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So.... · 3:13pm Jul 19th, 2017

Have you ever had such a bad writer's block, where it's making you avoid this website entirely?
Well maybe that's because I found a new fandom and a new writing website. One called Undertale and Wattpad specifically.
IDK about you, but Wattpad is my new thing. Under the username Featherclaw78, I have been writing up a storm, completed a book, and has been having wild ideas about different things, besides MLP, thus not me updating.

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Thanks for the follow :yay:

2355663 That's awesome. Love the new chapter, by the way.

Tell me about it.
Well, I made this, for the fun of it, and didn't know that it would take most of my free time. And I am finally grateful for all of my free time. Not to mention, I make up these stories on the spot.

Hello, I love your new story btw with all the days of Christmas! The attention it must take to write a chapter everyday and for it to still be good.

You are right, I am a girl.
And yes, I'm also a Christian. Glad to hear you're one too.

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