• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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She wasn't going to get any sleep that night. She had tossed and turned for what felt like hours, and was finally succumbing to the fact that she was simply not going to get any sleep. Why? Because she felt she had somehow made a deal with the devil himself.

After her surreal encounter with the Phantom, she returned to her chamber and threw herself onto the bed, praying that sleep would come to her, feeling utterly exhausted by everything that had taken place, not to mention the strange feelings that were swirling around in her head…and heart.

He liked her voice, he thought she had talent, he knew her name! She moaned softly as she remembered the way her name dripped off his lips, like honey melting off the comb. His voice was so hypnotic; deep, rich, soft. Did he sing? Fluttershy believed that a musician of his talents must be able to sing. If he sang to her, Fluttershy knew that she would faint away from the first few chords his voice brought forth.

She groaned and fidgeted some more. Why was this happening to her? He was her kidnapper! Why was she feeling this way? This wasn't some dark romance that she read, this was real; and he had stated quite plainly to her that he was no hero with a happy ending to offer. She was young, true, with what some would call "frivolous dreams", but she was also realistic and level-headed. She had dreams of romance and adventure, but she knew the line between dream and reality…and this was cold reality. He liked her voice, he thought her talented, but that was it! He was in this for himself, for his own opera, not for her. She had to keep telling herself that, or else she would be in danger of…of…

No, she would not think it, for if she did, then she would be in danger of believing it. She did not have feelings for this Phantom! She didn't! She groaned again and crushed her face into the pillow.

All she could see was him; the way he carried himself; regal and mysterious, like a cat stalking its prey. She remembered how he had somehow come around and blocked her way out of the chamber, and how he approached her, his great height towering over her, his paw rising to stop her lips from speaking. His face may be scarred under the smooth mask that he wore and his body may be different, but she could not remember a time when she had found another stallion so handsome and desirable as he was in that moment.

Oh God above, she needed help. She did not understand such feelings, such passionate desires that were coursing through her blood. Her mother died before she had a chance to talk about such things, and her father, bless his heart, well…a mare could not ask her own father such things!

No, she must force herself to put away such thoughts and focus on the bargain that she had agreed to. Her freedom depended entirely on how well she sang for him. She had no doubts that he would be extremely demanding, and she had no doubts that she would come to despise him during those long strenuous rehearsals. But she would have to keep reminding herself that with every note, with every song, with every hour that passed while she sang…would bring her one step closer to her freedom. She should be smiling with joy at such thoughts!

…why did she feel so unhappy then?

Fluttershy threw the blankets off and sat up. How she longed for a book! That was what this beautiful room was missing, a simple bookshelf filled with stories to tame her anxiety. Perhaps she could borrow some of Derpy's books, or maybe Discord could find-

Discord. His name alone sent a strange shiver down her spine.

Fluttershy looked down at herself then, a disgusted look passing over her features. She was still in the same drab blue dress she had worn since the night she was taken prisoner. The dress still had remnants of mud and blood stains from the night she escaped, and while Rarity had been able to sew up the horrible rip that Cranky Doodle Donkey had caused, it still looked awful. It was beginning to smell as well, despite the wash it had received the night she brought Discord back to his underground lair.

The sound of falling water drew her attention to the small waterfall and pool that lay in the far corner of her room. She remembered the perfumes on the dressing table and glanced over, wondering if there was any soap. To her happiness, she saw a small bar of rose-scented soap, next to a basin and pitcher. There was also a white fluffy towel that lay beneath the soap. Fluttershy rose from the bed and dashed over to the soap and towel, a blush covering her cheeks at the thought that was forming in her head. She gathered the items and then went over the pool, the smile immediately fading.

It was too small; the pool was not even deep enough to cover her whole body. But then she noticed a tiny opening against the wall. Yes, the water was leading out of the chamber! She left her chamber and followed the sound of water around several large jagged rocks till finally, she came to a clearing, streaming with moonlight upon the gentle waters of an underground lagoon. Her face lit with such pleasant surprise at her discovery. She blushed and wondered if she was safe from any prying eyes.

The others were further away, and no doubt sleeping. Besides, she remembered Rarity assuring her that no one would disturb her unless she asked for anything. And Discord…

She blushed at the thought but quickly shook her head. He was asleep, of course, and would have no interest in seeing her at all till time came for their rehearsal. No, this was as good a time as any.

Quietly and quickly, Fluttershy shed her dress and undergarments, before being welcomed into the cool refreshing waters.


He wasn't going to get any sleep. He was trying, by God he was trying. He needed the sleep, especially after the new discovery that was made about the costume mare. She could sing! And not just any song, but his own! Discord knew he was being arrogant but he couldn't help it! Don Juan Triumphant was a masterpiece, his masterpiece, and Fluttershy was the first mare he had ever encountered that could sing the part as if she were the living breathing character of Aminta herself!
All he could hear was her voice, beautifully ringing loud and clear in his head. The way she sang those songs, it was outstanding! Yes, she badly needed some training, but she was a miracle all the same! It would be early, it had to be early, he could not wait till mid-morning, let alone mid-day to begin her lessons. But he would mold her and prepare her for stardom, and that was exactly what she would become…a star of opera!

Something deep inside him tugged at the memory of the deal that he made with the mare. He was so desperate to get his paw and claw on her voice that he would have done anything for her…and that's exactly what he did. He promised her the freedom he knew she longed for in exchange for his opportunity to train her to play the part. It was a fair bargain after all, it was what they both wanted…yet that strange tugging feeling worsened at the thought of her leaving for good.

Discord took one of the large pillows and crushed it against his face. Damn it! He was not going to go through ANYTHING like this again! He remembered the pain of pining away for the lovely dancer, Pinkamena, and the jealousy that burned within him as he watched her give herself to the young future Prince. He had been such a fool, writing her stupid love poems and songs of his affection, all the while hiding in the shadows while she bragged them to the other dance mares, thinking they were coming from Blueblood. How he longed to wrap a noose around the stallion's neck!

Love was a curse. He learned long ago that when one had needs, they were best settled with a "professional" than with cards and poems. And that was all he was feeling…lust; simple blind lust. It had been a long time since he had last had a mare. In fact, he had not gone above to see any of the prostitutes since the night that silly mare had entered his life. He needed a long hard fuck with one of the many mares of the night, preferably against an ally wall; they were quicker that way, and Discord never went inside with these mares.

Yes, that was it; he just wanted to feel a mare's legs wrapped around him. This mare was indeed pretty, and he felt his body begin to stiffen at the memory of seeing her standing before him, in her undergarments, the rain falling around her, causing the fabric to be nearly transparent. That was all he wanted, a female body, not this particular mare.

Then why was it that he could only think of her?

Damn this wound! If he could move about better, he would abandon all thoughts and go above to lose himself with one of those mares. Yet a part of him, deep down, knew that no matter how many hours he spent in a prostitute's company…his lust would not be truly satisfied.

He threw the blankets back and rose from the bed, praying that music would be able to soothe the savage need that was coursing through his blood. Yet the second he sat down at the bench to his organ, he found that he could not bear to play. It was all because of her! If he began to play, the thoughts of her face, of her body, of her voice would come streaming back, and there would be no hope for him at all then.

He buried his face into his paw and leaned against the instrument, groaning to himself. What was he going to do? He was going to go mad! Only one thought came to him…he had to see her.

It was foolish, and he felt like a fool for even thinking it, but he knew that if he didn't see her, he would explode! They didn't have to speak; she didn't even have to be awake, for no doubt she was sleeping. But he needed to see her all the same, just to have one look at her beautiful face, to remind him of the ugliness that was beneath his mask, of his body, to remind him of the life he could never have. And then his desire for flesh would be transformed into anger, and music would flow from his anger like rain in a storm.

With new determination, Discord rose from the organ bench and grabbed a linen shirt, throwing it over his head and quickly darting out of his chambers. And then a new thought stopped him short…

Fluttershy had been wearing this horrid looking dress, in fact, if he remembered correctly, she had been wearing the same dress those last few days! He could see the remnants of the mud from the ally that caked it, not to mention the blood of both himself and Cranky Doodle that soiled it as well. Somepony who was going to be trained to become a star needed to look the part as well.

He had a task, and this was exactly what he needed, something for him to focus on what this was truly all about, making his opera become a reality. He hurried as quickly as his healing body would allow to the costume cages, the place where he had her first imprisoned. He couldn't help but grin slightly at the opened door. He went inside and plucked several gowns that hung from the cage's wires, all of which looked to be the right size, and then quickly dashed back to where her chamber lay.

It was quiet as he approached, and he could tell that all but one of the oil lamps within the chamber was lit. She was most likely asleep, which meant he could simply leave the gowns near her dressing table without her knowledge. He felt strange as he approached the entrance, like a colt almost, and he ground his teeth at the thought. What was wrong with him? He held his breath as he came around the entryway to her chamber, wondering how she would look…would she even be dressed? What should he say if she saw him? He looked at the bed where she lay…and frowned. She was not in the bed, and he whirled around, realizing she was nowhere to be seen!

Discord swore under his breath and threw the gowns onto the bed. No, he would not lose her now, not after he had heard her sing!

He stormed out of the chamber, prepared to go on a crazy search throughout the whole labyrinth, when a splashing sound caught his attention. He turned his head towards the sound and heard it again. And a smell filled his nostrils, the smell of…roses?

His brow furrowed in confusion, Discord followed the sounds and the strange smell, easily moving in the darkness and around the rocks that blocked his path, till he saw moonlight fill an open space. It was the lagoon, the secret underground lake that lay beneath the Opera House that no one knew existed. He had no idea where the splashing sounds were coming from, the water looked still, as if nothing had disturbed it. But something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, and his mouth fell open when he saw the dress and what lay beneath it lying in a pile by the lagoon's shoreline.

And then, a great splash sounded off to his left, and Discord's eyes went wide as the sight of the beautiful naked Fluttershy emerged from the waters.

Her back was to him, but it was all he needed to see in order for his heart to skip a beat. Before she had the opportunity to look over her shoulder and catch him, he darted behind a rock, the shadows shielding him from the moonlight. He knew how to disappear in the shadows, he had been doing so his entire life. From his hiding place he found himself staring at her back, the strands of her long pink mane dripping down onto her luscious yellow skin. He gasped when she dove one more time beneath the waters, catching sight of her rounded hips and delectable bottom. And when she emerged again, she was facing him now, and he thought he had never seen such beauty…

Her hooves were in her hair, smoothing it from her eyes. The water lapped at her front. Discord felt his mouth water at the sight. She was smiling as she slowly waded towards the shoreline, fetching a bar of soap that she began to lather across herself. He took in everything; her legs were slender, the hips and thighs round …and at the center, the doorway to paradise. Discord's eyes were locked for the longest time and he groaned inwardly, never before feeling so hard as he did right now. She was a goddess…and he knew that if she beckoned him at that very moment, he would be her slave for life.

Fluttershy had no idea that he was there, which perhaps fascinated him most of all. The way she bathed herself, the way she ran the soap over her body…it was so innocent, and yet it drove his desire beyond anything he had ever felt. He forced himself to turn away from the beautiful sight. She mustn't know he had seen her. However, he couldn't resist playing a little…

Fluttershy rinsed herself clean one last time before finally being satisfied that she had wiped away all the grime from the last few nights. The water had been most refreshing indeed, and Fluttershy felt that perhaps she would make this a habit every night. She emerged from the pool, wiping her body with the towel before placing her chemise and pantaloons on her body. Her skin was still slick from the water and she knew that the pale fabric did very little with covering her skin, however it was only till she got back to her chamber…who was going to see her?

She fetched her dress and the rest of her things and headed back to her chamber, humming one of the songs she had sung for Discord that evening. She was so merry from her bath that she didn't realize before it was too late, that she wasn't alone in her chamber.

"Lovely evening for a late night swim, don't you think?"

Fluttershy gave a high-pitched shriek when she saw Discord standing before her, his frame leaning against one of her bedposts, his arms folded across his chest, his face unreadable as usual…although she thought she could see something of a smirk, despite the mask.

"W-w-w-w-what a-a-are you d-d-doing here?" she stammered, clutching her dress to her body, trying to conceal as much of herself as she could.

Discord couldn't help but grin a little more at her behavior. Truly, he had never thought she looked more delectable, more delicious, than she did at this very moment. He felt the stirring in his loins again, but he ignored it. "I simply came to see how you were, my dear," he said simply.

Fluttershy stared at him, blinking for several seconds before she found her voice. "To…to see how I was?"

Discord nodded his head. "And I can see that…you've more than made yourself at home." She gave a squeak as she realized his eyes were raking over her body, and clutched the dress against herself even tighter.

"W-w-w-well, I'm…I'm doing very well, thank you," she replied, lifting her chin and trying to show him that he did not intimidate her one bit.

Discord could only grin more at this. "I'm glad," he whispered, and then looked at the dress she was clutching to herself and frowned. "And I thought perhaps…you would appreciate some new clothes."

Fluttershy stared at him with confusion, and then gasped as his paw indicated to the gowns he had placed upon her bed. Forgetting for a second that he was in her room, standing near her bed, and she was only wearing her undergarments, Fluttershy went to the bed and with tentative hooves, touched the beautiful fabrics that lay there. "Oh they are lovely!" she exclaimed.

"Yes…" Discord agreed, although he wasn't looking at the gowns.

Fluttershy glanced up and blushed even more as she realized how close they were standing to one another. She quickly took a few steps back, her knuckles turning white at how tightly she clutched the dress to her body. "T-thank you, monsieur," she whispered, looking away from his burning eyes.

Discord could not take his gaze off her, the urge to take her in his arms was burning every fiber of his being. He was not a stranger to sex, but he had never been with a mare on a bed, surrounded by softness and the scent or roses, and that was exactly how she smelled and he knew that would be how she would feel. Soft and sweet…how he wanted her.

"You are most welcome, mademoiselle," he whispered back, before taking a few steps back from her as well.

The two of them locked eyes with each other and in that brief moment, a shock of electricity went through them both. It was Discord who broke the spell, saying, "Since we are both awake, I see no reason why we should waste time any further. Quickly get dressed and then come to my chambers and we shall begin." Without another word, he turned on his heel and left her alone in the chamber.

Fluttershy stared at the space where he had been standing, her breathing slightly ragged and her legs trembling. She reached out to grip the bedpost in order to keep from melting away. Oh heaven above, she was lost.

Discord didn't stop moving till he reached his chamber. Once there he retreated into his darkened bed chamber and collapsed upon the bed, groaning as the lust surged through his body. He could not help it, he found his paw reaching down. Discord rarely touched himself, he was always disgusted with the simple thought of his body, but now, he could not help it, all he could think about was her body, her beautiful body rising from the water, and her sweet voice filling his ears, and her fiery spirit, matching his own, even when she was afraid. He imagined her body tangled with his, her voice singing the song of pleasure and passion, and her spirit boiling with his own as together they strove to reach the pinnacle of their desires.

Never had the thought of a single pony have such an effect on him. And never had he felt such desire before.

However the pleasure quickly disappeared. He was disgusted with himself and rose to quickly change his trousers. He was a monster, simple as that. He knew it, and he had a feeling she knew it as well. So what if she had seen him several times without his mask, he knew she would never be attracted to him, and while once upon a time he had thought of making her a personal slave to his every lustful whim, he knew he could never–WOULD never do such a thing to such an angel.

Angel. Yes, that was what she was. Not a goddess but an angel, something that was far out of reach, something he could never obtain, no matter how hard he repented.

His anger grew more and more with each passing second. Anger for his deformity, anger for her beauty, anger for the world that would never truly accept him. He stormed into the music chamber, seating himself at the organ and began to play with such furious passion, none like he had ever felt.

He played for a long time, losing himself in the music, before he felt her eyes upon his back. He would always feel her eyes upon him, especially after the incident when she removed his mask. "You're late," he muttered, his playing never ceasing or missing a beat.

Fluttershy's mouth fell open at his words. She had been as quick as she could; she just hadn't been sure which dress to wear. The costumes were all so lovely, but they were designed for acting, not for walking about in or…for rehearsing in. Discord turned then and eyed her, his gaze judging her from the start.

In truth, she looked beautiful, wearing a royal blue peasant gown that the character of Marguerite wore in "Faust", but he was a creature who wore masks, and so he masked his pleasure at the sight of her, and instead, stalked past her to his piano and seated himself, opening the music before him.

"Right…let us begin," he instructed, playing the first few notes on the score before him.

Fluttershy swallowed the nervous lump in her throat. Oh heaven above, what have I gotten myself into?

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