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About an Update, I'M WORKING ON IT, SHUT UP · 3:16pm Aug 24th, 2015

What he said

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To any who may or may not be checking here often I filed a report under other and labeled it wellness check here is hoping for the best since it has been so long

Thank you for letting me know

Unfortunately, they've been OFFLINE since May 7th, 2016... so... chances are what you see is what you get. I know the feeling... I just ran across one of these stories last night and thought "Man... I should favorite this and watch for updates..."

sorry to bother you with this Question If you get asked this a lot be have you stop working on "I Will Protect You" I ask Because the last chapter update was in 2015 but it does not say Cancel at the bottom I was wondering if I should wait around for the next chapter or if i should Take It off of read later

are you going to update your Twivine fic?

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