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[I only know so much about the OC Twivine.This is the one who created her. Rating will either change to M or the next installment will be an M story. Tags added as I need them.]

Emerald Morrison didn't have the best life, but certainly not the worst. She didn't have the best grades, but also not the worst. But now? Now she finds herself as Twivine, an OC made by another brony. Problem is, she has no idea who Twivine is. She heard of Twivine, seen one or two fan made pictures but that's about it.

Somehow Twilight's magic surge brought Emerald or rather Twivine to Equestria and now she grows up (again), only this time in the Sparkle household.

08/29/2015 Featured? Thanks. Sure hope this isn't because of a short raise in the amount of views.

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I can give you a link to the who created her.

>I only know so much about the OC story of Twivine
No, just no. You don't want to know shit from where she hails.
Twivine is basicly Twilight, what got captured and corrupted by plunder vines from S4E1. That's all you need to know.

6234157 That would be nice. I think it was a youtuber, but I'm not sure.

6234164 That much I already know and I'm not planning to put that alicorn into my story. Still, in order to fully grasp her abilities I need to see at least some stuff.

6234165 Well it wasn't the Youtuber, it is someone on Deviantart. Here.

Wow I like this so far it's fun! :twilightsmile: But personally I've never heard of the oc :twilightsheepish:

6234324 Yeah, I stumbled upon her too. She's not so well known like Nyx and I'm starting to see why (am watching some videos). Her story I find a little too much out of the mill, but I like the idea.

6234257 yeah female turning into a pony:pinkiehappy: i haven't seen one of these except for my own stuff and nice I like it

I have read what she is capable of and this is the first Twivine story on this site (as far as I know).

She look like she will be some sort of master in dark magic and vines...magic..........Damn it, Hentai.
Will she becomes some sort of dark mage?

A couple grammar errors, but otherwise a good story.

its a good story so far cant wait for the next chapters to come

6235021 It's always the guys with the Twilight avatars who point out the grammar errors. *sigh* Give it a rest guys.

6234853 Actually the fourth, according to the Twivine Group

6235688 Twivine is a Twilight that got corrupted by the plunder seeds and a corrupted harmony tree.


yeah, never heard of her. I see that there is a group, but there doesn't seem to be much there about fanon surrounding her, so.. could someone fill me in? You gave the quick "corrupted Twilight" stuff, but... is that all there is to her? Her eyes make me think of Sombra...

With an opening like that I'm sure you'll make Redvine--no, Twivine as popular as Nyx in the upcoming chapters!

6236460 I wouldn't go that far. I think a good chunk of people will get to know her, but that's about it, I think.

Loved it. My interest has been peaked. Now I require more... GIVE IT TO ME! ...please.:yay:

ehhh... why the fuck not? I'll track this. I wanna see where this goes.

My voice sounded somewhat like that of a little girl, yet with a dark undertone along the lines of Darth Vader.

Ah... memories of ECCC 2012...

(Approximately 7 minutes in.)


As most people say, MOAR. More pwease.:fluttershysad:

An interesting premise I'll definitely be watching to see where you take this. Thanks for Writing!

The phrasing was a little awkward at times, but still a good chapter.

I am not trying to be mean, but when I read BSBFF, all I could think of was "Bull Shit Best Friend Forever." I the proceeded to laugh my balls off. Still a good story so far. :)

yay new chapter now i cant wait for the next one to come out

Loving this story so very much. Please keep up the good writing.

I really want to find out what Twilight's parents think of all this.

6250951 I watched a video on youtube. The one who made her, gave her the same voice actress with the darth vader undertone. However, I'd advice everyone to imagine his/her own voice. I do that always, when I read a book.

6251098 Well i was picture the same voice as Twilight till you mentioned her voice was different

Awesome chapter and only found one error :D

Celestia didn't see it, as she levitated me of her back

Good chapter. :twilightsmile:
Please don't break the 4th wall in the future. It takes one out of the story. :applecry:

Cute story. More updates, pls.

Little Sister Best Friend Forever (with another B at the end)?

I thought they considered each other Twins? Well she did pop into existence that day

Our Twivine is similar in many ways to Nightmare Moon and Sombra. I really wish to know how many red flags are up in Celestia head now behind mask of calmness and what scenarios are crafted to avoid any plans interruptions by very possibly (in Celestia opinion) to became evil Twilight clone.

I love this story so much, I am totally amused :pinkiehappy:
This might sound rude but. YOU must CREATE more CHAPTERS:flutterrage:
Again sorry, for that, its just that, this story is so AWESOME:twilightsmile:

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