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A group for all FNaF stories!

From FNaF 1, to 4, you can post them here. (as long as no sexual contact occurs):ajbemused:

There can`t be any... Far sexual themes in these stories, but there can be the sex tag (sometimes used for, other purposes)

That`s about all. Um, if you see any stories out side of these rules, please tell me in the forums!

1- no actual sex in stories, yes, there can be making out:twilightsheepish:
2- don`t cuss on here (I mean comments and forums)
3- um... Join and read whatever? I don`t know, my rules are simple, so... yeah?:facehoof: I can`t do descriptions.

Please, enjoy and feel free to add stories to here!~:scootangel:

And watch out for Foxy~:trollestia:

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Someone's alive?

My story takes place in Freddy Fazbears Pizza, then in the EG universe - do I still put it in the 'EQG FNAF' file? :applejackunsure:
I just want to make sure...


I'm already here.....

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