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This is my quest. To follow that star! No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

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Changes to give Patrons more value... · 2:48pm Nov 22nd, 2020

So, every month for the past few years now I've done up a chapter of Brightly Lit or its sequel, Brightly Lit 2: Pharos. However, what I write after that has always been a major decision and I often have people clamoring for fresh chapters of stories that have had to sit for awhile. Also, I always feel guilty about taking money for writing. Yes, I know it's deserved and those of you who are Patrons are happy to support me, but I've always wanted to give you folks more.

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It's been a while since we last talked, but I might have a new idea if you're not too busy.

Gab0o0 did it for me. He also did the art for The Bridle Path. Here is their DA page:

who created the cover image for Brightly Lit?

It caught my eye having written a n alternative Crystal War story myself. Just started it and looking forward to getting caught up

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