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I'm done for a while · 2:53pm May 5th

Yesterday I made a blog and, to put it lightly, it took less than six hours for it to turn into an absolute shitshow. That blog was specifically to air the fact that I was feeling a personal crisis of conscience and was largely mocked for it where the blog's comment section didn't just dissolve into a batshit fucking loco mess of luchadores on ketamine baiting trolls and then getting run over by them only to stand up like--

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Hello, sorry if this comes off rude but when do you thin kthe next chapter of Your Sombrashy story will come out?

That's incredibly kind of you to say so, I'm happy you enjoyed my works so much. I'm kind of a manic writer, so I tend to crank out a lot of words, so knowing that there are people who truly enjoyed themselves with my stories means a lot. If you like my work and want to see my non-pony stuff, I maintain an Archive Of Our Own account under the name: Calchexxis.

So I've recently just now finished reading both your Dead By Sunset and your Sunflower set of stories and I have to say you are the best author I've ever read from (And I've been reading for awhile). While you have more stories I've yet to read through I have to say that my time with your work so far has been some of the best I've ever had while reading. So all in all, thanks for that I guess.

Ps. No I didn't click post comment instead of show preview when it only had one line, that didn't happen and you can't prove it did.

Comment posted by MrChizzle deleted March 24th
  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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