• Published 23rd Mar 2012
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From man to mare: Chaotic convergence - The Psychopath

Derry Wilhall, now a mare, will go through more dark times in his new life.

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Trapping silver bullets

I was in the "make-up" room of the princesses. There. Was. Too. Much. Pink. Seriously. There were the few seats made for the princesses and other ponies of "great importance." Pfff. Yeah right. All the big-ass mirrors on the walls with several shelves and drawers with all that stupid girly stuff.(....shut up....I know....) The mares strapped me onto one of those spinning chairs and started to mess with my mane. A bit of spray here and some brushing there, and I ended up getting about 50 different styles tested on my head. I didn't even think there were that many styles just for the mane. I mean sure, there were some strange but also awesome things done with mustaches and beards, but those weren't exactly styles now were they?

Rarity was busy smothering my face with some type of skin lightener, or whatever those things that are supposed to 'feed' the skin were called. I was literally choking on all the perfume and other accessories that were being thrown on my face.


They stopped suddenly then unstrapped me and placed me on what looked like several layers of cushions. Rarity started to brush my coat while the sisters seemed to "polish" my hooves.

Ugh. I hate this sort of stuff. It always takes too long.


"What's wrong Silver?" asked Rarity.

"You know I hate this sort of stuff. I don't like staying in places doing the exact same thing over and over again."

"You don't need to worry about that, dear. I'm sure your patience will be well rewarded after you see what we did to you. You look splendid!"

"And you seem to be releasing your energies a bit." said Aloe.


I thought this stuff was going to last for at least an hour. Luckily for me, it barely lasted 15 minutes.(STILL TOO MUCH TIME!) All three of them stepped back up and seemed to "admire" their work. The spa sisters pushed me up with their hooves and put me in front of one of those giant mirrors. I couldn't help but feel something...dissimilar to myself. My mane was shaped so that the sides would sort of "curve" outwards towards my face. The top till had my signature curve that was flattened out to cover the middle of my forehead. They seemed to have placed some of their weird make-up in seemingly inexistent doses over my eye-lids. I couldn't see those black shapes that were under my eyes anymore, and my coat glittered more than it used to. Even my tail was well combed and brushed now, allowing the white to shine even more than before.

I was busy checking out every part they changed, actually trying to find something to complain about, but their work was flawless. I just stared at myself in the mirror. A strange feeling arose with this new appearance. Not exactly bad, but not good either. Well...it did push more on the good side.


"I'm glad you like it darling. Now, I have to go somewhere quickly. I'll be right back."

Rarity ran out of the door without any warning. She knocked over two servants who were walking behind it. I just looked at her last location in an estranged manner. The spa sisters grabbed me, saying that we were going to the next place for relaxation. Something about "absorbing outside energies." Who do I look like? Buddha?

I just followed them, seeing as I couldn't go see Rainbow Dash and Applejack to have another race, and Pinkie Pie couldn't come here so we could try our...err...hooves at bettering some jokes. I still wondered where Twilight was. Along the third floor we went, and further down the hall we did go. We exited to a rather large balcony overlooking both the castle grounds and Canterlot. I was wondering why were given so much liberty here. It IS a castle after all, and I wasn't exactly royalty by any standards that could exist in my world, this world, or any others. For some reason, a round black table ornated with two plates were sitting on it. Not exactly sure what this meant. Was Rarity going to eat with me and talk about more of her plans with me and the Big R?

I waited there for about ten minutes when the two large door leading to the balcony opened up. I expected Rarity to come...in(?) and the two sisters to go out. Instead, what do I see? Cyclon coming while talking to Rarity. I glared at the two spa ponies who smiled.

They set me up? With the most cliché of things? I will have their skin for this...

Cyclon looked in my direction with a brief bland look, until his brain acknowledged my presence. Instead of getting scared, he seemed to starred at me in a stupid fashion with his mouth open like a fly-trap. Rarity looked at him all weird-like and took the opportunity to push his jaw back up. What the heck was wrong with him?

I barely heard what he said to Rarity until she forced him in my direction. I glared, he stared. Rarity asked us to wait until the "food" would arrive. She said that the tensions between us would simmer down if we sat down and talked about what happened. I knew she had a more sinister motive for this, and I knew what it was. Cyclon, however, did not. (Dumbass). So, with a clearing of the throat and a few movements, he tried to ask me some stupid question. I continued to squint-glare at him.

"Soooo...how are you today?"


"I don't have anything to do with this."

"I know."

He couldn't say anything to me. Even though he had his head lowered without his helmet, he still seemed drawn to my face. I preferred to keep that possibility deep in mind and locked away, but I'm pretty sure I knew what was "wrong" with him. He exhaled and looked at me straight in the face with a serious look.

"Look, I'm sorry about what happened two months ago. I REALLY don't know what came over me. My orders were to take you in unharmed, but, I snapped somehow."

I leaned closer towards him. He seemed uncomfortable with this.


"I felt my anger go higher than it had ever gone. I mean, I know that I would usually "attack" those who would harm my friends, but that was just a basic anger. Even though those soldiers you beat up were still under my leadership, they were still kind of like friends to me, as we have known each other for a very long time. I knew that you were just defending yourself, but something in my mind was telling me to hurt you as badly as possible. I couldn't stop myself."

I leaned back and gave him a doubting look. I "snorted" and said:

"You protect your friends and your friends protect you?"

"Yes. Why?"

I looked down at the ground and kicked air with a little flick of my hoof.

"I wouldn't know what that was. It was always me against the whole world. Ever since I was little."
"Really? Why would anypony do that to such a-"

Weird, almost silent squeaks were heard behind the door.

Very discreet. I thought.

"-nice mare like you?"

"Hm. Well, Let's just say that when the only person who has ever been kind to you is your grand-father, and that you start to separate from him after awhile, and then learn just recently that he had died, you tend to find the world as a very dark and unwelcoming place."

"That's terrible. You've had quite a journey."

"Yes...I have" I smirked and looked tiredly to the left.

"We both did love to annoy my parents a lot. Even when he died, his will still had insults and mockeries directed towards them."

I started to chuckle, and he started to laugh. He asked me:


"Well, let's take my mother as an example. She has a horrible taste in fashion, especially when her favorite color was swamp green."

We heard someone hold back an impending hurl.

"There was even a time where she was wearing a dress that seemed to be made from torn ribbons and rusted metal. Heheh, my grandpa and I called her 'The walking eye cutter' when she wore that."

"Haha! It seems that your grandpa had a peculiar sense of humor."

"Yes. He really did."

I just briefly recalled what the imitator did as him and groped the back of my neck.

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah. Just a bad memory resurfacing. So what about you? How did you grow up?"

"Never expected to tell of my own story. Well, like any young colt, I grew up in a rather simple family. Of course, there was a tradition in our family that at least one colt be sent into the Equestrian Army."

"Of course. You were born into the lucky ranks weren't you?"

"Apparently. I had two brothers and one sister. My two brothers had sprinted towards jobs as an explorer and a geologist just to avoid combat duty. I had better views in life, but it seemed that I was the one stricken by the "curse" of the family, and so, here I am."

"What were those 'views'?"

"I wanted to be a writer. I loved to make little stories to distract myself."

I leaned back, surprised, as my eyes widened. He couldn't be like me, could he?

"Really? I was also a writer, but after a certain incident, I can't exactly do that anymore."

Twilight had been teaching me how to write with my mouth (which is surprising seeing as she was a unicorn), and two months paid off, although I'm still not a fast writer.

"Wow. I didn't think you had that sort of talent."

"What's that supposed to mean?"
I was doing that 'exaggerate-a-simple-comment' thing just to tease him.

"I didn't mean any harm, it's just that I thought that you were more of a fighter than a writer."

"Well, looks can be deceiving. By the way, how would you beat up those who would attack you or your friends?"

"Usually, a swift punch to the gut, then a chop to the neck."

"Really? I'd usually aim for the face than swing the pony around and launch him into the walls."

"Woah! I bet I've got better." he smirked and gave an eyebrow smile. (doesn't that sound weird?)

"Bring it on!"

Hmmm, I seem to have become.....must control myself or I will be completely absorbed by these disturbing feelings. So...hard...

While the two continued showing off their violent exploits, a nearly completely colored character had been watching them from a tower roof far above them.

"Ah! There she is. She seems to have been losing her insanity. I waited far too long. Well, there's always more chaos that can be caused if I jump in right now, what with the princesses in the basement watching my "statue". Chaos is great! In I go!"