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Yeah, yeah I'm working on the new story, calm down.


Cooper Cortez, hardware design lead in charge of designing the “Next-Gen” processors for Mintel is suddenly whisked off to Equestria. Confronted with a new body he never wanted, and the host of problems that come with said body, he must put the human within forward and adapt to the strange situation he has found himself in.

A whole new world, social structure, and way of life are only a few of the changes he suddenly finds himself forced to endure. With his skills being primarily technological, how will he find his way in this new world which is seemingly stuck in the 1800's?

Of course, as if simply finding his way through a new world wasn't hard enough; when Cooper stumbles across a long lost journal, he will unwittingly tie himself into a rebellion—the likes of which haven't been seen for near a thousand years...

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Начало неплохое нувам надо было добавить прит историю главного героя

Thanks! And the plan is to have a lot more information about Cooper revealed to the reader throughout the first few chapters. This chapter was more or less a setup/"prologue" to get the setting established.

For a first chapter I think you did pretty good. The story has a lot of potential.

Can't remember anything of your old story, sorry, I might look it up again soon. But, I am looking forward to see where this story leads to with the hint of a conspiracy and that Nightmare Moon is going to be in it. At the moment I have not idea in what direction you are going will go at the moment as it is a pretty standard HiE setup at the moment, but still on a good start at least.

Also, you probably seen me hustle this around in the comment section, but I will do it any way; If you are looking to commission a cover art for your ley me know I have plenty of experience in doing HiE cover art, and you can go see my DeviantArt gallery here and my Youtube Channel here . You can PM me if you are ever consider it. I wish you good luck on your second try to your story.

Thanks! I hope I'll be able to realize that potential though instead of pancaking my story into the ground.

Thank you! And I wish you luck if you decide to read my old story, as it's got a lot of the whole 'Hi my character is wacky and random' in it.

I've definitely seen your cover-art for stories that I have read, and it has been a thought in my mind during the planning of this story to seek you out for comissioning. You are quite talented and it'd be nice to have dedicated cover-art, rather than some random amalgamation I created in five minutes using Photoshop...

Unfortunately I'm in a spot where I need to do a slight bit of replanning (noticed a big plothole, ouch), so I need to do a bit of work before I can say what would be fitting to the story as cover art.

II lost coherence quite quickly, but I do remember feeling the cracking of bones, ripping and tearing noises, and—oddly—the feeling of wind being whipped across my body.

I wasn’t quite coherent then, as I was in quite a large amount of pain. I do however recall the cracking of bones, ripping and tearing noises, and strangely, the feeling of wind being whipped across my body as though I was flying through the air at mach one. I blacked out due to the overwhelming sensations.

I'm not sure you said that quite enough times; maybe once more to really get the point across? :trollestia:

Aight, bet. I'll edit one more in :trollestia:

Jk, missed that repetition when doing my reread I guess, will fix that tomorrow. Thanks for pointing it out!

On a second look, it seems like I accidentally left an old paragraph in there that I had wanted to rewrite. I'll just remove it right now.

No problem; happy to help.

Status update:

Halfway or so through replanning right now (noticed a major plothole, needed to rewrite a large amount of things because of it). I was going a bit slow because of midterms, but those are mostly over now (last one is on the 22nd). I should be done with replanning in a week or less, and the next chapter will be out in a week or so after that is done, depending entirely on how much work my professors decide to release.

I've added the Slice of Life tag to allow me some freedom in the starting chapters here. Originally I was going to use some timeskips, but I feel like the amount I'll be skipping will feel rushed if I don't give more background first--background which requires me to force Cooper into some specific situations.

More status update: Still writing, but things are going extremely fast irl. I didn't have a whole lot of time during the summer to write as I was busy helping my dad with ALS, but in 2 days I'll be back and much more able to write.

I have the next chapter mostly completed, but I would like to get a buffer of at least a few chapters before I start posting them -- that way I can get myself into a proper schedule.


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