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This story is a sequel to Direction

A year ago, Scootaloo's parents were arrested, and Scootaloo was placed in Rainbow Dash's care. Now, she visits them for the first time, to say what's on her mind, even if it's hard.

A Nuptialverse story. Takes place during Direction.

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Excellent job on the exchange, emotional content and wrap-up in this story. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of your work as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Just want to put this out there:

“Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future.”
Lewis B. Smedes

A very heart tugging story.

Closure is always necessary to move on...but sometimes it hurts to get. I wasn't sure I wanted to read this story...but I'm glad I did.

Quick question I'll put in spoilers: I'm assuming this takes place sometime either during or after Direction, and at least after all current chapters (since Rainbow recently had that moment of upset disconnect over Scoot not calling her Mom). Will we be seeing what happened here influence future chapters of Direction? (For example, a mention of Rainbow and Soarin' taking Scoot to see her parents in jail, and her calling Rainbow Mom when they get back.) Or does this take place completely post Direction?

...years later
Rainbow Dash: We were engaged for like forever!
Soarin: It was seventeen minutes, Dash.
Scootaloo: Just because there was a line at the chapel, and you insisted on the Elkvis impersonator, Mom.
Rainbow Dash: Well, I wanted it done right. Besides, it was so cool! We got married by Elkvis!

How is it possible that the posted date is tommorow?

This was a good job. Scootaloo finally tells her parents that she isn't mad at them for their abuse, but doesn't need to let them into her life or forgive them until they realize they're wrong. Nice being able to call Rainbow and Soarin Mom and Dad, and Rainbow teasing Soarin about eloping. I actually thought there were hints of them having "fun" together at the end of Families and at one point in Directions but I was never sure until now. I hope they do work out like Rainbow dreams of, then they can be a family for real!

I have a feeling Scoots father will never change, but I am suprised her mother didn't try at least. Always figured she was a drunk and did what she did more through benign neglect rather than malice.


How do you see spoilers?

Perfectly written, and that was more than Scootaloo ever needed to say to Quick and Speedy. It's obvious they're too far gone, they still believe they did nothing wrong, and sometimes you can't help someone if they won't help themselves.

Hover your mouse over the black bars.

It takes place maybe a chapter or two from where Direction is now.

Go to your account settings and check your time zone.

Her mother wants to, but unlike Scoots she can't do what's hard. At least, not yet...

So we'll be seeing the aftermath of this in the story? Sweet!

Cathartic, and sweet at the end.

I'd forgotten what a flaming asshole Speedy was. I mean, I just read a series where Fluttershy's mother not only belittled and cut her as a filly for being "weak" but brainwashed her into keeping up the practice on herself well into marehood, and the father of one of the protagonists treated him as subequine for being born without a horn- and both of them had as flagrant disregard for the Princesses' authority as Speedy does- and another where the father of two of the protagonists disowned one for having the wrong talent and blacklisted the other (from the industry he was forcing both of them into) for calling him out- and he still stands out to me.

“Three strangers. Taking time for me. And all they asked was that we stay away from this one stallion on another team...”

That creep can roll, though.

It seems like Scoots may get one letter in the future, at least. But I'm not holding my breath.

That was good. Very emotional, very strong with a sweet ending. I actually wished Quick had said something though. Sure, she was drugged out most of the time, but I think she actually cared to some degree.

And all they asked was that we stay away from this one stallion on another team...”

Heh, nice one.

Hey, this story's featured on the main page! Congrats!!!!!

Twilight's been messing with spells from the Starswirl section again.

This was beautiful, well done.

Whoa this story got to me, strongly emotional on that situation as scootaloo talks to her former parents.

6880227 And which chapter had the parents being arrested?

I really should go back and start reading Direction again.

What is one of the worst things you can do to someone who hates you?

Not hate them back, for Hate only fuels more Hate.

Not show compassion for them, for Compassion is seen as weakness through the eyes of Hate.

Not give them mercy, for the open hand of Mercy is a hand that Hate will bite &/or stab at.

Not even forgive them, for doing so is akin to pouring out the cool waters of Forgiveness in your canteen, onto the blazing hot desert sands of Hate.

What is one of the worst things you can do to someone who hates you...?

Pity them.

"Sympathy is a compliment. Pity is an insult."
~ Tenzin Gyatso

You fucking nailed this. I grew up in an abusive home and this was dead on for how I felt when I started the process of forgiving my dad. Excellently done.

It happened at the tail end of Families

Wow, it left me spechless. Maybe there is hope with her biological mother to get it. The father however is a stupid moron who never understood which gift he just threw away. He actually makes me mad. I have some friends who suffered from something like that and I will never understand these people. Parents are supposed to protect and help their children! They are NOT supposed to hurt them!

It took a lot of strength for Scootaloo to do that. While her father may not have appreciated it, it looks like she may have gotten through to her mother a little. There might just be hope for her yet.

Okay so I just jumped into this so forgive me...... but where in these stories did Rainbow and Gilda ask for forgiveness?

The latest chapter of Direction has Gilda writing a letter to Dash asking to mend things, and Dash deciding to give her a chance. This takes place a few chapters later.

6885591 Awesome. Glad to hear they're mending in your universe.

I'm glad that I looked up fics to re-read. Directions lead me to this one, and it was a cute little fic. I'm glad that Scoots got something akin to closure after all that happened to her.

What chapter does this take place alongside btw? Or is that chapter not out yet in Directions?

This was so sweet...and enraging

Scootaloo has something to say?. Good:twilightsmile:

I hope its to tell her mother she's a worthless sow and her dearest and highest hope the stallion her dad calls sweet daddy one day perforates his colon with all the vigour and glee he can muster:ajbemused:

Very touching! :raritydespair: (Almost made me cry no joke) I'm writing a story similar to this right now actually, but this one is amazing! Good job and keep writing. :)

It refers to a lot of things....

If you mean the series he reminded me of, I was thinking of the Blooming Moon Chronicles and No Heroes.

It is ironic that Scootaloo was far more mature than the parents who belittled her.

This is amazing. I love it! Is there a story before this one?

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