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Cooper Cortez, hardware design lead in charge of designing the “Next-Gen” processors for Mintel is suddenly whisked off to Equestria. Confronted with a new body he never wanted, and the host of problems that come with said body, he must put the human within forward and adapt to the strange situation he has found himself in.

A whole new world, social structure, and way of life are only a few of the changes he suddenly finds himself forced to endure. With his skills being primarily technological, how will he find his way in this new world which is seemingly stuck in the 1800's?

Of course, as if simply finding his way through a new world wasn't hard enough; when Cooper stumbles across a long lost journal, he will unwittingly tie himself into a rebellion—the likes of which haven't been seen for near a thousand years...

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Sylvester, a big-time computer geek, lands in an alien world, at first he's excited, because, well, ALIENS, but then he notices something scary... They don't know what a computer is. Well, that and the shadow that's been following him practically everywhere he has gone...

Maybe he should be using his 'computer magic' to defend himself, rather than to annoy the locals?

Next chapter status: Never lol.

Please check my most recent blog for details about why this story is On Hiatus!

Last updated: November 24th, 2020, at 1:45 AM Mtn

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