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Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood? What if she were to take her fathers place? Ponies meet Phantom of the Opera with a splash of Beauty and the Beast!

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Please check out this fully illustrated video of the first chapter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjDAbUQhqPc

Edited chapters have notes in the authors comment section with a date.
FOR ALL READERS: Celestia is now Fleur De Lis in early chapters but I haven't gotten to later chapters to change it.

Everything you need to know about this Universe:

Beautiful Fanart: http://ameliacostanza.deviantart.com/art/Opera-Phantom-Discord-494273039

More Amazing Fanart: http://scribblescrabblesdabble.tumblr.com/image/87770244131
Fanart!: http://pre03.deviantart.net/17f4/th/pre/f/2015/123/0/7/mlp_fluttercord_ofd_by_nightmarederpy-d8s2ysd.png

More Fanart!: http://pre01.deviantart.net/f184/th/pre/i/2015/146/8/2/opera_phantom_discord__lovers_quarrel_by_ameliacostanza-d8uuvre.jpg

Fanart! 4/11/2021

Follow its Tumblr at operaphantomdiscord.tumblr.com

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Very... Intriguing.
Please, continue, if you can.

That was quite an adventure.
A little detailed at times, too.
Which is good.

Keep on keepin' on. - Sorin "Kalreas" Kanire

On the second paragraph:

Flutterhsy's father was not blind;

Fluttershy's you mean.

Three paragraphs down:

Before her first day of work was over, Flutterhsy's ears had been...

Fluttershy again. Look out for those. ;P

Thanks for the comments and the correction :D

2073984 Just helping a friend with editing.
Also, I like the pic.

I'm pretty intrigued by this story so far, well done.

I'm really enjoying this, please continue. :pinkiehappy:

6 chapter on 6 day you sir is on fire:rainbowdetermined2:
Exellent story continue like this

Thank you all I'm glad your enjoying it, I hope you stick with me as we have quite a way to go :) You all rock!

Do you hear that? It's the sound of this great plot thickening. :yay:

It seems nice so far. Didn't see any glaring problems.

Uh oh. Fluttershy has fled!

Another very good chapter, I only have one little nitpick.
In the previous chapter, Fluttershy seemed willing to sacrifice herself to save her father, but in this chapter she's acting like she never did. I'm not really complaining, it just seems like a very strange mood swing that's come out of nowhere.
But other than that, I'm loving this story! :scootangel:

Well Azure my thinking when I wrote this was that yes she wanted to save her father but such a decision is a big one and at the time she was under stress, she may not have realized the full consequences of her choice. All I thought was if I were in her situation with the prospect of living in a hell hole for the rest of my life and the possibilities of being raped, tortured and killed I'd try and escape too. After all if she had succeeded in leaving and finding her father the phantom couldn't do much if they left Maris now could he? Plus do you think you would really just resign yourself to such a fate?
But thanks for the thoughts and I hope my explanation cleared it up a little.
Oh by the way did anypony have anything to say about the name Applejaqueline? I was just curious xD

Squeeeeee look at the picture I got made for this story it's amazing! It shall now and forever be this stories main photo :yay:


I have just read the latest chapter and I am a bit confused. are they normal ponies or Anthros because I keep seeing "Fingers" coming up though out the story. I just think you should slowly re-read your chapters and correct those mistakes.

Oh really? shoot thanks for pointing that out, its a bit hard to type in pony speak and sometimes I slip up, thanks!

Well Dragon I looked over the chapter and it should be much improved. I usually look at the chapter three times before publishing it but was busy today, did you see it a lot in other chapters?

I have a question will he transforms like in beauty & the beast or no?

Now Now I can't spoil it now can I? You'll just have to wait and see :)

This is just getting better and better! :raritystarry:

Very good. You are very skilled at writing. I only have two errors to point out.

"Quite right," Fluttershy muttered. "I beg your pardon inspector, but do you mind explaining what any of this has to do with me?"

Fluttershy could only grin, a wicked grin for the plot he was setting up.

You accidentally typed Fluttershy when you meant Blueblood. A simple mistake then can easily be fixed. I'm personally impressed how you are able to get so many chapters out so fast.


Hahah lol thank you, I was getting tired and trying to finish it quickly, I'll go in and change it right now :)

I love this story for it's plot, but I do have one little thing I must point out.

You seem to have issues with maintaining consistent gender pronoun use. I've read parts of this where you refer to all of Discord's servants as both mares and stallions in the same sentence, using both "he" and "she" when referring to one pony. Which is it?

2104299>>2104321 i agree to you two but i also want to ask if they are pony or pony because sometime you refer them as human

Damn I don't mean too, I really need to check these stupid chapters over more :/ Sorry guys I'll be more careful in the future. Plus you really were right, when I looked back I must have been really tired when I wrote it, I've fixed any error I found and in the future will double check before publishing. They are indeed ponies with hooves and they are all the same genders as cannon. Sorry for the confusion :/

I'll admit it's kinda hard to write about ponies xD thanks for catching the error btw I'll go find and fix it :) Also where did you see the breast bit? I thought I'd fixed the few I noticed lol ( pony sexuality is a bit hard to write about too)

They are not antro actually except for Discord with his paw/claw duo, any mention of fingers was a mistake on my part I'm afraid, the thought of antro ponies kinda creeps me out xD Thanks for asking!

Woops thank you! *Goes to find and fix*

Very good, very good!
I like this so far.
Didn't think I would.


Darn you, ponies.

My favorite parts HAVE to be the ones with Blueblood the're just so entertaining

The story is as good and interesting as ever. I only noticed 3 errors.

Both Suzette and Christine gasped upon the cold dark voice that echoed off the cavern wall. In the faint candlelight of the entryway stood the Phantom,

I believe you mean Fluttershy and Rarity there or other way around. I must admit I'm not one hundred percent familiar with the Phantom of the Opera story. So I don't know who is standing in for who.

FLuttershy didn't need to be told again, she fled from him as fast as her legs could carry her.

Just a minor mistake here with the capital L. So it would be easily missed. I'm surprised I even caught it.

He looked towards the entryway to find Fluttershy standing there, her face pale and her eyes wide; she looked at him as if for the first time, she was horrified by the ghastly scars on his face.

Yeah that should be Rarity shouldn't it? Took me a bit to look back to see if I read that correctly. Easy to miss if you are just looking for errors and not at the story since Fluttershy being the star of this story makes her name easily overlooked.

Sorry about me pointing out things that need to be corrected. I do enjoy you writing this story. I just figure you would like someone calmly pointing these out instead of someone yelling about them. Wow this comment seems big.

Thank you for catching these :) I don't know what is up with me *sigh* I'll admit it's a bit hard to write so much every day lol but now it's all fixed :)

2119296 You are welcome and no worries. Like you said you are typing a lot each day and provide a chapter each day. These chapters are a good size for each day which is very impressive. So of course a few errors will slip through the cracks here and there. Like I said before I'm rather impressed that you can put out good sized chapters a day. It is not an easy thing to do.

Oh would anyone tell me if they actually skipped the sex scenes in this story so far? If none of my readers have I may just leave out the warnings in the future about where specifically they are in a chapter and let you see for yourself :P

One of my most favoritest movies/books (I have yet to see it on stage) combined with ponies, and the best villain in the history of cartoons?

Alright thank you :) I'll keep the @@@@@ :derpytongue2: lol

Oh my god, you got the roles perfectly!
:rainbowlaugh: Carlotta has always been a favorite of mine for some odd reason, I just love her attitude.

Is it just me or am I thinking that Twilight is Luna's daughter? :rainbowhuh:

Knew it. :ajsmug:
Although, I'm not so sure on the pairing on Fluttershy and Discord. :rainbowhuh:
Better than FlutterMac though, gotta give you that. :applejackunsure:

This story deserves lots of comments and a slot in the featureds, but I can't make one of those happen (you obviously know which), so here's a mustache for your really awesome work so far. :moustache:

Tad bit confused of the roles with Derpy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity, but then again, I'm always clueless like that and I often end up smacking myself for it later.

.... *slaps self* See? Told you I'm clueless. I was so lost in my fangirling that I completely forget to the fact that you are combining two of the greatest love stories ever in addition to ponies! HAVE MORE MUSTACHES! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Twilight is Luna's Daughter, didn't I say so in the chapter? lol

Also, you are very bubbly which is fun xD so here are mustaches for you :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::derpytongue2:
and a derpy since she is my favorite pony. Also the characters are a nod to the characters from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, I could have just stuck with an adaptation of the Phantom movie but I thought they would make a nice touch since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Fairy Tale and the story ideas fit here, I also wanted more to work with then just like 10 chapters of Fluttershy and Discord in a cave lol but I hope you like them at least :moustache:

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