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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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Encore, an epilogue


an epilogue

Fluttershy's Diary, Summer, 1882

It has been five months since our marriage. And so much has happened…

Everything is well with the baby; the doctor recently examined me, and says that I am in excellent health, and should deliver a healthy child in the Fall. I must admit, while I am nervous, I am also very excited. I have been thinking of names recently, writing down those that I like, and sometimes crossing them out later after more careful thought. I still have a few months before I need to come to a decision, which I am most grateful for.

We have all settled here very well, I am happy to say. During our first months here, I feared that Inspector Silverstar would go back on his word, and attempt to arrest Discord. But thankfully, we have not seen nor heard from the chief inspector or any of his stallions.

I now understand why Blueblood was so persistent on pursuing my hoof in marriage. The papers made his death sound more tragic than it was, and his actions far more heroic than he deserved, but they also revealed that he had many outstanding gambling debts, as well as many unpaid loans that his own estate would barely cover. Apparently he knew about my relationship to the Marquis Filthy Rich, and had planned on using the money passed down to me to pay off his debts, and live in the lap of luxury.

Well, he would have been sorely upset then. While we are living quite comfortably, more comfortably than I have ever dreamed, the money is not as great as Blueblood would have liked. Papa quickly learned that the Marquis and his family had many unpaid debts and loans as well, especially to poor farming tenants that shared the land. I am happy to say, that we have quickly set things to right.

As for my dear friends, they seem happier than ever before. Rarity has taken to her role as housekeeper like a fish to water; it is easy to see who truly rules this manor. None of the other servants dare cross her path or question her decisions, at least not without careful consideration as to what may happen if they do. Truly, I always knew she was a queen, and now, she has made it a reality.

Rainbow Dash continues to fascinate me. Out of all of Discord's friends, she is still the one I know the least about, and I remember how once I feared she and I would never get along. I would not say that we are close friends, but we do have a mutual respect, and I never doubt her loyalty. Her fear of the world beyond the labyrinth of the opera house has almost disappeared. She is still wary, especially if an unknown carriage approaches the château, but she no longer feels the need to hide. She seems to be finally accepting that this is a safe haven, that the dreaded carnival will not snatch her away. I truly hope that she and I will get to know one another better.

And Derpy, dear Derpy; she perhaps loves this place more than anypony else.

While she has her own bedroom here in the house, it is not uncommon to discover that she has spent the entire night in the barn, despite the many reprimands she receives from Rarity. She loves being with the animals, and has made it her own responsibility to take care of them, as well as work with them to tend the fields. I think Papa sees Derpy as a daughter, and takes great pleasure in teaching her farming techniques.

As for the other servants, I am proud that they have grown accustomed to our little family. Not once do I see them staring or gawking, and they never, never, ask questions in regards to Discord's mask. It is a silent understanding that he seems to keep with the household. I understand his feelings and do not push him on the subject; he wears the mask wherever he goes, except for our bedroom. He will at least agree with me on that.

Madame Luna and Twilight often come to visit, something that I am very grateful for. My friendship with Twilight has continued to grow, and I often find myself thinking of her as a dear sister. I know my mother would have adored her, as well as find a kindred friend in Madame Luna.

When Madame Luna and Twilight arrive, we find ourselves spending long hours in the gardens, laughing and talking…and I am not proud when I say that it seems I have taken a taste for Marisian gossip. Naturally, I know very little about aristocracy of Maris, but the gossip they bring comes from opera house itself, and what gossip they brought today!

Celestia has decided to leave Maris, believing there is nothing here left for her. I would have assumed she'd travel back to Venice, or go to those other opera houses that she always bragged about, but no, she has gone somewhere else entirely!

It seems, that Celestia has had her fill with Equestria, and will be traveling overseas, to become the new diva at an opera house in…Manehattan.

Apparently they have been in demand for Equestrian singers, and once word reached them about her fame, they were more than happy to accept her to their company. I only hope they are prepared for the tempest they are about to receive.

Indeed, many changes have been going on at the opera house. It was only a month ago that Monsieur Flam and Monsieur Flim announced that they were quitting their positions, and leaving the opera business for good. You cannot imagine Discord's good humor when he heard this. Apparently, the two stallions were in, what Madame Luna calls, the 'junk business', and have decided to go back. Little else was said, but I think it is safe to say that after the ordeal at the opera house involving 'Don Juan Triumphant', the two stallions had had enough.

Speaking of Don Juan, that reminds me! Madame Luna told me how despite the fire and the pandemonium caused by Blueblood's shooting rampage, the opera was well received! Many critics, who chose to continue writing reviews after that chaotic night, found the music to be extremely modern…perhaps too modern for their liking, but found the story riveting, and many commented on the amazing 'transformation' of Don Juan, at the end of the Act III. The opera has received so much acclaim, that once the Maris Opera House is restored, critics are begging that it be performed again! And already, several letters have been sent to the opera house from other theaters across Equestria, begging for the opportunity to have it performed on their stages as well. It appears Blueblood was right about something; scandals do sell tickets.

The damage done to the opera house was indeed great, but not as horrid as it could have been. There are hopes that its repairs will be completed before the year is over. Yet even though the opera house is currently closed for repair, this does not mean that business has come to a stand still. Indeed, there has been much discussion as to what shall be done once its doors open again.

After Monsieur Flim and Monsieur Flam announced their retirement, the first question on everyone's lips was 'who will take over the managers' positions?'

That was the night Papa surprised me.

At dinner, he tapped his glass and rose to his feet, a proud, broad smile spreading across his face. After much thought, consideration, and discussion with Discord, he has chosen to join Madam Octavia, the conductor, as the Maris Opera House's new managers.

I was shocked by this news. My father, who had come to Maris nearly a year ago, with hopes to simply play in their orchestra, is now one of its managers. I couldn't be happier for him.

Discord is very happy too; he now truly believes that his opera house will be left in good hooves, and Papa respects Discord's thoughts on music, and often, after dinner, the two of them disappear into the library to discuss music, the opera schedule, and share their insights on how certain works should be performed. I am glad at how both Papa and Discord have grown to respect and understand each other. Papa truly sees that Discord is not the same stallion he met almost a year ago, and Discord is now much more open to listening to other people's opinions.

Oh, Discord.

It amazes me with how my life has changed. It wasn't very long ago that I felt my life was reserved for country living, that my dreams of singing would never come true. And then, I was in Maris, and shortly after arriving…I met the stallion who is now my husband.

I almost laugh when I think about how much we despised one another when we first met. But little by little…I came to realize that Discord was no heartless beast, but truly, the stallion of my dreams. I often find myself calling him my 'Angel of Music', but he constantly says that I am his angel, saving him from eternal darkness, and bringing light, and love, into his life.

Discord spends much of his day locked away in his music room, composing whatever comes to mind. Many of the works that were lost in the explosion have been rewritten, including 'Don Juan Triumphant'. I am happy to say that Discord has now, permanently, included the ending that both he and I composed together.

Papa has gone over many of Discord's compositions, and has shown them to Madam Octavia. Both he and Papa wish to perform several of Discord's works, and Discord has also sent several other copies of music to other opera houses and symphony halls across Equestria. I am so happy for him.

He often says that I will never cease to amaze him; well, he always amazes me. Despite the many hours of work he puts into his music, Discord still insists on instructing me to sing. We spend much of the morning rehearsing, and at least an hour composing music together. I am no musical genius, but I dearly love how Discord values my thoughts and opinions.

At first, I wondered why he wished to continue teaching me. I did not mind it, in fact, I love it, it has become a favorite part of my day. But then Discord told me, one night before going to bed, how he was working on a new opera…and would love to see me perform the lead.

I was stunned. I am still stunned! It is my decision of course, and he understands that, but he does believe, and encourages, that I consider returning to the stage after the baby is born. Well…I confess, while I am anticipating the birth of our child, I am also eager for the day when I can return to Maris, and sing upon that stage once more! Amazing really; I hated being there when I thought Discord was dead, but remembering how it felt, knowing he was watching, singing my heart to him, wanting to please him…

I can't help it; I am greedy for that feeling again! And I anticipate the opportunity to sing once more.


Fluttershy paused the writing in her journal and turned from her small writing desk to where her husband lay, smiling at the look he was giving her as he stretched himself out, a thin sheet covering the lower half of his body, while his broad, muscled chest, lay exposed, leaving little to the imagination.

"Come to bed," he softly commanded, his voice deep and seductive, sending chills down her spine.

"In a minute," she promised, grinning as he let out a frustrated growl.

Indeed, Discord never ceases to amaze me. And I find myself thanking God every night, and every morning, for bringing him into my life. My dark Phantom–my masked prince.

Fluttershy gasped as the journal was pulled out from under her hooves. "Discord!" she squeaked, her face turning a bright shade of pink. "Give that back!"

"Your masked prince, hmm?"


His grin was wide, and his laughter rich, as she pounded her small fists against his chest, before he put the journal back down on the desk, and wrapped his arms around his wife, dipping her into a passionate kiss.

"Now my dear…will you come to bed?"

Fluttershy blushed. He was completely naked, while she still wore her robe.

"I look and feel like a heifer," she sighed, glancing at her large reflection in the mirror across the room.

Discord wrapped his arms around her from behind, his paw and claw falling across her belly. "You have never looked more beautiful," he whispered in her ear, before his lips began to play with the lobe.

Fluttershy purred and leaned in to his touch, and gasped as she felt his paw climbing inside her robe. "You are incorrigible," she whimpered, arching her body to his touch.

"And you, my sweet wife, are extremely desirable," he growled, before swooping her up into his arms and carrying her to the bed. Fluttershy snuggled her head against his shoulder, still amazed that after all the weight she had gained from her pregnancy, he was still able to make her feel as light and as delicate as a princess from a fairytale.

Discord happily opened her robe completely, growling with satisfaction as he gazed at his wife's beautiful full body. He lowered his head then, to plant a soft, gentle kiss, on her swollen belly, before placing a loving paw over it. "Good night, my son."

Fluttershy swatted his shoulder. "You always say that, you never say 'goodnight my daughter'."

Discord grinned, before lowering his mouth over hers. "True, because I love your reactions."

Fluttershy's giggle quickly became a sigh, as she surrendered her mouth to Discord's loving, passionate kiss, her body melting as his paw and claw began their gentle caress.

The future contained many possibilities for them. Yes, things were looking well and positive, but Fluttershy was not foolish enough to believe it would always be that way. However, no matter what the future held, she truly felt blessed to know that she would be facing it with this wonderful creature by her side. Her dark phantom–her masked prince.


Author's Note:

It's been a great ride everyone! You all rock and hope you stay for another story :)

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At the time Trixie had not even entered my mind as a character, as I look back on it she probably would have been a great choice but I am also happy with Celestia, I thought my version of Celestia would be a nice contrast to the MLP version, to show what power and fame could do to somepony. It's also why I make Pinkie Pie the way she was as well, to show a darker contrast that could have been possible in MLP. I wanted Rarity for her inner beauty and thought she would not fit the Carlotta role as much as the one I gave her. Thanks for the question!

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Despite Shortround's attempt to calm him, Rainbow Dash rose to her hooves and immediately took off down a dark passage wailing for the Master.

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Thank you again! I'm sorry I missed those, I try and go through it every once and a while and catch these but I can't always catch everything unfortunately. If you want to tell me where you have seen more I'd love it so I can fix them. I've fixed the ones you mentioned and thank you again.


Its a bit of both, its inspired by the one in the movie. My opera is about Pinkie and Blueblood, it was what inspired Discord to write it in the first place.Then it changes because of his new relationship with Fluttershy. In the movie that opera appears to be inspired by the Phantom's love for Christine and belief that she would spurn him.
Also, I'll get to both those issues you noted. Thank you again for telling me about them. Originally Rainbow Dash was another pony and a male, which is why it occasionally makes her end up as a man.

Yes I know, people kept getting annoyed when I used the word hand in some capacity so I just gave up and used hoof. Hopefully it doesn't turn you off the story, it doesn't show up too much and I'll probably go in and change it when I have free time.

Please? :fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad:


Goodness, I went away for a little while and came back to all these wonderful comments! Thank you all for them. I greatly appreciate them and promise when I have free time I'll go through my entire story and fix the issues you have spotted. I apologize I haven't before but I'm very busy and this is a very very long story of mine. Didn't feel nearly as long when I wrote it :twilightsheepish:

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