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Flat spin

"I want coffee, but not free coffee. I want to pay for my coffee like an American!"

The writing process.

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Who am i?

Hi guys. my name is flat spin and i live in Finland. I'm a huge Mlp fan and my other interests are Nascar and Wrestling (i only watch WWE and NJPW. i don't watch TNA anymore).
I got in to mlp after seeing a couple random episodes but Sisterhooves Social was the episode that made me a brony (because of personal reasons).
Now let's quickly go through some Mlp stuff...

1. Favorite episode: Sisterhooves Social S2E5

2. Favorite 1st tier character(s): Rainbow dash and Applejack

3. Favorite 2nd tier character(s): Soarin and Derpy

4. Favorite Princess: Twilight

5. Favorite ship: Soarindash

If you wanna know something else just ask.


Blog 5 New stories · 10:02am Oct 8th, 2016

Okay guys Darkness in our hearts is almost done. I have to just fix up the last chapter and then we can move on to new things.

So first off i will write a sequel to Darkness in our hearts. i dont know what it will be called but i will write it after a couple of other stories i have thought about.

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Okay. Thanks for taking the time to PM me! :twilightsmile:

I friggin' adore your profile pic

Hello Spin! I have been reading your stories and I was wondering if I can be your editor! I don't have any stories yet but if you would like a sample of my work please tell me! :pinkiehappy:

Always willing to help! :raritywink:

If you want a editor, you should check out this group: Looking for Editors

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