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Although an unlikely pair to their friends, Gilda Grimfeather and Sunset Shimmer have been dating for almost a year. Both brash, confident, and straightforward souls, Gilda and Sunset stuck fast to one another not long after the Fall Formal. Now with much of summer having passed and the August heat beating down on them, Gilda finally convinced Sunset to move out of her little makeshift home in the third story office of an abandoned warehouse and into Gilda's flat with her in the Ponyville Commons before the onset of another brutal Canterlot winter in the unheated office she lived in.

But dating, even long term, is a very different beast from living together, and the prospect has tempers running a little high for both of the girls. Bad habits and little resentments alike flare as they do their level best to get Sunset's home cleared out.

Strongly influenced by the story Featherfall, as well as my deep love of hilariously out of place crackships, this is my submission for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest. Show some love for my best girls, Sunset and Gilda.

FEATURED! 8/27/2018

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After a terrible storm sweeps through the Everfree, Fluttershy finds the weakened but still powerful King Sombra on her doorstep. Unable to resist his dark magic, she finds herself trapped by a spell that forces her to aid him, protect him, and heal him until he is strong once more, all while keeping his revival a secret from her friends. Unwilling to risk bringing her friends into the situation and endanger them, Fluttershy decides on a riskier tactic

If she could reform Discord, why not the Tyrant of the Crystal Empire. After all, with his spell keeping her from betraying his presence, it might be her only hope. Can she kill the Dark King with Kindness? Or will the ancient sorcerer once more stretch his shadow across Equestria?

Author: "I reserve the right to potentially bump up the rating depending on where this goes."

Edit: Wow, Featured Box twice? I guess people really like Sombrashy. 7/15/2016
Edit: Featured again! 9/3/2016

Coverart by the magnificent Evehly

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