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"Blind obedience to authority is the greatest enemy of the truth." -Albert Einstein


10/10 · 2:42pm Jan 8th, 2017

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2407324 Yeah, but I don't really want to throw it around or anything.

2404236 I've also been watching many of those people, though I've stopped watching LSR and Thom. I stopped watching Thom due to... well, just lack of interest, really.

For LSR, I stopped watching because I decided to drop identity-politics. He's got good videos, but he focuses a bit too much on identity rather than theory, economics, etc, when that's where we should be putting our effort and time, I feel, as it's not doing the left any good -- especially when liberals can now co-opt the name, 'the left' and therefore make us look dumb or whatever, especially in American politics.

This isn't to say to disregard struggles of specific groups, just to focus -less- on that and more on something that should solve all of these issues rather than trying to reform them away. My solution should be quite obvious: full communism. Even lower-phase communism/socialism are definitely able to solve these groups issues.

I'm glad you watch Xexizy and Rebel Absurdity though, that's pretty cool. Don't really know anything about Shaun and Jen. Badmouse's video quality has skyrocketed as of late, which is getting him a lot of attention and that's always good.

Good link by the way! I imagine that could be very useful for people.

Haven't read his story though I was considering it. Not sure if I will, but only because I don't really read fanfics anymore. Most I'll do is help some guy edit a story if they need it.

Eh, what can you do? I've argued with him a bunch so far, not sure if I've really gotten anywhere with it. He's a nice guy, but... lack of nuance? Yeaaah, I'd definitely say so.

He's, from what I've gathered, your common "lol but we need -both-, dude... you can't have too much of one or the other... need a mix of socialism and capitalism," because apparently that's possible. No disrespect from me to him though, of course.

Also, I don't think his arguments base themselves on developed theory but personal opinions and definitions of words. We argued over what anarchism is, I argued it was basically economic/social thought and a 'new order of society' basically, but he went with the bullshit "anarchy = chaos" stuff, as well as "it's just impossible" without any proof.

Hopefully he'll start to read or something, since I feel critical theory and materialist philosophy might help him do that. I also decided to mention Max Stirner to dispel his moral arguments and the thought of 'evil' and 'good.' Not sure if it -really- did anything, because he agreed that evil, good, and so on are all relative -- but he still wanted to use them anyways, as argument thickeners I imagine but only because I can't entirely remember his reasoning now.

2402018 Not entirely sure yet, I'm pretty non-sectarian atm. I'd call myself a Marxist though I do have sympathies to my anarchist comrades. I believe the split between the two groups are pretty inefficient.

Sorry for taking so long to respond, friend.

I'll figure out what I believe I am on a later date, since I want to read more theory to really establish it. Currently looking for a place to fit in and a spot I agree with, since I don't really disagree with anyone yet on the left, though perhaps I would say I disagree with Stalinism.

I'm currently feeling that I'm a Council Communist and Luxemburgist though. Like I've said, haven't read enough though probably to figure it out.


Dalek was telling me that you pulled down your drug-involved FlutterDash story from yesterday.

I wouldn't worry too much about that story getting downvotes; people are not going to hate you.

That being said, I think a lot of people find drugs combining with ponies to be a bit offputting, especially when it isn't played for laughs. Plus a lot of people just aren't too fond of weed.

Er, I mean:

2249866 yes, that is very true.

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