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I loved writing fiction and songwriting, and I still do, but I've hit a long slump. I'll use my newly-found love of ponies to get back on my creative hooves, so to speak.

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'Royal Problems' was awesome. (Spoilers, of course) · 1:36am May 23rd

Everybrony! Mark your MLP calendars, it finally happened! We’ve gotten … AN EPISODE WHERE CELESTIA HAS A PERSONALITY!
We may have had a moment here or there, like when she laughed at Discord’s joke about Twilight’s bad flight skills, but here’s an episode where she has a realistic character flaw and it is resolved well. I know a lot of people were waiting for that; frankly, I was worried they’d keep Celestia at arm’s length for the whole show run.

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Thanks for coming to the panel. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for the advice at the panel! It was cool to see you.

Thanks for watching!

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