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Hello I have a qoutev and fanfiction account that is under my user. I use to be fluttershyfan1. Even though this is a mlp site , I am the sparkling (kid) of optimus prime and stellar prime.


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Hey guys, It's me Fluttershyfan1.. its been sooo long! The reason for that is that i have written fanfictions....just not my little pony, so i couldn't post them here, they are on qoutev and fanfiction and wattpad. they are Transformers and maxsteel.... and on there i am better known as Dragonfire Prime, so if your into those fandoms come check me out! OOOH Also! i am on youtube! As Dragonfire prime! Please go check out my challenges and Vlogs on there!

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Hi, I'm Sombra. I'll look you up on fanfiction and quotev; I'm on those sites too with the same username as this!

No prob bob...err... Melody_wings

Thanks for faving my story :pinkiehappy: I really appreciate it

Um not to alarm u or anything but derpy has a chainsaw and does not know how to use it and tjere gose your dog

1463154 the derp force is rising....
... IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

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