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A changeling sets up a secret shop inside of Ponyville. He can be anyone you want him to be. The crush you wished felt the same way about you. The boss you want to just scream at. The parent you hoped would return someday. The friend that's now your enemy.

He can be anyone you want him to be. Just don't ask him to be himself.

Now with a youtube reading. HERE!

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Beautiful... the feels here are absolutely beautiful. :pinkiesad2:

I sit here and ask myself why haven't I hit follow on you earlier.

That was... something. It's strange that I could understand and almost feel him trying to live out a fantasy, trying to escape reality. Huh... I wonder if that says more about me than about this fictitious character.

I only really didn't like that all changelings were the same. I mean... Anyways how are the relationships between ponies and changelings in this fic?

And... Can I talk to you in a pm about something?

Wow...it's been a while since a fanfic like this has evoked these kind of emotions from me...

That was very good.
The concept in and of itself is one I haven't seen done before, and your reasons for why he does what he does, a type of atonement that he himself might not have been fully aware of at first.
You must see that this idea has a great deal of potential right? Maybe something you can come back to later, when you feel like it. But if you WANTED to, I could easily see a chapter per pony style story. You've already given us an excellent Discord moment. The idea of just what Discord is thinking about Tirek now? Why has no one thought of that before?
And now of course I have to wonder things like "What would Celestia really like to ask Luna regarding her banishment", "What would Spike really like to say to Rarity", "What does Cadence think Shining Armor really thinks about his upcoming fatherhood", "What would Applejack really like to say to her mom, or dad".
My friend, the list of my personal questions alone would give you gristle for the mill for months to come.
Something to think about... :raritywink:

Really nice story. So many emotions.

So many emotions. :pinkiesad2: I love it.

I'd like to see a little prequel of sorts, actually. A collection of chapters about certain ponies acting out their fantasies and all. c:

Nice.It passed the time.

Whoa..........this story is deep. Hope there is a chance for a sequel someday. This is really good. :eeyup:

Shit, that was heavy.


Reminds me of the third book in The Program Trilogy. Very good story, I must say :)-this one and that one.

That was... Interesting? I actually have no idea... Nice story though. :twilightsheepish:

Great now I'm going to be sad.... *Grumbles* Going to read something funny.

Take my like.

I'm going to throw a Pokeball at him, so I want him to be Ditto.


Tell me about it! This is therapy in some sense, but is also escapism; both somehow working together in a weird way. I like that all of the clients reasoning are left to be interpreted not only by us, the readers, but by the main character as well; he only knows so much because of what he can gather and guess.

And the clients. My Faust the clients! So many emotions that I cannot express them all in writing!
So instead, here is a picture:

A slug to the gut there. Very good work.

You actually caught me in the middle of writing a changeling psychologist. I may steal a few little bits in here for Idiosyncrasy.

This was so deep that Adele could roll in it... I'm sorry, been waiting to say that one :twilightblush:

So, yeah. Pretty fun bit. I get from the A/N that our Changeling protagonist's issues are intentionally left vague, but he feels a bit too tabula rasa. I'm not sure if his cohort pointing out that "they all look pretty much the same" is meant to lampshade that feeling or not. I'm on board with the idea as a whole, but without even a little clue as to what our protagonist did that was so horrible he felt he had to exile himself from the Hive (aside: I don't even remember if the Hive structure is explicit canon, implied canon, or merely widespread fanon anymore, so apologies), I have a rough time feeling emotionally invested in his exile, escapism, breakdown, and recovery.

To reiterate and avoid sounding like an ass: I did have fun reading through this. The end just doesn't quite tie the emotions together for me.

I think he was pushing 300-500 times regular gravity by that scene. Minor aside, sorry.

Holy rainbow macaroons, that's some emotional shit right there

Then there's that one client who wants to talk to themselves...

chooses to uses

what others’ have

I liked this. I really did. A part of me wishes that the ending would've been a bit of a twist, and that the protagonist actually was Chrysalis. Maybe my perception of her character is odd, but I feel like she would resent herself for leading her people to a defeat.

Anyway, still good.

6774227 Me too. I wanted her to be like... Sorry for failimg.

In the course of a single night, I can be loved, hated, despised, looked down upon, spit at, shouted at, begged to and so much more. I can be anything to anyone at anytime they want and so that’s what I become, again and again and again for as long as my clients need me. Everyone has a story to tell and I am more than willing to become a character in that story and play my part correctly. All that I require in return is to feast off the emotions it creates.

A lot said with very little.

Very thought provoking. I enjoyed the vagueness as well as the over all feel. Honestly I had hoped at the end that the second changeling would end up being the real Queen. Though with the vagueness I could assume he/she was? Anyway, a nice treat to read , great work

Heh.... I'd ask for his services.:ajsmug:

I like this story. These Changeling fanfics tend to be a lot more unique than other stories here. Especially when people play with the ways that Changeling's use their shape-shifting powers for good and/or evil purposes.

Top kek, mate. Liked and watched.

6773865 Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha!

I just literally listened to that song yesterday!

Oh, let me give that comment a Like cause' that was a good one.

'We could have had it all...rollin' in the deeee-eee-eeeep...'

6773713 Hi there, Manes.

Nobody wanted my Likes in other Featured stories, so take mine to replace the one you gave. Give this Like to someone special. Or talented.

6773647 It sure was. I like Changeling stories. You can do so much with these characters, which leads to a lot of really good unique fanfics about them because of their shape-shifting powers alone.

Also, hello there my friend. :)

Yeah he's dead as dead gets if he goes back there

Comment posted by DumbDog deleted Dec 29th, 2015

An interesting story. Its a shame its just a one shot, but it was a very well done one shot. I enjoyed it. Great work!

Man. The theme of this was really, really good. I like that you explained the point so succinctly at the end. This kind of escapism to the point of over-indulgence is definitely a think to watch out for, esp. for those of us who spend a lot of time on the internet. It's much easier to focus yourself into easy, constant entertainment and fictional lives than to deal with your problems. But your story does a great job of pointing out the fallacy of this.

Really nice job, and a great moral that I wouldn't have expected to see in a fanfiction. Thanks for posting. =)

Btw, thanks for keeping this clean. I entered this fanfic with reservations, since the concept of changing for the sake of others' feelings could easily exploited for mature themes. It was really refreshing to see a fic that focused on a real point, not another sex story.

Just came back to this story to tell you I still enjoy this.

I want to believe Chryssi would forgive and forget, but part of me thinks it's a trap.

god damn, Mayor mare reminding me of my own loss and guilt.:pinkiesad2: good fic

Very well written story I must say.
I liked how plain and simple the writing was, without any extravagant words, it made the effect even better.
Good job, you're getting a fave from me, and that's pretty rare for anyone to get:twilightsmile:

Thought-provoking, and masterfully written. Well done.

Really deep! "Rod Serling-good" Twilight Zone material there :twilightsmile:

Straight to my faves:pinkiehappy:

This was an amazing story that really touches the soul.

True, true. I know it myself. My creativity is greatest when I flee from something - most often myself.

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