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For fics that take place when Twilight lived in Canterlot.

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Hey, does anyone one remember that one fanfic where on the day Twilight got her cutie mark she also became an alicorn?

I want to reread it but I can't find it for some reason.

Hello everyone who like to read about filly Twilight, in my story she is not just a filly, but a tiny size filly under princess Celestia care.

I just wanted to advertise my story as well as inform everyone that it went through heavy editing, so whoever read it and given up on it because of grammar mistakes and typos, please give it another chance.

Celestia's Tiny Student

Short description: Twilight can not control her power surge during entrance exam for talented unicorns, so in order to save her school and all ponies inside, Celestia use shrinking spell on Twilight and take her as her personal student.

Twilight must endure a lot of hardship as she work hard to learn how to control her powers, as she is left under princess Celestia care in a oversized world when every pony is a giant to her.

Story have many favourites and likes, but now number of viewers and comments, so please trust me, it is worth a chance.

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