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In the dark forests of Tramplevania dwells a coven of vampires, led by a deadly draconequus named Discord. For many years, his only interests have been in his own survival, until he stumbles upon a beautiful mare with a heart pure enough to care for a monster like him.

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Twilite!!!! Nuuuuuu!

Good story by the way! Have a like!

Although the story is :yay:cord, Rarity is think of disco:twilightsheepish:
I like this story so far!

Yay! More Fluttercord! Can't wait for the next chapter!

SighI wish Rarity was right but this is a DF story and that equals Fluttercord, which is cute sometimes so yeah, like it.

"Oh, Angel. Don't be rude. You haven't even met him yet."

He crossed his hooves

:pinkiehappy:Bunnies or rabbits don´t have whooves or hooves, silly! They have paws..............................I think
the appearence of Starlight Glimmer was rather surprising but good, specially with the A lady doesn´t dialougue.


6444129 Darn it! So used to writing horse anatomy.

:yay: Yay, Fluttercord! Waiting patiently for next update. :twilightsmile:

Hooray! FLUTTERCORD!!! :yay:
Liking it already: it has my all time favourite ship and the paranormal, my favourite genre in books :pinkiehappy:
I'm assuming Starlight will - obviously - be the main antagonist - might be wrong though - and I am not sure how I feel about Trenderhoof part in this story so far; my opinion will probably change later on depending on how you present his character. He's just one of my three favourite ships for Applejack - other two being Spike and Flim - so I'm kind of hoping he will still be some nice guy, but I'm also picturing him as some conniving villain that will plot with Starlight right now. :unsuresweetie:
Oh well can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I kinda...really hate the evil stepmother convention, but with Starlight...it just works. So. Well.
And while I'm happy for the Fluttercord...

No," Applejack said firmly, moving protectively in front of the dragon.

...I'm going through an I-love-Applespike phase right now.
So without futher a do: *takes deep, prolonged breath* yay:yay:

Oooh! This is really interesting! Also yay! More FlutterCord! You make the best FlutterCord stories ever! Also it's actually really cool and I like it that you made the six vampires. I was just thinking earlier that I wanted to see a fanfiction for my little pony about vampires and FlutterCord....strange.

I could probably make you a cover....although it would take a while and I am kinda busy but if you want me to I could try and when I can I'll make a cover. That is if you don't mind my art, here is my DA so you can look. You could note me details and I'll decide if I have time or feel like it. http://nightmarederpy.deviantart.com/gallery/49509829/MLP

My pun on Transylvania is better xD :ajsmug::raritywink:

*These Vampires Will NOT Sparkle*

You live for today DF *Puts away Crossbow*

Anyways, i actually like how this story is turning out so far.

I kind of like how you explained the lore of this universe in the first part. Also liked the Discord/Twilight moment. They felt like old friends, from what i can tell.

I felt a vibe with the mane five (Minus Flutters for the moment) being vampires being similar to the vampire mistresses.

If my brother was a fan of the show, he would probably like this story. (He would probably like it since he is into vampires and he kind of has some knowledge of it.

I can't wait for more. I wonder what things you will add to the vampires that is kind of old, but also i would like to see something new as well.

At first, i wasn't liking the whole "Fluttercord" thing, but i actually want to see where it goes. So, my curiosity is peeked.

I shall wait patience for the next chapter.

So cool! Your writing gets better and better. Looking forward to more of this!

Love it already! Hoping for an update soon!:pinkiehappy:

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes...yes!!! Disneyfanatic is doing an other fluttercord fanfic :rainbowkiss::pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp:yessss also I also do that having dreams and stories and yeah... I think I saw to many horror rpg games because my head made that into a 25%nightmare 75% dream 0% bad dream a anyways I'm rambling can't wait for next chapter

Considering how much I love vampires, I don't usually watch/read vampires stuff because mostly it isn't done well. After reading the first chapter I can definitely say that this is going in the right direction and I can't wait for more chapters.

6444501 evil-guardian that is, Starlight´s her aunt in this. but yeah, I get you

6447629 well, yeah, but it's the same trope regardless.

Hmmm...so will Fluttershy by any chance become their next Twilight? I mean, will they keep her there so they can feed off her and she stays in favour of feeding a species?
And then...she and Discord bond or something and he eventually lets her go? Meh. Probably not. I'm kinda still in the BOD mindset.

I'm not usually a fan of vampires, even the old myths and legends, but I really like this. I'm interested to see where it leads.

Great start~ You're very natural at writing! It reads just like the fairy tales we all love.
I think it would be interesting if it turned out Discord really did have a little crush on Twilight...even though that's obviously not gonna last. :D It would help set it apart from others you've written, though you certainly don't need to. It's different enough without as well.
I like that the Mane Six sans one are all vampires. Then they all get to be important in the story, instead of being a random small one.
And I wonder if Opera Phantom Discord influenced you at all here? I know how much you love that story. It has a few similarities...What with Discord taking care of others and all.
I'm also interested to see how Fluttershy reacts to Discord needing to get blood...and animals being a primary source. I'm sure she'll understand since she herself, as an animal lover, is familiar with the food chain, but still...I'm glad she didn't see what happened with that bear.


And I wonder if Opera Phantom Discord influenced you at all here? I know how much you love that story. It has a few similarities...What with Discord taking care of others and all.


Haha, nothing wrong with that! I know I have certainly adopted ideas from other writers and made it my own. It's part of the fun.

I love it!!!
AWESOME story!!!
It's obvious that is Fluttercord but is it an AppleSpike story too?

:pinkiegasp:Lithuania!! I understood that reference!!!! My 5th grade teacher cursed in Lithuanian at us all the time

ONE DAY??!! YOU WRITE ANOTHER CHAPTER IN ONE DAY??!! HOW do you do it? tell me your secret.Meh, maybe you are just inspired.
I´m loving it for now.yeah,the last episode was pretty much Legally Purple and I´m glad you liked it as much as I did.

6450446 i know!!! I hope the next chapter will be out today!!!!
This story is so cool!
Please Discord, go to meet Fluttershy!!!
SHE IS THE ONE!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

D'aaawwwww, Discord's so sad and lonely:fluttercry:
I'm glad that Rarity is getting a better role this time around. I mean, there was that one scene in BOD Episode10, but...yeesh.

pleasant chapter

6450528 DON´T START WITH BOD!!!!!!! OH MY GOD I´VE NEVER SEEN A WORSE MANE 4 (Minus :yay: and :ajsmug: of course those two do great)! I mean, fanfiction´s been up forever I´m sure there must be someone worse but just:

:rainbowhuh: :raritycry: :raritydespair: :twilightangry2:
:applejackunsure: : GIRLS! Discord :heart: :yay:
:raritystarry: :twilightoops: :rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp: REALLY?! OMG!

6450715 Yeah, well, in that context you couldn't really blame them after all they've been through with Discord (um, PLUS, he DID have them subdued during that part).

Pegasister107, you're kinda exaggerating, but I get you. They should've at least questioned how AJ and Flutters knew Discord loved her...
And DF, your point just reinforces it. They had no idea, and as far as they can tell Discord was even worse than before(because his attacks were more personal)


yeah I may be coming a little too strong/Flame-War.It´s just that, at one point, it seemed obvious for everyone. But that´s my take on it and it doesn´t make the story any weaker, it´s still the amazing stuff that got me here so whatever.

Every bit (or drop ;) ) of this is pure awesomesauce!

Although vampires scare me, I too, was not happy with how vampire romance was portrayed in media. (Saying that vampires sparkle and don't melt in the sun is like saying witches don't ride on broomsticks!) I thought of writing an original story about a girl meets an actual vampire boy while rescuing her delusional sister from vampires (after I get better at writing).
Can't wait to read more!

6452641 Except there are actual witches in real life and they DON'T ride on broomsticks.

Great! another chapter!!!
This is getting better and better!!!
I hope you will be writing like this until Discord fall in love with Fluttershy or at least until he meets her!!!!
I'm so excited!!!!!

Come on, Discord, give this dinner a chance! Fluttershy could be the one! I actually like Starlight Glimmer as the evil stepmother figure because it gives us a reason to sympathesize Fluttershy.

Oh, I should have known Zecora would be a witch. And I even made her Ursala (the sea WITCH) in a PMV. :facehoof: (not offending witches by the way. I know they don't act like Ursala in real life.)

Great job! And I'm getting a huge Beauty and the Beast vibe.:heart:

I --
How did --
I don't --

Wasn't Socrates also one to question everything?

GreaT, now get him to see Fluttershy already! (Inlove)

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