outcome.

"She is completely traumatized and won't move from her spot. She's babbling something...but I can't understand her."

Celestia slammed her hoof onto the ground.

"Horse apples! What is so special about her that Discord is trying to corrupt her? CYCLON!"


"You will now be Silver's personal bodyguard."

Cyclon's confidence faded away as he slouched down.
"I uh...I'm not sure if I can..." Celestia gave him a terrifying glare.

"I'll do it."

"Good. She we'll teleport her to the castle with us. In fact, you will come too. You will have to stay close to her."

Luna levitated Silver close to them. The state she was now in really showed how far Discord was going just to try and break her. She did seem to have an outstanding resilience to his powers. Perhaps he found it more amusing to play with a long-lasting toy. Either way, a flash, and they were all gone. The other elements didn't have time to see anything. However, in the distance, stood a shadowy figure with little patches of color that slowly started to expand.

"Ooo! I haven't had this much fun since I was ruler of this place. Do the Discord dance!"