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"Life is your story. Take the chances and write it." ~Fatima Azam (Sparkler Shine MLP) Hello my fellow pony lovers! Just a girl who loves this show, and loves to write! Is a bit crazy at times, cya!

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I Killed My Math Class! :DD · 8:29pm Nov 28th, 2016

We had a lockdown drill last period in school today. I was leaning against a squeaky door, and a boy kept burping. After that, I kept whispering to my friends. One of them had their heads against the back of my other friend, and their legs were under a chair. Two boys were under a table, my friend was trapped between the chairs in the corner, and I was squished. I kept talking though, and walking loud. Our class has an inside joke. "Pencils." My teacher said that if people broke into the

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You call your cousin 'buckets' that's hilarious!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

:facehoof:BUCKETS?! When is the next time you're coming to my house, we gotta talk. Buckets?! Haven't I trained you well?:rainbowlaugh:

Yeah! My teacher just cracks up my class and I. I tried to write down how I remembered the conversation. The next day, everyone in my math class said I killed them..:moustache:

You updated blog as a 'Roleplay Writing' in English subject. I absolutely love Mathematics. I love some of the branches of Science are:
I love English as well.:twilightsmile:

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