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Welcome to Twinyverse, a new group I am putting together to Celebrate incoming of the sequel to the story “Celestia’s Tiny Student.

This is a group for every fan of tiny Twilight who has been shrunk during her entrance exam to school for gifted unicorns and faced challenges of the big world even since.

If you are fan of story “Celestia’s Tiny Student,” and AU that it take place in, this is group for you.
If you are an author who would like to write a story that take place in Twiny AU, this is a place for you.
If you want to keep track on all side stories to Celestia’s Tiny Student, this is a group for you.

I am going to set up three folders:
Main Stories - This is where I keep “Celestia’s Tiny Student” and all sequels (“Ponyville’s Tiny Librarian”).

Side Stories - This is where all the side stories that take place between chapters in “Celestia’s Tiny Student” or “Ponyville’s Tiny Librarian” will be stored.

Fan Stories - If any of you would feel like writing a side story yourself about our strong and adorable shrunken unicorn or any other character that take place in it, feel free to add it here and I will read it. If the story will reflect the characters and events well, I will take the story into “Side Stories” folder, and if not, I will offer my pre-reading assistance to help (I cannot really help with grammar and typos, and since I am not native English speaker, my arsenal of words is limited, but as the author of “Celestia’s Tiny Student,” I can ensure that all the characters and events that will take place in it will suit the main story as close as possible, and pre-reading is always helpful).

On the forum we can talk about those stories, about Twiny and I will gladly answer your questions, so feel free to use it.
All there is left for me to say is, join in and let the Twiny Verse be well known.

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A user named Holy has posted a Suicide Note. If anyone has any information as to her whereabouts, please go to Estee's page here and render aid.

Please your own blogs to relay this. We have to crisscross the site. Please also post this in as many groups as possible. Do not reply on this page, go to Estee's page (linked here once again) to make sure the information is conveyed as efficiently as possible.

Thank you for your assistance, please feel free to copy/paste this as much as possible.

Just finished reading everything that's been uploaded so far and wow... The way that everything is explained is amazing. This is by far the best series I've read on FiMfiction so far!

Just started re-reading them too and still absolutely love them as much as when I first read them can't wait to see them continued.

I have recently begun re-reading the stories in the Twinyverse and I must say, they are still just as awesome as the first time I read em. :twilightsmile:

i like this universe, and it storys

Patience is the hold in which prosperity lies. For which the Twinyverse holds evident, all through it's small but now stable foundation. As is to you, Commander X5!

*accidentally hits keyboard* "well fuck, i can't sneak around this chat anymore!" :trollestia:

What about sidestories? Surely you can read them while you're waiting (updating main story is very slow).

So i just binged through the main story in less then a weak and cant what to see the end....

366791 Ah well, I'd rather wait for good work, and your writing is definitely that. :raritystarry:


Considering editing speed, you will wait veeery long I am afraid.

I cannae weit for Discord to arrive! :rainbowwild::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::derpytongue2::yay::twilightsmile::moustache::scootangel::twistnerd:

The sequel is finally here.
"Ponyville's Tiny Librarian"

I posted on forum a topic asking what you guys think of it and of each encounter Twilight had with her friends. Feel free to respond on it.

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