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Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

Hey there! My name is Ink, and I'd like to personally welcome you to my page. I am a retired My Little Pony fanfiction author, so you probably won't be seeing me writing for MLP anytime soon.

I'm really happy with where I ended as an MLP author, since it was the very first fandom I wrote for, and I hope I can continue writing for many years to come. I'm still constantly writing fanfiction, don't get me wrong. You can go catch me on Archive Of Our Own if you're still interested in my work.

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The Flaminko Flock

A group dedicated to me and my amazing friends! Thank you to everyone who helped me get this far! ^^;


A group dedicated to the shipping of Flurry Heart and Thorax! The very first Flurrax group on FiMfiction!

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Hello! Do you know why can't I access your story, I'll Wait For You?

ARIIIIIII (and yes ikr) :rainbowkiss:

I have come back from the depths of the internet to check up on this place and I STILL love ur stories, girl omg!! :rainbowkiss:
these emojis are so cute i forgot all about them LMAOOO

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