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My best story · 11:53pm February 25th

It’s a little weird to admit this because of how long and how good of a reception Featherfall has gotten, but if I were to say what I think my best story is? It would one hundred percent be Adagio’s Lament.

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hmmmm Gilda x Sunset.........
yup defiantly cracky-ier
Season 9 gives me but a speck, crumb of hope for Sombrashy :heart:
(Then I will return to my usually romantic day dreaming routine)

If you like crack ships, I’m pretty sure GildaxSunset is about as crack-y as they come with Featherfall.

Even after I got out of my MLP phase Sombrashy remained my old time favourite ship all the good sombrashy fics never seemed to get finished but your one is ESPECIALLY good and not getting a satisfying ending my plague my soul for all eternity 🤠 I'll take a gander into your other stories to keep me occupied until it's return good luck on your other writings!!

I-A-M #32 · 1 week ago · · ·

If I do pick it back up, which I very well might, it will only be after I finish Featherfall. Fortunately, Featherfall is almost done. We're in Act III and closing in on the finale, so it would be after that. I am happy you like King & Shy though, I do love that ship.

please......please I'm begging you to finish The King & Shy I have never been more invested in a fic in my life, even just posting the drafts.
I'm actually shaking this Sunday morning that fic is pure perfection plus I kinda of want to see Fluttershy get more into this Queen character :heart:
Is Celestia still peeved about being beaten by 'Fluttershy'?
Will Sombra and Flutters eventually have their own kids? How will Sombra react to being a dad?How will the girl react?
Are Sombra, Scootaloo and Flutters living 'Victorian Wealthy Vampire Family' Style? Will the crusader find Scoots all deck out in jewels with a new posh accent? Will Flutters get her own regalia?
WILL WE GET AN AWKWARD SCENE OF SCOOTALOO WALKING IN ON HER PARENTS aLoNe tImE????? (Can I have but a crumb of Sombrashy suggested smut, but a singular speck)
Also long live crack ships, maybe one day they will come true :')

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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