• Published 2nd Feb 2013
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The Opera Phantom Discord - Alexandrite Ward

Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood?

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He sat in his darkened library; his chin resting against his hooves, and his eyes staring off into the dark shadows across the room.

Outside, a storm was raging. The sound of thunder erupted the air, as if the earth itself were growling with fury. Now and then lightening would illuminate the darkened library, casting eerie shadows over his face.

He had left the opera house not long after he had arrived. One glance at Fluttershy's dressing room had been enough for him, and the rage had been building since…

Her clothes lay in a heap on the floor.

There was an imprint of two bodies on the chaise lounge.

The scent of lovemaking was in the air.

And the single red rose…

Blueblood could not help himself; he grasped the rose and took it with him, wanting to smash its delicate petals on the ground beneath his hoof..

But he didn't…at least, not yet.

It was all becoming too clear. The glove Cherry Jubilee had brought him, the rumor of Fluttershy's engagement bracelet, the rose, the obvious signs that Fluttershy had not been alone in her dressing room…and the name that Celestia had heard the young mare say: Discord.

These little pieces of evidence, combined with Fluttershy's mysterious return after months of disappearing, the 300 franks in gold she had mysteriously acquired, her knowledge of the creature from the prison, and even the mask worn by his attacker after leaving Fluttershy that one evening, created a picture that caused bile to rise in his throat.

It could not be possible! But the evidence was not lying…

He closed his eyes as he remembered the way she easily went into the arms of Red Death at the masquerade ball. He bit the inside of his cheek as he recalled the way she passionately defended the Phantom's opera, and he tasted blood as he recalled how she refused to allow him to kiss her, to touch her, to even accept his offer of help when she freed the monster.

He tried to create reasons, excuses really, to the way she had been behaving. After all, she had willingly danced in his arms at the masquerade, had she not? He was sure she had! And she graciously accepted his offers to help her, thanking him for all that he had done to free her father, to find them a place to stay…

…and she had also told him just the other day that she would not be needing his charity any longer.
He hated that word, but he hated it with newfound passion ever since Fluttershy had said it to him. His actions had not been charitable! How dare she take them that way! And how dare she, a little nobody, refuse him and his kind actions!

He slammed his hoof down on the arm of his chair as the lightning illuminated the library once more. Damn her! Damn her beautiful eyes, her pretty face, her silken hair, and her sweet body! Damn her for having this hold on him!

She was a mare! And mares were meant to satisfy his cravings, nothing more! Why was it that she had been so difficult? No other mare had ever been this much of a headache for him, not even Celestia! He had done everything to win her over; he wooed her, he showered gifts upon her, he took her to the most fashionable places in Maris! He was willing to commit matrimony for her!

And yet she still refused him. HIM! He was hoofsome, wealthy, had high social connections, a great estate in the country, a fashionable town house in Paris! He had traveled across Europe, he could take her anywhere she longed to go, buy her whatever it was that she wanted! WHAT DID HE HAVE TO DO TO WIN HER OVER?!?

Blueblood was shaking with rage. No…it was not possible…

He closed his eyes and images of her with the Phantom invaded his mind. Her head thrown back, her hair falling down her shoulders, as the Phantom ran his disgusting lips across her creamy skin. Blueblood growled as he thought about Fluttershy spreading her legs willingly for that madcolt, rutting with the monster, allowing him to defile her flesh!



Blueblood snarled at the butler who had dared to open the door to the library. "I told you," he hissed in a dangerous voice. "I don't want any interruptions."

The butler swallowed the nervous lump in his throat. "I beg your pardon monsieur…but I thought it best that you should see this…" the stallion carefully approached the Prince and handed him a note. "Cherry Jubilee sent it here this morning…"

The name of the redheaded maid caused the Prince's head to spring upward, and he snatched the note out of the butler's hooves. Without another glance or word, he tore the paper open, and quickly read the letter's contents.

The butler recalled the look of fury buried in the green depths of his master's eyes, and did not think it possible for that fury to blaze even brighter.

He was wrong.

"Get my carriage," Blueblood ordered, his voice dark, cold, and menacing. The butler simply nodded his head, and quickly walked out of the library to fetch the Prince's coachcolt.

Blueblood slowly rose to his feet, his jaw cracking from the way he clenched his teeth. The news that Cherry Jubilee had sent him had been too much. It was time he confronted Mademoiselle Time Turner once and for all. He lifted his eyes to glance at the rose he had taken from her dressing room; it had been lying on the mantle above the empty fireplace.

Like a rose, his Fluttershy was beautiful and soft…but she was also very prickly, with sharp, deadly thorns, thorns that had scratched at him for too long. Without another thought, he grasped the rose by its petals, and crushed them with his fist. So would he also crush his beautiful brunette flower, should she attempt to prick him once more.

"I have informed my housekeeper that you and your father will be my guests once more," Madame Luna explained to Fluttershy as rehearsals were finally coming to a close for the evening. Fluttershy put on a weak smile, remembering how "well" she and Madame Luna's housekeeper got on the last time she had been there. But she reminded herself that this was only temporary and extremely necessary–she and her father couldn't stay in that fashionable apartment one more night.
"I thank you for doing all this," Fluttershy murmured, still feeling guilty for intruding on Madame Luna's hospitality once more.

"Nonsense," the dance mistress smiled. "It is a pleasure to help you...and the sooner you are away from the Prince, the better," she muttered.

Fluttershy couldn't help but agree. "Papa left almost an hour ago to fetch our things, but I should check to see if he needs any help, as well as make sure Cherry Jubilee didn't forget anything."

Madame Luna nodded her head with understanding. "Come, Twilight and I will be glad to take you to the apartment in our carriage."

Fluttershy smiled at the mare who was known to have an icy persona, but who truly had a heart of gold. "Thank you, but first..." she blushed as she revealed two envelopes to the dance mistress. "I need to leave these in Box 5."

One of the letters Fluttershy held had been written by her father. She had been glowing with happiness as her father wrote his blessing to Discord. The second letter was a brief note that Fluttershy had scribbled earlier that morning to inform Discord that she and her father would be staying with Madame Luna for the night. The last thing she wanted was for him to risk his life venturing out in the night to see her as he had done on other occasions.

"I understand," Madame Luna smiled tenderly. "Hurry and deliver your notes and we shall be on our way."

Fluttershy grinned and quickly took the stairs that would lead her to the Prince's box. Today had perhaps been one of the happiest days Fluttershy could remember. She felt such relief, knowing that things were right between herself and Discord, knowing that her father had given his approval, and knowing especially that she would not have to deal with Blueblood any more. However, she could not help but feel a little surprised for not seeing him since the other day. She knew she had startled him with her behavior, with her concern towards Derpy, and he made it abundantly clear that he thought her mad for taking the poor hunchback in. And while she had not told him outright that she wished to no longer see him again, she had made it rather clear that was her intention.

It puzzled her; Blueblood seemed to be the sort of stallion that did not take "no" very well, if at all. Yet he had not graced the opera house with his appearance; Fluttershy was grateful for this, but she could not suppress a feeling of apprehension.

She shook her head, not wanting worries that involved the Prince to spoil her good mood. Instead, she focused on her afternoon with Discord, which immediately caused a dark blush to color her cheeks.

Discord certainly had surprised her; she was hoping he would appear to her before the day was finished, but she had not expected him to seduce her in her own dressing room! She blushed even further as her mind began to imagine what "surprises" the intermission on opening night would hold for her. A smile spread across her lips as she remembered the wonderful feel of his arms holding her close, his lips tenderly kissing her glowing face after they both gave themselves up to one another's passion, and even the loving way he helped her with her costume, lacing her corset, pinning roses in her hair; with a tender kiss to her forehead, he disappeared once more through the mirror, while she quickly hurried back on stage–she would not allow Celestia another opportunity to play Aminta.

Fluttershy kissed both letters before laying them on the chair in Box 5. She clutched the ring that hung from her neck and smiled even further as she imagined marrying her Phantom. Soon, she prayed.

Without another look, she quickly descended the stairs and ran to her dressing room to gather her things. She frowned as she could not find the beautiful rose that Discord had given her earlier that day; she swore she had left it on the dressing table. She did not like the idea of leaving without it, but she could not wait another minute, she knew she was keeping both Madame Luna and Twilight. Determined to search for it anew tomorrow, Fluttershy quickly hurried outside to where a small black carriage waited. Twilight was smiling and had the door opened for Fluttershy. "I'm so glad that you'll be staying with us again!" she said cheerfully. Fluttershy smiled back at the pretty dancer, knowing that she had not revealed many of her secrets to the dance mistress' daughter, including her reasons for needing to stay with them. However, ever since Fluttershy had returned to the opera house, Twilight had been one of the few people who had treated her with any kindness. She wanted desperately to confide in the young mare, to reveal everything that had happened, to explain why she was not engaged to Blueblood, and who truly had given her that ring. But not yet, she thought sadly. While Twilight was very kind and thoughtful, Fluttershy was not sure how the pretty dancer would take to the news of her being engaged to the infamous Opera Ghost.

Within a few short minutes, Madame Luna's carriage stopped just outside the apartment both Fluttershy and her father had been occupying. "I shall be quick!" Fluttershy promised, climbing out of the carriage and dashing into the building.

"Papa! I'm here! Madame Luna and Twilight are waiting in their carriage outside," she called out, entering the flat. "Do you have all our things? Did you check both bedrooms–"

"He's not here, Fluttershy."

Fluttershy froze at the sound of Blueblood's voice. She slowly turned from the door she had been shutting to face the tall, hoovesome, blonde noblecolt who stood in the dark hallway that led to the bedchambers. An uneasy feeling began to rise in the pit of her stomach.

"Blueblood…" Fluttershy murmured. "W-what are you doing here?"

The Prince took a calm step towards her, and Fluttershy felt herself instinctively move back. The first time she had seen him, his hoofsome face, his charming smile, and his elegant manners had overwhelmed Fluttershy. She could easily understand why many of the mares in the dance found him dashing and irresistible–but tonight, she wondered if any of those same mares would think those things about him now, as a sinister cloud passed over his eyes, causing his hoofsome features to look twisted and grotesque. Funny, she thought; Discord could frighten anyone if he so willed it…except for her. When he stalked her, she felt excitement, not fear. When the Prince stalked her, she felt like a doe, about to be torn apart by a ravenous wolf.

"Do not worry about your father," Blueblood reassured, his voice calm and even, but with an icy edge to the tone. "I saw him leave just moments ago. He was carrying several large bags…"

Fluttershy swallowed the nervous lump in her throat and lifted her chin. She refused to allow him to believe he intimidated her.

Blueblood paused and glanced at several ornaments that decorated a shelf. "Had I been closer, I would have inquired where he was going, even offer my services to help him with those bags," he sighed, before lifting his eyes to hers once more. "I can't help but wonder where he was going…and with so many bags…"

Fluttershy's lips were a thin tight line, a result from having clenched her teeth. She was tired of Blueblood's "cat and mouse" games, tired of him believing he could bully anyone he wanted into doing whatever he wished. No more, she thought to herself. No more lies, no more games. "We are leaving," she simply said.

It took every ounce of will power that Blueblood possessed to not reach out and throttle the pretty brunette before him. He had been practicing this will power the second she had entered the apartment and called out for her absent father. He forced himself to be calm, to keep his emotions in check, to even sound light-hearted…

But he had not been expecting her blunt answer. Any amusement that he had in his eyes or in his voice disappeared.

"You're leaving?" he calmly asked, although anyone could tell that the calmness was strained.

"Yes," Fluttershy simply answered, and without another word, pushed past him to check the bedrooms to make sure her father had gathered all their supplies.

Blueblood stared at the mare's back, stunned by her bluntness and coldness. Despite all the puzzle pieces he had been putting together, despite the letter and evidence that Cherry Jubilee had given him…he still had difficulty believing that this mare…was blatantly refusing him!

"WHY?" he demanded, his voice a loud bark.

Fluttershy ignored his question, and the dangerous tone it held, and continued checking the rooms. She owed him nothing, not even an explanation. Yet she also knew that by attempting to answer his questions, she would be forced to stay in his presence longer…and the sooner she got of there, the better.

"Damn it, Fluttershy," Blueblood growled, slamming his fist against one of the walls. "You will answer me!"

Fluttershy remained silent, searching her bedchamber thoroughly while the Prince fumed. Blueblood watched with cold rage as she checked under her pillow, the muscles at the side of his neck throbbing and twitching.

The glove. She was searching for that blasted glove that Cherry Jubilee had brought to him.

Fluttershy was troubled that she could not find the glove that had belonged to Discord. Strange, both his glove and his rose were missing. If she were alone, she would take extra time to search for it, but she knew deep in her heart that she needed to get out of there immediately. She could only pray that her father had somehow retrieved it.

"Missing something?" Blueblood asked through clenched teeth.

Fluttershy lifted her chin, refusing to give him any sort of satisfaction, even an answer to his questions. She began to walk by, but he stood in front of her, blocking the hall from the bedroom. "Let me pass," she calmly ordered.

"No, I think not," Blueblood snarled. "Not until I have some questions answered. You owe me that much, I think."

Fluttershy's eyes locked with his, hatred seething from their blue depths. "I owe you nothing!" she spat.

"Oh really?" Blueblood retorted. "How foolish of me to misunderstand! After all, I only paid the fine to release your father, I only gave the two of you a place to stay, I only helped both you, and he, find work at the Paris Opera House, and I only convinced the managers to make you the star of this bloody opera, while keeping Celestia at bay!"

"You had nothing to do with me getting that part!" Fluttershy shouted. "That part was mine even before you went to the managers!"

Blueblood cocked a golden brow at her words. "Oh how silly of me to forget; that's right, you are the Phantom's favored singer…"

Fluttershy glared at him, despising the words he used. She didn't care if he slandered her name and hated her till the day he died; but she would not stand by while he insulted Discord. "You know what continues to amuse me? The fact that you continue to believe that you run that opera house."

"I DO RUN THAT OPERA HOUSE!" Blueblood roared in her face, causing her hair to blow backward.

"NO YOU DON'T!" Fluttershy shouted back, not backing down for one second. "You think you do, you think you run everything! You think that with a wave of your hoof, a hoofsome smile, and the promise of money, you can have anything you want. But you can't Blueblood, and you never will!"

Blueblood's eyes seemed to be glowing with rage. "Never?" he questioned, his voice a dangerous tone that Fluttershy had never heard before, a tone that caused a horrible tingle to rush down her spine. She held fast to her courage.

"The day you helped me release my father, I offered to pay you back–but you refused. You said I owed you nothing, and I foolishly believed you. But you don't mean that, do you?" she asked, squaring her shoulders despite the treacherous way he was looking at her. "Your promises are empty, and your charity is costly. You said I owed you nothing, but what you really meant was that you didn't want my money, or even my gratitude! Paying for my father's release, offering us this elegant place to stay, even your invitation to dinner! It was all a ruse, an elaborate scheme to make both myself and my father feel that we had to repay you somehow…but the payment you seek is something you will NEVER have!"

Fluttershy could not conceal the gasp that escaped her throat when Blueblood took a sudden thunderous step towards her. "Never?" he growled again, a shadow darkening his face and making him look even more sinister. He opened his mouth to speak further, but something caught his eye…something sparkling on her hoof. Without another word, he reached out and grasped the bracelet, tugging it from her hoof before she could react, let alone protest.

Fluttershy stared in horror, as Blueblood not only took the bracelet Discord had given her, but also her mother's locket which she had attached to it. She clawed at his hoof to give them back to her, but without even looking at her, he shoved her away, causing Fluttershy to fall backwards onto the bed. She quickly sat up, prepared to launch herself at the Prince to reclaim what was rightfully hers, but the cold anger in Blueblood's eyes froze her in place.

"So it's true…" he whispered, his eyes flying back and forth between her face and the bracelet. "It's all true," he whispered again, although this time more to himself than her. The glove, the rose, the bracelet, everything…

She was the Phantom's whore!

Fluttershy let out a scream as Blueblood suddenly seized her by the shoulders, forcing her off the bed, and shoving her, hard, against a nearby wall. Her head hurt from banging the wall's hard surface, and she whimpered with pain as his fingers dug into her flesh, practically lifting her off the floor so that she dangled helplessly. "YOU LITTLE BITCH!" he shouted, slamming her again against the wall. "YOU RUTTED WITH THAT MONSTER, DIDN'T YOU?" Fluttershy blinked back her frightened tears as Blueblood shoved her again against the wall. She turned her head away, wanting to retch as she felt his body pressing against hers.

"ADMIT IT FLUTTERSHY!" he shouted, shaking her like a rag doll. "YOU GAVE YOURSELF TO HIM! YOU BECAME HIS WHORE! HIS SLUT! HIS–"

"YES!" she screamed in his face, anger now replacing fear. "And I loved it!"

Blueblood's face paled, and for a brief moment, he was stunned speechless. But that moment quickly ended, and without blinking, he backhooved her, hard, across the face, causing her to crumple to the ground, blood seeping from her nose and lip.

Fluttershy coughed and tasted blood in her mouth. She knew she had only kindled his anger with her words, but she would never take them back, it had been worth it.

A howl of pain escaped Fluttershy's throat as she felt Blueblood grab her by the hair and hoist her up to her feet. "You filthy, disgusting, bitch," he snarled, slamming her once more against the wall. Fluttershy groaned in pain, her head throbbing from the abuse. She turned her face away as she suddenly felt his lips smother her neck with wet, slimy kisses, his teeth biting the flesh harshly, while his hooves were busy pushing up her skirt. "You're mine," Blueblood growled possessively. "MINE!"

Despite the light-headedness Fluttershy was feeling, despite the pain and shock from everything that had transpired, her strength and courage rose up once more, and in one great moment of vengeful anger, her knee shot out and made contact with his groin. Blueblood gasped in pain and fell to his knees, and without hesitating further, Fluttershy's knee slammed into the Prince's hoofsome face, praying that she broke his so-called perfect nose, and causing him to topple over onto the ground. While he lay on the ground, cursing her name and groaning in pain, she took her booted hoof and kicked him hard in the stomach, before stomping on his groin once more.

Blueblood howled with pain from Fluttershy's actions. Satisfied that he was in too much agony to do anything other than whimper and groan, she reached down and reclaimed the bracelet and locket he had taken from her, before quickly hurrying out of the apartment.

Madame Luna was pacing on the street below, looking anxious and worried. She let out a sigh of relief when Fluttershy emerged, but her relief quickly disappeared when she saw Fluttershy's cut lip and bloody nose. "What happened?" the dance mistress practically screeched in horror.

"I'm fine," Fluttershy reassured. "Please, I'll explain everything later, but we must go, now."

Madame Luna glanced up to the windows of the apartment and felt cold rage fill her veins. "The Prince?" she icily asked.

"Please…" Fluttershy pleaded. "I just want to leave this place."

Madame Luna knew that the mare was right. Staying here would only worsen things, and right now Fluttershy needed to be somewhere safe. She quickly helped the young mare into the carriage, and ordered the driver to be off. Twilight gasped at the sight of Fluttershy, but one look from her mother told her to hold her tongue. Answers would be given later, but right now, all that mattered was getting home.

Blueblood stumbled out of the building the second the carriage disappeared around a corner. He snarled as he held his hoofkerchief to his bleeding nose, pain still radiating between his legs. "So be it," he growled to the night air. "Let this be war upon the both of you!"

"Monsieur?" Blueblood turned and saw his coachcolt, hurrying towards him. "Are you alright?"


The coachcolt jumped at his master's tone. His eyes flew to the place where Madame Luna's carriage had been. "Do you wish to follow them?" he asked, hoping to get back on the Prince's good graces.

Blueblood looked up once more in the direction that the carriage had gone. "No," he whispered. "But there is someone else I wish to see…"

Nearly an hour later, Blueblood emerged from his carriage, not even waiting for his coachcolt to climb down and open the door. He threw his bloody hoofkerchief down on the ground, and stalked towards his destination.

Music was playing, several people were dancing, and wine flowed from nearly a dozen pitchers. The gypsies laughed and sang to the music, dancing and shouting their revelry around a glowing bonfire, while behind them, their "collections" sat huddled in their cages, yearning for kindness and freedom.

They were so preoccupied with their revel making that they did not notice they had a visitor, until a child cried out, "look! It's that fancy stallion from this morning!"

The music stopped and silence fell over the camp as the gypsies gazed at Blueblood with suspicion, several going for the daggers that they kept at their boots. "I wish to speak with Monsieur Master," Blueblood said calmly, but with cold determination.

The tall stallion emerged from the cluster of ponies and approached the Prince, eyeing the noblecoltsuspiciously. "Good evening, monsieur," he greeted. "I did not realize that we would be honored by your presence once more."

"I want to make a deal with you."

A murmur went up around the camp, but Master lifted his hoof to silence them. "A deal?" he inquired. "I do hope it's a different proposition than the one you presented earlier today…"

"Indeed," Blueblood reassured. "Name your price, and I will pay it."

Master cocked a silver brow at the Prince's words. "My price?"

"Yes," Blueblood growled. "I want him dead."

"The Draconequus?"

"Draconequus, the Phantom, whatever his name is, yes," he snarled. "I want him dead…and I will pay you and your stallions whatever amount you wish to see that it's done."

Master stood for a long moment, eyeing the Prince carefully, while the rest of his clan stood in silent anticipation awaiting the response from their leader.