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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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Her head hurt. Fluttershy groaned as she slowly awoke, her head throbbing with pain as if somepony were banging it like a drum. Why did her pillow feel so hard? Almost as if it felt like…stone?

Her eyes flew open as a sudden memory filled her brain. "Please…it had to have been a nightmare…" she whispered to herself. But as her eyes slowly took in the dim light that was all around her, she could see that her nightmare was more terrifying than she thought possible.

Bars. Before her she saw nothing but cold iron bars. She was in a cage.

"No…" she whispered, quickly rising to her hooves. "Hello?" she cried, banging on the bars, knowing she could not pry them apart, yet still her body tried. "Somepony? Please? HELP ME! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?" she continued banging on the bars, praying that someone somewhere…other than the Phantom, would hear her cries.

The Phantom. She trembled as she remembered him, standing before her, a monstrous creature, clad in black, darker than midnight, save for his pale mask. Why did he wear a mask? What was he? Was what she saw real? Was it to enhance the terror his reputation had already sent forth? Or…was it something far more sinister? She recalled some of the stories she heard the dance mares chattering about when Madame Luna was not present. Stories about the Phantom and his terrifying face and body.

However, his face and body were the least of her worries. Her father! The Phantom had her father removed…but where? Did he release him as he had ordered? Or was it all a trick? A trick to have his revenge on her father while still keeping her for…

Her stomach twisted in knots at the thought, and she felt the bile rise slightly.

No, she would not let any stallion have her, not that way, never! She would kill herself before it happened! Or kill him…

"There must be a way out of here," she muttered, stepping away from the bars and examining her prison. Was there a door? She could not see one, but there had to be one! She peered all around her, noticing for the first time hanging racks filled with nothing but elaborate costumes…costumes that she realized had long since been forgotten. Perhaps there was a door behind the racks! She pushed through the fabric, trying to see if she could find anything, when a loud thump startled her.

Fluttershy whirled around to where the noise had come from, peering out past the bars, but saw no one. "H-h-h-hello?" she asked the air with a shaky voice. She could hear breathing, but saw no one! "Is someone there? Hello?"


And then, "SHE'S AWAKE!"

Fluttershy screamed as a large hunchbacked pony emerged from the shadows out of no where, her face pressed against the bars. "She's awake! She's…" she stopped when she realized Fluttershy was screaming, and then she too, started screaming.

"Derpy! Stop it at once!" a figure cried. A stallion came from a cavern, however this stallion seemed to be only half the size of a normal pony. Fluttershy continued to scream as the pony turned to Fluttershy, biting his lip with worry. "Please don't scream mademoiselle, you'll only frighten Derpy more!"

Derpy continued screaming, her cry terrifying and sharp, causing the cavern ceiling to shake. "DERPY!" as if on cue, all the noise stopped, as another pony emerged, throwing her shroud off and immediately coming to the hunchback's side to comfort her. "There, there," she whispered. "It's alright, you just startled her is all, she's not terrified of you…she won't hurt you…"

Fluttershy stared in bewilderment at the three figures that were outside her cage. A disfigured mare, a hunchback mare, and a dwarf; they were all…

"Freaks," the disfigured mare said out loud, as if reading Fluttershy's thoughts. "We accept it," she sighed, finally calming Derpy down to where she curled herself up into a ball and rocked herself back and forth, staring at Fluttershy behind the bars. Satisfied, the mare turned and did a small curtsy. "My name is Rarity," she greeted warmly. "And this is Shortround," she added, indicating the dwarfed stallion. "And…well, you've met Derpy," she said with a smile, rubbing a hoof over the hunchback's arm.

Fluttershy was at a loss for words; she didn't know what to say! "W-w-who…h-how…"

Shortround cleared his throat and began to speak. "We work for the Master, and…were told to keep watch for when you awoke," he explained.

"The Master?" Fluttershy asked, staring at the three of them. "Do you mean…the Phantom?"

Shortround and Rarity exchanged glances. "Well," Shortround muttered. "That is one name…but he prefers 'master'."

Despite the unbelievable chaos of the situation, Fluttershy's face contorted to one of anger at the words. "He is no master of me," she hissed, before turning her face away to hide the angry tears that threatened to show.

Rarity sighed and approached the cage with sympathy. "My dear…please do not despair…the Master is truly good-"

"GOOD?" Fluttershy whirled around at the words. "Good? He imprisoned my father! He threatened to kill us! I'M IN A CAGE!" she shouted, rushing to the bars and beating them with her hooves.

The three figures stepped back and Derpy whimpered. Rarity immediately placed a calming hoof on the hunchback's arm and her whimpering ceased. The mare was right; the Master behaved like a monster earlier, how else would she think of him?

Fluttershy stared at the figures then turned away, sitting on the rocky ground and tucking her legs up under her chin. Rarity gazed upon the mare's crumpled form, sighed, and turned to the others. "Why don't you both go and wait for the Master to return." Shortround took the hint and urged Derpy to follow.

"G-g-g-goodbye gypsy mare!" Derpy said somewhat happily, before turning and leaving with Shortround.

Fluttershy turned her head slightly to watch as the two figures left. Rarity smiled softly, although her eyes were filled with utmost sympathy. "Derpy loves the story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame…I confess, I changed the ending somewhat for her…now whenever she sees a beautiful mare, she thinks she's Esmeralda," she chuckled softly. Fluttershy still remained frozen. "My dear-"

"Please," Fluttershy whispered, "Just…just leave me alone."

Rarity bit her lip. "W-would you like me to bring you something hot to drink? Are you hungry? I-"

"Please go," Fluttershy whispered again, curling herself up into a tiny ball and hugging her legs even closer than before. Rarity sighed and lowered her head in defeat. Time was what the mare needed most.

"Here, in case you get cold," the little mare whispered, pushing a wool blanket through the bars. Fluttershy didn't say a word, she simply lay where she was. Rarity sighed and began to walk away. Yet she stopped, paused, and turned one more time. "I just…I just wanted to say…that I think what you did was extremely brave. I don't think many ponies would have been able to do what you did…" Fluttershy didn't respond at all. Rarity gave a soft smile, tears threatening her own eyes, before turning and leaving the mare alone in her cage of iron and despair.

For the longest time she lay there, still as a mouse, listening to her surroundings, listening for the agonizing sound of footsteps. Yet none came. She turned her head slightly, looking around her dim surroundings (a single torch illuminated the cavern, which hung near the cavern's only entrance), and satisfied that she was truly alone, sprung to her hooves and frantically began to look for a way out.

Somewhere…I know there is a door here somewhere! She pushed through the layers of dusty cob-webbed covered costumes, coughing and sneezing here and there, desperately seeking the way out of her prison. And then…at last, hiding behind a large heavy black drape, she found it…the tiny door that kept her and freedom apart.

It was locked, as she suspected, but that didn't matter. She would get out, she was quite determined! She grabbed the last hairpin she had, causing her already loose hair to fall completely down her back and shoulders, and set to work. She had to hurry, for she could hear, ever so softly, the last chorus of the opera being sung.



Time Turner gasped in pain as he felt a sharp thick boot kick him hard in his side. He glanced up, his eyes red and swollen, seeing a stallion in a maroon uniform glare down at him. He immediately recognized the uniform as belonging to one of the doorponies of the Opera House. Why was he outside the Opera House, and why was this stallion kicking him and urging him to move along?

And then it all came back.

"FLUTTERSHY!" Time Turner cried, quickly rising as fast as his legs would allow. "My daughter! Oh you must help me!" he wailed, gripping the lapels of the doorpony's coat. "He has her! He has my daughter!"

"GET OFF!" the doorman shouted, shoving Time Turner away. "And move on before I call the police!"

Police? YES! That was exactly what he needed! "Yes! Please! We must get the police at once! I need to speak with Monsieur Flam and Monsieur Flim, they will help me, I know it!"

The doorpony stopped Time Turner and shoved him again, this time sending the old stallion to the ground. "GET OUT OF HERE YOU DRUNKEN FOOL!" he shaking his hoof in a threatening manner, and Time Turner suddenly realized in his panic that the stallion was not going to let him by. The stallion didn't know him, and Time Turner looked at his own tattered coat and mud-caked clothes and knew it was a lost cause. Who would believe that he was an employee of the Maris Opera House?

"Are you deaf you old pony? I SAID GO!" Time Turner quickly sprung to his feet before the doorpony had the opportunity to kick him again with his boot. He quickly scampered away, hearing the doorpony's threats behind him, knowing he had to find somepony who would help him…but who? Would the police believe him? No, he needed someone who knew him, somepony who would help him find a way to get Fluttershy back! But who? Who had such influence to help a grieving old stallion?


"And…remember the way she paused, because there was supposed to be…that violin solo!" laughed a well dressed gentlecolt, before taking another drink from his brandy glass.

A small group of stallions erupted with laughter, each pounding one another on the back, lighting cigars, and drinking brandy as the minutes ticked by.

"That was priceless…" another stallion chuckled. "Oh Blueblood, you sure picked a good star! At least we all now have something to entertain us at that bloody place!"

Blueblood gave a small trying smile to his friend's comment, his hoof rubbing his forehead as he inwardly dealt with his irritation. The evening was somewhat short of horrible. At least the horridness disappeared when Fleur wasn't on stage. Unfortunately, there were only three scenes in the whole opera when she made no appearance. And despite the money he was making off her name and so-called talents, he hated feeling like a fool, which was exactly what his friends were doing.

"She reminded me of my dog," one stallion added. "Except I think that bitch can actually hit a proper note!" the others burst out laughing, while Blueblood simply glared.

"Oh come now Blueblood," a grey and white-haired stallion chuckled. "Despite the mare's less than spectacular performance, the evening was a success."

"Here, here!" the others crowed.

"Indeed!" the light grey and white-haired stallion continued. "No doubt, thanks to our friend Black Marble," he said, lifting his glass in the direction of a light colored curly haired gentlecolt who was sitting with them, "who as we all know has such a high influence with the papers, a good review will be published and more ponies will come to see the mare, and more money will be placed in our pockets! See? Everypony wins!"

Blueblood gave a glare to his friend, but then a smile spread across his face. "Indeed, you are right Hoity Toity," he said, raising his glass. "To Fleur de Lis and the money she will bring to us all…was I not right to encourage you to invest with the Opera?"

The stallions chuckled. "Indeed, except for poor Caesar, who only goes because his wife insists!"

Caesar gave the others a glare. "How else am I to convince Lyra that I'm not going out every night to be with my mistress? I swear the mare has spies following me!"

"Oh who gives a damn what the mare thinks," Hoity Toity grumbled. "It's your own bloody fault that you got married in the first place!"

"I needed an heir!" Caesar defended.

"Don't we all?" Black Marble added. "Yet you don't hear the rest of us who are married complaining. Why? Because we know who is the head of our households, and it's not our bloody wives!" several other stallions cheered to Black Marble's words and lifted their glasses in a toast.

"Too true," Hoity Toity added, lighting another cigar. "Really Caesar, the next thing you're going to tell us that she insists that you actually give her pleasure when you're bucking her!"

"If she lets you," Black Marble added. The stallions burst out laughing while Caesar turned a bright red.

"Leave the stallion alone," Blueblood interjected, although he had been laughing along with the others. "The point of a mistress is so that you don't have to sleep with your wife! And Caesar is the only one who's future is secure with at least two heirs."

"Legitimate heirs," Caesar grumbled.

"Here, here," Black Marble chuckled.

"Speaking of mistresses," Hoity Toity commented, "How does it go with the dried up soprano?"

Blueblood was sipping his brandy when he heard the words. He glared from the rim of his glass at his friend, but forced a polite smile. "She still serves her purposes," he simply said. "And you good stallion? Still pursuing young male falsettos?"

Hoity Toity turned a deep shade of red while the other stallions burst out laughing. Blueblood couldn't help but grin wickedly.

"Come now Hoity Toity," he muttered with a cigar between his lips. "We are all friends, are we not?"

Hoity Toity forced a smile at the Prince. "Actually, I have met a delicious dance mare by the name of Applejacqueline. Very beautiful for a dancer, and has a mouth like you wouldn't believe…not to mention a throat…"

The others were leaning in close, practically drooling at the stallion's words. "And she tells me Blueblood, that you've been seen attempting to…seduce the new costume mare?"

The other stallions turned to the Prince with surprised looks. "A costume mare? Blueblood, I distinctly remember you saying how the lowest a stallion could sink was with a chorus mare…but a costume mare? What has bucking Fleur done to you?"

Before Blueblood could speak, Hoity Toity continued. "Not only has he been seen attempting to lure this mare to his bed-"
"-or lounge," Caesar chuckled.

"But it seems that…could it be…the costume mare has spurned you?"

The others stared in horror. "Blueblood…if a mere costume mare spurns you…there's no hope for the rest of us."

"She did not SPURN me!" Blueblood growled, chewing on his cigar. "And I will have that mare…and if you had seen this mare, you'd understand why she's worth the pursuit! Luscious curves, an ample bottom that's never felt anything other than the fabric of her undergarments…not to mention nimble little hooves that could grip anything hard and thick…"

Now the stallions were drooling at Blueblood's description. Hoity Toity snorted with disgust, causing the trance to break.

"Point being that you haven't succeeded in bedding her," he grumbled. "Now, if you'll excuse me gentlecolts, I am meeting the delectable Applejacqueline who is going to introduce me to one of her dear little friends, and the three of us are going to go back to my apartment for a private party, while you sorry lot sit here and smoke cigars with one another. Good evening," he said, before tipping his hat and heading towards the door.

Yet the second Hoity Toity reached it, an old stallion, looking frantic, burst inside, crying the Princes's name. "Prince Blueblood? I'm looking for the Prince? Have you seen him? Anypony? Please!"

Hoity Toity looked at Blueblood from across the room, and Blueblood rose to his hooves, locking eyes with his friend before looking at the muddy old stallion. "Please! I have to find him! He can help me, I know it! I-MONSIEUR PRINCE!" Time Turner rushed to Blueblood's side and practically fell to his knees. "Monsieur, you must help me! Please! He has her! He's taken her! WE MUST GET THE POLICE AT ONCE!"

"Who are you?" Blueblood asked in disgust, moving away from the lunatic that had fallen at his hooves.

Time Turner glanced up, surprised by the Prince's words, not to mention his tone. Yet he was covered in mud and dirt, he was probably unrecognizable. "Why it's me monsieur, the violinist? Monsieur Time Turner? You once complimented me on my playing."

"Did I?" Blueblood asked, lifting an eyebrow. "I confess, I do not remember speaking to somepony like you…but then the Opera House is filled with many…" he looked Time Turner up and down before removing his scented handkerchief and lifting it to his nose. "Anyway, why do you come here sir, interrupting the merriment of my club in such a distressed state?"

"HE HAS HER MONSIEUR! WE MUST SAVE HER! PLEASE!" Time Turner was gripping the Prince's evening coat, holding on for dear life, praying that this stallion would believe him.

The Prince was overwhelmed by the stench the stallion was in, and managed to push the feeble old stallion off him, coughing at the smell. "Remove him from here," he muttered to some of the staff who had come to see what the commotion was all about.

"NO! Monsieur, my daughter is Fluttershy! The costume mare! You have spoken with her, on several occasions, am I not correct? Please! You must help me get her back!"

"Come on old fool!" one of the staff members grumbled, dragging Time Turner away.

Blueblood rolled his eyes. "Get her back from whom?"


There was a brief moment of silence, before the whole room burst into laughter. Everyone save for the Prince. He hated talk about the Phantom. It was a myth that was created by Cranky Doodle Donkey, but he hated how it continued to live on, and how there were those that felt it necessary to make the myth seem real by sending threats and demands, not to mention the hysteria several ponies at the Opera House had over the silly ghost stories.

"Get him out of here," Blueblood growled, before sitting back down at his table and taking a long drink from his glass.


"Your daughter probably ran off with a stage hoof to offer him her so-called virginity. I mean what can one except from a costume mare?" Raoul's comment was greeted by hysterical laughter, and Time Turner stared in horror at the Prince as he was dragged away and thrown out onto the street.

"STAY OUT!" they shouted at him, before slamming the door in his face.

Time Turner stared at the closed doors, the horrible words ringing in his ears. The one pony who he thought cared for his daughter was a cad…and he was truly alone. The managers wouldn't see him, no one would let him back inside the Opera House, and now its most powerful patron had abandoned him as well…not mention had turned out to be snake.

"I'll go to the police myself!" Time Turner said with determination. "I have to save her…I must!"


Madame Luna had waited till the theater was practically empty, save for a few stage hooves that were cleaning up. She had urged Twilight to go home with several friends and explained she had some important matters to discuss with the managers. Now that she was alone, she made her way towards the secret door that she always used to gain access to the secret labyrinth of the Phantom. Yet the door was locked. It had never been locked before, it was a secret passage that only she and Discord knew how to open! And only Discord had the power to lock it…

"Good evening madam," Discord greeted coldly as always.

Madame Luna whirled around, staring at the shadows in front of her, before seeing the tall masked figure image from the darkness. "Discord! W-w-what are you doing up here!"

"I may feel free to move about my theater however I please," he explained, before extending an envelope to the mare. "Here is a note I wish you to give to my dear managers. It's rather thick…due to all the corrections they need to make before the next performance."

Madame Luna stared up at Discord, his face always unreadable, mask or no mask. "Perhaps the performance would have been better if a certain violinist was present."

Discord snorted. "I highly doubt it…that harpy can butcher anything, from a simple scale of notes to the most beautiful opera composed. No violin solo would have saved the evening."

"Where is he Discord?" Madame Luna asked, feeling her body shake with fury. She hated these games, he only said such things to prolong the agony, like a cat that had caught a mouse, but was merely playing with it before killing the wretched creature.

Discord had been pacing when the conversation began, yet now stood frozen, his amber eyes catching the dance mistress'. "You know my rules," he growled.

"Discord, please! He didn't mean you any harm, and you know it! He's an old stallion, he's barely been here long enough to know anything about you! He-"

"THEN IT WAS HIGH TIME HE FOUND OUT!" the Phantom barked, retreating to the shadows, his cape billowing behind him. Yet he had not gone. Madame Luna could still hear his breathing, could still feel his presence in the small space.

"Is he dead?" she asked, her voice heavy with weariness. How could she approach Fluttershy with such news? "Discord?"

"You know my rules, madam."

"DAMN YOUR RULES DISCORD! IS THE STALLION DEAD?" she had had enough of this nonsense.

There was a long pause, so long that Madame Luna wasn't sure if he was still there or not. Discord had the uncanny ability to move about like…well, for lack of better words, a ghost. Unseen, unheard, yet very present.

Finally, the silence was broken. "You forget yourself madam," he hissed from the shadows. "You forget that I allow you to enter my world. You forget that you are a guest…and you forget that I have the power to control whether those booby traps that you pass so easily go off or not. I do not take orders from you…and I do not answer questions unless I wish to."

Madame Luna felt a cold shiver run up and down her body. Was he declaring her an enemy like all the others? The last thing the Opera House needed was a war, and she knew that if Discord's madness was driven beyond the point of no return, a war was what would happen. The ghastly things he was doing right now were by no means the crescendo of his fiendishness.

"Leave madam," Discord whispered; the harshness of his voice was somewhat less, but the coldness remained very present. "Go home and rest. The dance has much to work on before the next opera."

Madame Luna's face tightened into one of anger. How dare he tell her how to properly run a ballet company! She was a dancer, not he! "Stick to your compositions Discord," she hissed. "I do not tell you how to write music, do not tell me how to train my dancers."

Discord found himself taken aback by her words. "This is my theater madam, I run things here!" the rage was boiling in his voice. "And you shall deliver that note-"

"DELIVER IT YOURSELF!" she shouted, throwing the note on the floor and stomping on it with her boot. "I am done playing your messenger," she hissed to the shadows. She turned on her heel then and began to stalk off, her black skirts billowing behind her.


"NO!" she cried out, wheeling around. "How dare you! How dare you threaten an innocent old stallion, how dare you commit heartless murders, how dare you patronize my years of extensive research and training in the art of dance!" she had never felt such fury. "You know something Discord…I am sorry that the world turned its back on you because of your face and what you are. I'm sorry that the world spat at you, that the world denied you, that the world caged you and then laughed at you and called you names. But how you are perceived now is your own responsibility! You control the monster, not the world! The way you show no compassion for anyone or anything! The way you threaten others, the way you…you use mares for whatever lusts you crave! And the way you talk…how this is your theater, how these are your rules! Do you have any idea who you are sounding like?" There was a long silence. She took a deep breath, not sure if he were still there or not, but knew she had to say it. "I see no difference Discord…no difference whatsoever between yourself and Prince Blueblood!" With that, she turned and picked up her skirts and ran, not looking back, not once.

Discord was in the shadows, he had not gone. He had stayed that whole time, listening to her words, wanting to lash out, wanting to scream, but he was frozen. Did he breathe? Did his heart beat? Did he have a heart?

What did she mean by that? No difference between himself and the Prince…there were PLENTY of differences! Discord appreciated music, all the Prince cared about was money! The Prince was this blonde Apollo figure, while Discord was more like the disfigured Hephaestus. Yes, Discord paid for mares to…but he did not leave them pregnant and ruin their promising careers! He groaned and stamped his cloven feet, damning his uncontrollable lusts for flesh, damning all that the world had done to him! He couldn't go out into the world! He had been put into a carnival freak show! His own mother had abandoned him as a child! What else could he do? He had no choice but to go into hiding, and if no one else was going to care for the Opera House, for the art of music, then he had to! He looked like a monster, but he was not like the Prince, he wasn't…he wasn't…he…he…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" in a roar of rage, Discord headed down one of his many passageways, down to his labyrinth, down to his hell, down to his sanctuary! And while he fled, he remembered the mare, remembered the body that he found himself lusting for when he first saw her there in the cavern, her fiery spirit shining like a beacon in her wild blue eyes.

And he had never been more disgusted with himself. He actually thought himself above the Prince, but he realized that by doing what he intended, by turning the mare into an unwilling sexual slave for his own pleasure…

Madame Luna was right, damn it! He was no different than the Prince!

He shouldn't go to her; he should leave her where she was and not have anything to do with her! He could release her like her father, send her away, be sure the Opera House would not take her back, get rid of her as he got rid of the old stallion and never be plagued by her beauty again! That would make him different from the Prince!

Yet despite these thoughts he found himself running, flying it seemed, through the dark tunnels, through the dimly lit chambers, past rocks, past the underground lake, past deeply cut pits that he truly believed led to hell itself. He flew to the area of his world where he knew she was kept, and he did not stop till he reached the cavern.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

He listened, but he couldn't hear the sound of her breathing.

He swiftly approached the cage, not caring if she screamed, just having to see her, not sure why, but feeling the need to simply look at her face, look into her sky-colored eyes and somehow, find something in them that resembled what part of humanity he had, that did not reflect the Prince, but reflected his own monster, that reflected himself.

He gripped the bars, unsure what to say. What was her name? He had heard the dance mares say it often…Flattershy? Flittershy? FLUTTERSHY! Yes! But should he reveal that he knew her name? Did it matter? He simply wanted to look at her! Her sleeping form would suffice, anything, just…

He froze.

On the ground, inside the cage, lay a blanket and several costumes that had fallen from the hangers they had been hung on. He didn't have to peer inside to see what had happened. He already knew, for on the ground, shining dimly from the torch light lay a glistening hair pin.

And next to the pin, was an open door.

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Edited: 11/2/15