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Greetings, one and all! Welcome to the vamponies group!

Do you love things that are 'spooky'? Do sharp fangs and sucking blood intrigue you? Whenever you hear something howling at a full moon, do you secretly hope that the furry creature runs around on two legs and not four? If so, than you've come to the right place.

I've always been fascinated by the supernatural, and I obviously love MLP too. So why not put them both together?

This is a group I made to catalouge and catagorize all of the various supernatural pony-fics this site seems to have and make it easier for everyone find what they're looking for. And of course for people to come and talk to others about their shared love of anything 'unusual'. Please, feel free to post any stories you can find that would be considered, 'supernatural'. Just please be sure to post them in the right folders. If you can think of a category that I haven't already made a folder for, please let me know and I'll fix it right away.

(Oh, and before anyone mentions a certain book series that shall not be named, just remember that MY Twilight 'Sparkles' in all the right ways.)

~Signed, InfiniteBrony

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i have a story suggestion for the vampire folder:
Count Derpy
short read, good story, pretty much a gorefest

It feels like any universe I go to now I will encounter some form of vampires and such

Vamponies? Like vampires ponies? Ponies that drink the blood of other ponies? Those exist? For Real? Well then, I'm gonna go make sure the doors and windows are locked.

There's no folder for necromancers...I'm so disappointed.

Is there any chance an admin could talk to Darth Gonzo? He's been blog-spamming a lot lately.

Werewolf folder?!
I'm all in!

What's the banner image from? Won't let me save banner images, so I have to ask...

Amazing the image is back :twilightsmile:. I had actually looked for the image for your page, about the vampire Twilight, and were shocked to learn it was found only at one source that was no longer showing :twilightoops:. I was about to insert a copy of the image I gotten for myself :twilightsmile:, it was nice art anyway :scootangel:, but I had discover you already taken care of it.

Heh heh heh there are currently 666 stories in the "stories" section. Seems quite fitting. :rainbowlaugh:

406114 have, damn auto correct.

406098 I actually ha we a story idea, and that picture just sums it up nicely. Or, at least what she looked like, but replace it with a black hood and coat.

I will state that the picture you pick of Twilight is actually rather nice. :twilightsmile:

I love this kind of stuff:trollestia:heart:

Well, this group is perfect for me.

Why am I only hearing about this group now!? I love supernatural spooky crap :D

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