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Got a new old phone, writing resumes.
The New Stall-Ion: Chapter 6
~60% completed
~40% to do
Chapter words: 1461 / 4000 (This is just my goal, it won't always be 4000 words, I just want it around there)

(The writing portion accounts for much more of the final percentage than planning and editing, so the numbers may not look to make sense at first glance. Below is a table for each value. Also, I rewrite stuff differently than when writing it for the first time. The percentage will definitely be off during a rewrite.)
0-20% = planning, outline, etc.
20-80% = writing
80-100% = proof reading and editing
Last updated: 05/03/2017 (mm/dd/yyyy) at 11:46 PM (mtn)


Important updates will be here.

^ 2017 ^

v 2016 v

June 12: New chapitar fur dah sturee. Gur chack it owt at ze tup uv deeh paige.

May 26: New old chapter on The New StalLi-ion! Go check it out at the top of the page!

May 12: Oh, just realized the chapter progress bar still said it was the rewrite for chapter one. Fixed it to say chapter two and updated the update bar (heh). I think I may be adding too much filler to this chapter but eh. More words = more fun right? Maybe? I dunno, I just know it's fun to write the stuff, and that's what I do.
Hoping the rewritten chapter will be out next week.

May 1: Yay, got to work on the chapter the exact day I wanted to :D Got the replanting done tonight, now for the rest of the week will be rewriting. (5)

April 20: Chapter 1 rewrite is done! You can find it by clicking on the story above the chapter progress bar. (Going to start on Chapter 2's rewrite on May 1st.) (4)

April 3: Easter break is over for me now, updated the chapter progress bar for The New Stall-Ion. I found inspiration or something tonight cause a guy commented on my story and I was like, "I CAN'T KEEP THEM WAITING!" (3)

March 27: Agh! Rewrites are so boring to write, because you've already wrote that part of the story! It's taking so long to complete! Though since I'm on Easter break I'm going to not write till its over. (2)

February 15: Dang, it's amazing how fast you can get a chapter done with inspiration... I'm already halfway through this chapter... (well, probably less, but my goal is to try to reach 2000 words, and it's at 1180. ) But my planning has like 3 of the total 12 or so points checked off, so expect the longest chapter yet. (I'm hoping around 3000 words.) (1 - removed next update)

Removed updates are saved on my phone just in case I need to reference them for some reason. I just like to be resourceful in Internet fights. Sorry.


Itsssssss a plan, Stan. · 6:32am Sep 8th, 2017

Alright, so I just started University. For me, I don't know if that'll mean I'll be more active, or even less active than I currently am.
But I do have a plan. I will start writing on my laptop. I will be able to write faster, and smoother, and with a lot less errors than on my phone (a's my phone's autocorrect is a bit... skimpy.

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Thanks for reading and enjoying "Every Five Hundred Years." I really appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

I've already been enjoying it so far :)

Thanks for the fav! Hope you enjoy the ride :twilightsmile:

I'm doing good twilight the spy

tea or coffee?

Thank you for faving Of Flame and Shadow.:twilightsmile:

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