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Yeah, yeah I'm working on the new story, calm down.


Sylvester, a big-time computer geek, lands in an alien world, at first he's excited, because, well, ALIENS, but then he notices something scary... They don't know what a computer is. Well, that and the shadow that's been following him practically everywhere he has gone...

Maybe he should be using his 'computer magic' to defend himself, rather than to annoy the locals?

Next chapter status: Never lol.

Please check my most recent blog for details about why this story is On Hiatus!

Last updated: November 24th, 2020, at 1:45 AM Mtn

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The Italics in the description don't work , thought you should know that.

Been a while since then was a good HiE that not a Displaced story :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I noticed that before, thought I changed it...

Thanks for pointing that out!
Edit: Fixed it!
Some displaced fics are good though, but others are just overused.
Although I do prefer regular HiE's rather than displaced.

You know, I came online today, not expecting much, all of the sudden, BAM! 9 notifications.
I was like, "Watt? O_O"

I love the way Chrysalis is acting, it's cute. Although I would have though that Silver would have stayed human, and you think that Silver and Chryssy will form a love relationship? "Romance"

I could tell you if that will happen...
You know...

It'd annoy you more if I didn't :P


Oh come on now don't be like that, teasing will give me me a hart attack dying to find out!:flutterrage:
I can see on the way the story is progressing that they will fall in love, and I must read more to see if it's true.:rainbowkiss:

... my kitten attacked my phone as I was typing that comment.

As I was trying to type;

Looks like you will have two heart attacks, as my phone decided to delete a large portion of the next chapter.........................

Yeah I said that before I read your notes.:twilightblush:

Not nightmare moon, but the new chapter puts a little bit of detail into what it is.

And now that this is all done, I'm off to sleep.
Goodnight all.

Well if Chrysalis dose not want to lose her new friend, why don't she keep an eye on him 24/7. "Sleeps in his room vise versa you will not leave my sight sort of deal". And lol, it must be mating session... soon...:trollestia:

That's planned for after (SPOILER ALERT)
Twilight comes to ponyville.

"Hey stud, how would you like to go for a roll in the hay with us.
I turned around and looked at the blue unicorn.
I almost bitch slapped her (but I restrained that action barely).

That escalated quickly.... wait... "us".. Ah so it's one of THOSE kind of societies.
Now are gender roles reverse here? girls(mares) make the passes and guys(colts) which are justifiably allowed to slap someone for situations like that?

Events before the return of Nightmare Moon?
I just hope you try not to follow the timelines too closely it sometimes ruins a story. To which I say screw the timeline!!!

and yes 5,000 was a lot more then your usual amount.

The society thing will be explained in a future chapter, and as for the time line, I don't really plan on him following everything the mane six do. That would make the story way too long, and I don't want this story to be one of those 'look my OC is part of the mane sixmane seven and they never seperate -- and he's also another missing element' kind of story.

XD I can't wait for Silver to personally learn all about these social norms.
I personally don't dislike those stories where they stay close to the main 6, it's just when they try too hard to stick to the shows continuity. Also while I haven't read a "human is 7th element" story yet I can already see why some wouldn't like them.

Yes, there are quite a bit of 7th element stories out there. Usually they involve the main character ending up in a harem with the main six.
I read this one where the main character died (which saved the world apparently because he was the element of sacrifice), causing all six of them to cry and ended up getting the princesses to bring him back even though his body was incinerated in lava. Supposedly they found one of his hairs and brought him back using it, but when they did so it turned him into an alicorn because Celestia touched the hair and he became some overpowered god that was able to basically level the planet using 'a simple fire spell...'

I mean, there are a couple of good ones out there, but I tend to stay away unless it's written by a writer whose stories I like.


Anywho, now that my spring break is over :fluttercry:, I'm going to get back to work on this story again. (Sorry for the incoming delays though, I'm going to be working on rewrites for most of the story for now. No new chapters, just old ones that look better...)

but then he notices something scary... They don't know what a computer is.

That has got to be the single funniest thing I have ever seen in a description.

7093457 The Brony Paradox: You can go to Equestria and live among ponies, but if you do so it will be at the cost of your internet.

I like the abrupt electrocution, nice touch

What Silver knows about Equestria:

Changlings/fugflys are cute as fuck



Lol, an idea to add -- although I don't think he expresses in the story that he thinks they are cute... I think.

I'll have to recheck when I do the rewrite on that chapter.

I don't mind the romance ones as long as it has some depth or it's done for comical purposes.

Brought back to life by a strand of hair.... in a story like that death has no consequence whatsoever in fact you get god like power on your return. Though I did read a story recently where the situation was somewhat similar. The human died (not a 7th element) and Celestia went in to the astroplane to ask death to bring him back. Death agreed to make an this exception only once since the guy was suppose to live much longer in his original dimension. In order for death to do it he needed life energy (there was still a physical body, he was stabbed). Luna and Celestia gave their own and BAM! reborn as a human hybrid alicorn. He does become a bit OP but he has the weakness of his magic keeping him alive, if he uses too much he'll die. All in all it was pretty good story but I will admit his transformation did out of left field.

I go by rating but sometimes a good description will pull me in.

I'm sorry that I am happy because that means more frequent uploads. :twilightblush:


... I had a whole 300 word reply typed up, but then my phones Internet crashed and deleted it all, and since I don't feel like rewriting all of that again (this is the second time it's done this in a row), I'll write this:
I recommend Memory Pending. It is a pretty long story, which has an even longer sequel. It's got a bit of cute romance in it, with Twilight and Fluttershy...and Sweetie Belle too...Though the main character is scared of Twilight while they're in a relationship, so it's cute and funny and weird all at the same time.

Edit: Also just remembered that I wanted to let you all know: I just finished the prologue rewrite and am going to read it over (and possibly publish it) tomorrow.

I have a busted laptop that dies if unplugged for more then 5 minutes. So I can understand the feeling of having to redo something after loosing it. If you can access google drive word on your phone I would recommend using that because it saves on the cloud automatically.

Thanks for the recommendation. After reading the description I can say it does seems like my kind of story. I do like displacement stories. Anyway I saw the sequel's word count and I had double check it... Over a million words!!! The most I've seen beforehand was 250,000 words.

I'll take a look at when I get the chance/it's available.


This story: Diaries of a Madman has almost 2 million words, and is still being worked on... I'm only on chapter 41 and there's still like 60 more until I'm just caught up with what the guy has wrote lol


The worst feeling ever is when you realize you don't have your phone with you.

Please update, i wanna see him during heat season.

Next NEW chapter update will probably be a while. Expect somewhere in June or July (possibly later).

I am currently working on rewriting chapters 1-4 and I just finished rewriting the prologue yesterday.

You can see the progress of the rewrites by pressing more on the description.

I wonder what's the largest story on fimfiction.
Anyway I just finished reading Memory Pending it was a solid story. I don't know if I wanna take up the challenge of a million or 2 million word story yet. I still got too many incomplete stories and short stories in the reserves but taking one of those on a big trip would probably be a good idea.


Yeah, I kinda gave up on reading the 2 million word story at the moment. Was taking waaaaaaaay too long, so I went and read some other stories lol.
I'm gonna see if I can find the largest story... be right back.
EDIT: It also has 8 sequels.

Just searched it, the only story that has actually reached and gone over two million words is The Chase.

I haven't read it yet (or its prequel, so I can't say if it's good or not.)

:derpyderp1: After counting the sequels and prequel I'm sure the story is getting pretty close to 3 million... I'm getting dizzy thinking about it. Chase also updates pretty frequently.

The thumbs up count seem to point in both stories favor.

Story statistics:
"Being tracked by 69 users"

Thanks for that magical number guys! :D

EDIT: Aww.. now it's at 68

EDIT: EDIT: oh now it's 71... I should stop paying attention to these numbers now...
It's getting to my head. :rainbowwild:

WISHING for a laptop with 8 gigs of RAM, in the Win10 era? I'm fairly sure my phone has a hard drive of the same size. Bah, I'm not a computer geek, I'm probably missing something.

My laptop actually only has 8 gigs of RAM, and is win10 applicable. Though it is two years old.
I should get a new one soon. I mostly based the character's wanting of a laptop off of what I currently had.

Also take note that RAM and hard disk space are different. RAM is random access (or application, can never remember what the A is) memory and hard disk space is how much you can actually store on your device. RAM is constantly changing memory and is the memory that programs use to run themselves on. I'm not quite sure of the specs of some new phones, but I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, which has 16Gb of storage, and 2 Gb of RAM. (My laptop is like one terabyte storage and 8 Gb RAM, not sure about the storage part though as I'm on my phone right now rather than my laptop.)

I am currently still young, and don't know EVERYTHING there is to know about computers yet, so I know there is a better explanation than what I just said out there.

I just went to kudzuhaiku's (Author of The Chase) page and tapped on the stories tab. On the right side of the page it said that all his (73) stories add up to be over 4 million words.
He is the true Fimfiction god.

I am a little confused about this chapter. Is this your way of rewriting your story instead of rewriting previous chapters?:rainbowhuh:

Silver doesn't learn Chrysalis's name in this chapter, nor does he know what species Chrysalis is. He does however learn that whatever she is feeds on love.

7251317 oh woops.
Didn't mean to even post this.
This is just where I write my rewrites.
Then I copy and paste to the real chapter.
I unposted it.

Yes, in the old version he does, when I rewrite chapter three that will be put in there.

I should put an authors note on chapter three saying that, so people don't get confused from the sudden transition of not knowing to knowing.

Demmit, I'm blind sometimes.
I'll fix that, thanks for pointing it out lol.

EDIT 2: fixed it :derpyderp2:

So... Does this guy turn into a hedgehog? Because that'd be somewhat funny.

Turns out, these legs are really good for jogging, and I guess I have an increased stamina in this body, 'cuz I ran for like, thirty minutes longer than I normally would be able to and probably could have ran longer still, but I caught up to Chrysalis.

so... He ran for thirty minutes.

I have to say this story is very enjoyable, and I'm very glad this caught my attention. I hope to see more of it soon.


He ran for 30 minutes and 8 seconds.

Thanks! Right now I have finals at my school (which will have me studying like crazy till Monday of next week) and will be probably progressing with the chapter 4 rewrite fairly slowly. Once I'm done finals and that rewrite, I will be continuing from where I left off in chapter 5.

Yeah, but I have some differences in society that you may find funnier. Hint: it has to do with cows, and hopefully it will be in chapter 7 or 8.

7320356 I wish you luck with school and all, but I am glad that it slowed you down enough for me to see an unedited chapter 4. It gave me a chance to see how much better the rewrites are with a comparison, the improvement is huge.
How you became that much better at writing in around five chapters is impressive.
Although with that said you are much better at making silver relatable than chrysalis, she's just a bit 2d at the moment.

Yeah, Chrysalis will change though as the story progresses.
Once Silver starts talking to Chrysalis more than just the simple 'we need to talk' moments, and he actively begins to fully accept her as a friend (Right now he is unsure if they are friends, and if that isn't clear let me know 'cuz that means I'll have to change some stuff), we will learn more about Chrysalis's background and etc.

7323197 Swell.
And yes it is clear that he is not sure if they're friends, as that is almost exactly what he states to himself in a inner monologue. Although that was before she saved his life twice. Once getting him into the house before that wraith attack them and once break whatever hold the wraith had over silver.

Save me once, shame on me. Save me twice, shame on you. Save me three times and Queens gonna come after me for royalty's

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