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Greetings everypony! In the series, we've seen that Twilight Sparkle has a very big sisterly demeanor, and has clearly tried to be a nurturing influence in the lives of three certain little fillies who are good hearted, but very much in need of guidance.

This group is for those who enjoy the idea of Twilight having a strong presence in the lives of our favorite filly shaped natural disasters. Whether she is a surrogate big sister, a mentor, or even a parental figure, the idea of the stories is that Twilight is a constant positive adult figure in the lives of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

While obviously no one is more important to the Crusaders then their big sisters individually, the idea of this group is that Twilight is by far one of the most important ponies in their collective lives, and it makes sense given that probably no adult has been more patient, supportive, and encouraging in their quests to find out who they are.

Shipping stories in this group will have their own folder, and focus on Twilight having a romantic relationship with a suitable pony, but also strongly feature Twilight's friendship with one or more of the Crusaders, or at least implies one.

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