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The Changelings have been defeated and Shining Armor and Princess Cadence have said their vows, but that still leaves the Mane Six and others with the issue of the strain on their friendships. And among all the guests present at the reception, a few of them are going to be suprised with what new relationships are formed.

A live reading by Alchemystudent is available here.

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Not bad. Looking forward to more.


You have an interesting idea here.

You might want to have someone with a fine tooth comb check your grammar, though :pinkiesmile:


That was... Well done. You squeezed a lot of depth out of that dialogue.
I'm quite looking forward to the next chapter of this.

Nicely done... I enjoy these kinds of episode-expanding stories. Twilight really is an awesome pony, and my favorite of the group. Of course, she's no Saint... She was guilty of doing exactly the same thing in regards to Pinkie and Gilda that her friends were guilty of here, assuming that Pinkie's concerns were all selfishly motivated rather than legitimate. So they're all capable of making that mistake.

533065 Oh man...I totally forgot about that thing with Gilda. That's actually something I should have brought up. I'm probably should re-edit the chapter to include that. Thanks for the reminder.

*Le GASP!*

Inb4 Twilestia comment! xD

537047 No. Celestia loves Twilight like a mother loves her daughter, and Twilight vice-versa. I'm not shipping them together at all.

537129 XD I know, that's why I added the '/shot'. Guess I wasn't clear enough, sorry. I suppose I should have said, instead, 'inb4 Twilestia comment'. My bad.

The Royal Guard are worryingly susceptible to Jedi mind tricks.

537138 Ah, my bad.

Truth be told, I was worried people would interpret this chapter that way, so I kind of freaked when I heard it being mentioned. Sorry bought that.

nice chapter. Keep up the good work

Agreed. Nice chapter.:twilightsmile:

Mildly amusing typo:

Luna immediately regretted asking, because her sister shot him a cold look that looked so out of place on her. (Emphasis mine)

ohhhh Luna aren't you just an adorable and clever jedi

I swear though everyone gives Discord such a sinister mindset. I mean sure he fucked with the Mane 6 but would you just quietly sit there as the greatest threat to your freedom, after over 1000 year imprisoned in stone, attempted to imprison you again; I should think not. He didn't kill um and sure its a kids show so that wouldn't happen but realistically he has near limitless power, fangs, claws, and talons he could of easily just killed them after having his fun but he didn't. Even all the changes he made once he escaped were relatively harmless chocolate rain, cotton candy clouds, long legged bunnies, screwing with the sun and moon, and all the rest of his antics were relatively harmless. He could of burned everything to the ground, sent tornadoes, famine, and other dangerous forms of chaos but he was just having a few laughs at others expense almost entirely extremely elaborate pranks; I mean hell the only people he Discorded were the mane 6 and that was necessary to his freedom its not like he went around fucking with everyone minds and personalities.

I started ranting, hmmmm, to bad. Good read though can't wait to see how the rest of the mane 6 and Spike spend the night although i do have a few hopes in the matter :raritywink:

“Dear sister, she is a member of the Royal Family,” Luna calmed her. “Not blood-related, of course, none of your so-called nieces and nephews truly are, but it is understandable you would not wish to think ill of them.”

You're assuming they had no brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles or cousins prior to their ascension to the throne..... They're not older than Equestria (Hearthwarming Day), which means they had to have been born at some point, so they obviously DID have parents, so nieces and nephews of their bloodline are HARDLY out of the question.


539988 I'm not quite saying that.

My personal headcannon with the Alicorns is a bit complicated, especially where Celesia and Luna are concerned. But there's a reason why they have no blood relatives left, which I'm going to reveal later.

For right now, all that I'm saying is that Alicorns are very rare and there's a reason that Celestia and Luna have no blood relatives left.

Well, I'm glad you thought it was cute. That was the main point of it after all.

Please note that everyone pulling "mind tricks" on them has been a god. Not in the modern western sense, but in the phenomenal cosmic power sense.

To be fair, Celly, you've a heck of a point. :pinkiecrazy:

And weirdly, I was quite taken by the 'Queen of Chaos' dream.


I'm glad you liked that part, it was one of my favorite things to write.

That's a very well-written Dash, I'm impressed. A very cute date too. :twilightsmile:

Great, as always.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (cause I'm sure someone will ask and i can save the writer the explanation)

So yea I really liked this chapter I think Soarin and Dash make a good pair and you wrote both of um pretty fantastically and believable. Really loved how you made Rainbow so self conscious and Scootaloo so fan girl crazy.

My only prayer here is that you don't try to make Fancy Pants cheat on his wife and Rarity be a man stealer. (well its not my only one but its the only one I'm gonna voice... for now)

Now I need to hear more about Scoots. :scootangel:

537169 I did interpret this chapter that way, but I blame that completely on my heavily-tinted Twilestia shipping goggles. If I look at it without them (very difficult), it seems quite familial. But there's a little voice inside my head that says, "They are in luuuuuuuurve." :trollestia:

Good Chapter. :twilightsmile:

Decent chapter.

I'm going to second the thought about Fancy Pants. I like the idea that Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis are a loyal and loving couple. Hopefully, you'll handle the chapter involving him well.

574363; 577541

Don't worry, Rarity's chapter is next, and I assure you Fancypants (is it one word or two?) will not be a cheater, nor Rarity a manstealer. Either of those two acting that way would be way to OOC.

I'm glad people think I wrote RD well. I'd guess she'd be the one (besides Spike) angsting over not believing Twilight the most, since she feels like she betrayed her Element.


Well, at least you admit it. I have nothing against people who ship Twilestia, I just don't personally do it, and I wanted to be clear Celestia's love is strictly maternal here. I'm glad you liked what I wrote.

578531 :pinkiehappy: and i agree mostly cause Fancy Pants (I have no idea; you go with 1 i'll go with 2 one of us has to be right) is the one Canterlot pony who wasn't a complete ass (who knows on Fluer trophy wife didn't talk). Plus I have a rather well known preference with who Rarity should be with :raritywink:

Onward my good man, onward! Release more awesomeness on to the unsuspecting fan base :moustache: (Okay maybe we suspect it a little)


Thank you for your reassurance.

I look forward to your next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Nice to see a well written Dash/Soarin. Glad to see that's its done realistically too; not too much at the forefront and doesn't monopolize the overarching plot, but does an excellent job complementing it. Look forward to more.

I always enjoy a good chat between Rarity and Fancypants in Nice Guy mode; even more so when serious matters are addressed.

I like it and you met my Fancypants not a cheating bastard quota. In fact I like him quite a bit more after this so well done. The implication of messages by fire being a bit more widespread is interesting and a nice hat tip to Spike. It wasn't a legit Sparity moment obviously but I still like that he was brought up. I also felt you might be trying to make some contrast between Fancypants and Fluer's relationship and Spike and Rarity's with his story. That's probably just me looking through my fav ships spyglass though.

537129 THANK YOU

Another great chapter!

I like Fancypants. He's a good guy.

“Anywho, we’ll be there in about ten days, if you need any more time message me by fire and we’ll reschedule. Do you have a fireplace capable of doing that?”

Oo, a floo network. :twilightsmile:

Nice chapter. :twilightsmile:
The conversation gives a decent impression of the two of them being good friends. If that's what you're aiming for, good work.
Good characterization on Fancy Pants, and a nice expansion on Fleur's past. Thanks.

Fancy Pants is awesome. :)

Excellent introspection.


Very nicely done you have a few grammatical errors but other then that you did a great job! :twilightsmile:

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