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This is A group for those that find Twilight as the best mother, weather it be by adoption, or a birth child, please help me find stories for her and put into the right folder ^.^

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thank god i finally found a few groups where the mane 6 or the princesses are moms just to get a break from the adopt a human stories until more are posted or complete

Obsi #7 · Jun 25th, 2017 · · 1 ·

I have a story about Twi being a not-so-good mom. Can I put that in this group?

Apparently, I need to be here in suport of Twilight as Mum, in part due to stories I am working on.
I just added a story to the group, with Twilly as the acting mother of a foal.(fillyTwi)

402998 lol! Well thay will be your worst, Nightmare.

402994 as many as I can. :)

372644 Hooooo, Matt! How many groups are you going to make?

The story hasn't gotten that far yet so I'm not sure it fits here at this time, but she is pregnant in Winter's Child.

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