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No Second Prances review · 9:16pm Jan 26th, 2019

Well here I am again; doing another Friendship is Magic review. I honestly thought that Season Five would be my swan song for reviewing this show, but special circumstances have brought me back, for a particular episode that demands attention. Yes, I had planned to finish reviewing Friendship is Magic Season Five after a break, a break during I’d review at the very least Spongebob Squarepants Season 1, as well as the first season of both The Loud House and Ruby Gloom. However, this is a special

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How did I first become a brony? My best friend told me he and his girlfriend, my other best friend, were fans of the show and that I should watch it, because it's a lot better than one would think. I rather reluctantly pulled up the first episode on Youtube, expecting pain and suffering as I watched a little girl's cartoon. What I got was one of the most special and amazing things I have ever seen. Lauren Faust really worked herself to the bone designing lovable characters, intense action, powerful emotion, clever humor, sharp writing, and absolutely amazing music courtesy of Daniel Ingram.

Favorite Mane Six
1: Twilight Sparkle (10/10) (Wonderfully likable, complex, believable, and easy to relate to)
2: Fluttershy (9/10) (Infinitely cute and lovable, with surprising depth)
3: Rarity (8/10) (Probably the most anti-cliche character ever)
4: Applejack (7/10) (Wonderfully likable, but a bit lacking in depth)
5: Rainbow Dash (6/10) (Good pony at heart, but her attitude is off putting, and she rarely lives up to her element)
6: Pinkie Pie (6/10) (Extremely funny, but disturbingly infallible)

Favorite Side Characters, no order
Big Macintosh
Apple Bloom
Fancy Pants
Little Strongheart
Princess Celestia

Least Favorite Heroic Characters
2: Flash Sentry (Likable, but too bland, generic, forced, and cliche to be a love interest.)
1: Shining Armor (Almost never lives up to his "good big brother" reputation)

Least Favorite Side Characters
#: Daring Do (Rainbow Dash, but without the depth that makes Dash interesting)
3: Gustave Le Grande (Stereotypical and unlikable)
2: Mulia Milde (Annoying)

Favorite Villain(s)
Discord (Smart, manipulative, intimidating, funny, powerful)
Flim and Flam (Clever and charming, but definitely the bad guys)

Least Favorite Villains
4: Queen Chrysalis (Can't plan her way out of a paper bag)
3: King Sombra (No personality whatsoever)
2: Sunset Shimmer (Built up as an epic villain, turned out to be a low-class thug)
1: Garble (Unlikable, unoriginal, uninteresting, and derails what could have been a great episode)

Favorite Episodes, currently no order
Return of Harmony
Mare in the Moon + Elements of Harmony

Least Favorite Episodes
5: Feeling Pinkie Keen
4: Magic Duel
3: Slice of Life
2: Canterlot Wedding
1: Amending Fences

Favorite Songs
5: Bab Seed
4: Flim Flam Brothers
3: Love is in Bloom
2: Winter Wrap Up
1: At the Gala

Favorite Ships
Twilight x Big Macintosh
Twilight x Fluttershy
Rainbow Dash x Soarin

Least Favorite Ships
Twilight x Celestia (She's like Twilight's mom)
Twilight x Rainbow Dash (Twilight deserves better)
Twilight x Trixie (Twilight deserves MUCH better)
Twilight x Flash Sentry (Flash Sentry is the kind of generic cliche this show should be avoiding)
Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash (Dash is too rough for timid Fluttershy)

Other Ships I'm curious about, but have not happened
Twilight x Little Strongheart
Twilight x Wild Flower
Twilight x a Changeling not named Chrysalis

Favorite Original Characters
Nyx (Past Sins)
Clutterstep (Tears of a Princess)

Other Favorite Concepts
Twilight adopts Scootaloo
Twilight mentors Sweetie Belle
Twilight is Apple Bloom's surrogate big sister
Apple Bloom with unrequited crush on Twilight (AB is too young for Twi)
Twilight + Celestia = Momlestia
Changeling Redemption
Silver Spoon Redemption
Canterlot Wedding Call-Out
Shining Armor is a Good Brother done right

Favorite MLP Fanfics
5: Post Nuptials by Dark Link 22
4: Would it Matter?
3: The Light in the Darkness by by zaptiftun
2: A Day for Spike and Twilight by Jetfire
1: It's a Dangerous Business, going out your door by Jetfire

Favorite Shipping Stories (No Order)
A Canterlot Courtship by TheDoktor (Twilight Sparkle x Big Macintosh)
Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Wynneception (Twilight Sparkle x Fluttershy)
Childhood Toys by Chatelier (Twilight Sparkle x Big Macintosh)
Unintended by Vargras (Twilight Sparkle x Applejack)

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Have you seen the MLP Movie yet?

No worries regarding response delay; I've honed procrastination to a fine art. And given the way certain observations can snowball hereabouts when the wrong reader gets a wild hair where Celly doesn't shine, your caution is quite understandable.

At this point, I get the impression fandom in general has swung from extreme to extreme regarding Blueblood's character, and while the show suggests he can at least act civil for the sake of PR, I still can't buy the works that build him up into full-bore hero material. He's a narcissistic (ig)noble dope who hopefully learned his lesson (or at least got a talking-to somewhat along Dear Idiot's lines). And painting Rarity as a shameless social leech to 'justify' his initial conduct? No dice.

1284911 You're welcome! Also, thank you, it's always encouraging to know my thoughts have struck a chord with someone :twilightsmile:

I also apologize for taking so long to respond, in addition to having spent so little time on FimFiction.net, I've been lax in checking my messages, on the off chance that I've offended someone, as I can't stand confrontation :twilightblush:

Still, you have to take a stand for what you believe in, and I believed in Rarity that episode :twilightsmile:

Reread Dear Idiot recently, noticed your rebuttal in the comments concerning that 'Blueblood just can't stand gold-diggers' angle. I've noticed far too many otherwise laudable writers/readers subscribing to that noxious chestnut, so you have my thanks for a solidly-structured defense of Rarity's plans for that night-and a reminder that she wasn't the only one slighted. :ajbemused: Good to know there's still a few analysts willing to give Squiggletail the benefit of the doubt.

1067981 You're welcome! I do love the ambiguous but undeniably close relationship Twilight and Spike have, and your story was really sweet :twilightsmile:

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