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Color Spark

I'm a Soarindash, Fluttercord, Flashlight (don't judge me), Applespike/ThunderJack, Raripants, Cheesepie, the list goes on and on... shipper. I also write stories with way too much dialogue in them...

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About Me!

20 random things you should know about me:
1. I prefer to be called Choco. It's my nickname at school.
2. I am a HUGE shipper.
3. I am Asian. Specifically a Chinese. Please do not call me Japanese. That has happened SO MANY TIMES... Also called Korean once, don't know how that happened.
4. Updates for any story may be infrequent, because of a weird mix of procrastination and studying.
5. I am still in school, so my grammar isn't the best yet... so point out any mistakes in my story(s), or anything you think needs to be slightly altered.
6. I am a girl.
7. I am OBSESSED with Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, Harry Potter, and Magnus Chase, and of course MLP.
8. Sometimes I just really wanna strangle Rick Troll Riordan for the cliffhangers, but then I remind myself I can't do that or else there will be nothing for me to read and I will be stuck on that cliffy for eternity.
9. I game. A lot. Mainly Minecraft and FPSs, but other games as well.
10. I am SUPER random at times anytime. I would randomly blurt out something in the comments and be like "don't judge me..."
11. I am an artist. Kind of, at least. Prefer traditional, but I do digital sometimes.
12. I am maybe just a little too obsessed with Percy Jackson... just a little. As in I have a tendency to randomly relate anything to the series.
13. I love puns.
14. Youtube is my life.
15. If I post something in the middle of the night, it's because I live in the East. And sorry for any stalkers, I am not giving out my specific city.
16. I like K-Pop, but please don't ask me to translate, I'm not Korean. Some of my friends are, though. Ask them to translate; not me.
17. I have a tendency to be a little personal when commenting, please don't judge me for that one.
18. I am rude, obtuse, and sarcastic. Not going to beat around the bush. If you want the perfect little girl that does everything you say without questioning it, find my best friend. I can't stand her, she can't stand me.
19. I am sort of a tomboy, half & half. Don't care about my looks, I game, I'm rough, and learn Karate. I do like art and ships, though.
20. Strangers think I'm shy, people who I've talked to but don't know think I'm strange, friends think I'm outgoing and my best friends know I'm bat-sh*t insane. And I swear a lot.

Just a random question; has anybody else gone through pictures of ships just to go

By the way these are the ships I like, for each fandom:
MLP: SOARINDASH is my OTP, then Fluttercord, Cheesepie, Flashlight, Applespike, Raripants, Lybon, and so forth.
PJO: PERCABETH is my OTP, then Jasper, Caleo, Frazel, Solangelo, Tratie... the list goes on.
Kane Chronicles: SANUBIS is my OTP, then Zarter. To be honest I don't really like Walt that much... I prefer Anubis. Not really much else for this one though...
HP: Hinny? Garry? I don't know what the ship name is... is OTP, then JamesxLily, Luneville. I don't really like HermionexRon but it's canon. I prefer Harmione.
Magnus Chase: Not enough insight, but I have hopes for Samagnus (I know it's not that popular but I like it).

All in all, there is one picture I think describes me way too well:


WHY IS IT SO HARD · 8:40am Jul 21st, 2016


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Thanks for the fave! :raritystarry:

Thanks for the fave!:twilightsmile:

2141084 Thanks! :rainbowkiss: :heart: :pinkiehappy: Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I went to a camp, and you know how it is with camps... NO LAPTOP FOR A WEEKEND! :raritycry: As for the digital art, unless you got a really steady hand and really good hand eye coordination, I suggest you use a digitizer/drawing tablet. Makes life a LOT easier; trust me. As for the drawing, if you already have a program, that's good. If you don't, and under a budget, here are some that might be good: Gimp, Krita, MyPaint, and Inkscape Illustrator (vector images). They all have a lot of tutorials on their website, so they will be pretty easy to use once you get the hand of it. If you aren't on a budget, Photoshop and Corel are REALLY good drawing tools.
If you have Photoshop, this might be handy:

2140879 PS, I'm gonna follow you xD

2140879 You have to teach me how to do digital art xD

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