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ART! I HAZ ART! · 11:27pm February 26th


Yes, after over a year and several false starts I finally, finally have proper art for The Bridle Path. As most of you know, that story was the very first story I wrote, not only here on FimFiction, but in general. Despite its errors and flaws, it still holds a very warm place in my heart and it always does me good to see a notification about it cross through my alerts.

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Sure, toss it my way :)

I have an interesting idea for a fic.

Mind if I sent it your way, or do you want me to wait until you get around to the other idea I sent you?

Yes, yes I am. If you do read it, just be aware, it was the very first story I wrote, period. It shows that in a lot of places, but I'm still very proud of it.

Wait! You're the bridle path fellow.

I have been meaning to read that for sooooo long.

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