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This story is a sequel to First Day Of My Life

It's Christmas Eve and Sunset Shimmer is spending her very first Christmas with Wallflower Blush as her girlfriend, but no matter what she does, Sunset can't make money appear out of thin air, and as much as she wants to get Wallflower something nice, all she can do is hope that she'll be happy with something thoughtful.

Not a Jinglemas gift, but still written for Scampy.
A Happy Hearth's Warming to you.

A Sunflower Christmas Special set between First Day Of My Life and Something Vague.

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You should link to both First Day Of My Life and Something Vague. Please respond to this comment.

I can do you one better. here is the entirety of my Sunflower Cycle in a group.

Dawww. Waterworks time. Every bit as sweet and tart as the rest of the series. :heart:

oh god these are always so pure how are you so perfect all the time AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

don't mind me I'm just dying of happiness

Awwwwwww, this was cute. Okay, I need to go cry now.

Wow. That was so sweet and heartfelt. What an amazing gift (both for Wally and Scampy). :heart:

Even though I'm reading this story out of order in your series, I feel like it could be read as a standalone. While there are enough details and references to the other works to make the reader interested in those, you also establish the situation/where they are at in their relationship without requiring much background.

Your style just flows, and your characters are great. Especially Sunset, whose determination and compassion was conveyed so well. Every emotion in this story just shone through. I legitimately almost teared up when Wally finally said it back. What a defining moment for them.

Keep being awesome. Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to you!

The opening two paragraphs I find kind of mindboggling, but, well, different people like different things. It's good for her that she was happier being where she is even in the pre-Wallflower state, though, I suppose.
(Of course, a lot of the relative merits do depend on the particular Equestria and Pedestria being compared...)

And, unsurprisingly, another very nice Sunflower story; thank you for writing. :)

10597019 please respond to this comment

This was a good read, and I can really appreciate reading this the morning of the first Christmas I've never spent with family. I still have my mum's spare key, and another spare key for my Grannie and aunt and uncles, so that little loving note of having key means having a home to go back to was just about what I needed to shake off some lingering melancholy before the start of the day.

“I don’t care,” I say, laughing and smiling ear to ear. “I’m so happy right now that I probably couldn’t tell you what else I’d want if you put a gun to my head.”


(But seriously. As touching and heartfelt as ever.)

Just a little late to the party, but I just had to tell you you got some tears out of me.

You know when you're enjoying a Cornetto™, and it's been a lovely Cornetto™ all throughout, then you get to the end bit that's just waffle cone and chocolate and it just rounds out the whole experience wonderfully and leaves you with a dumb, satisfied smile on your face?

That's what this story is.

Where Helianthus wraps up the narrative arc for Wallflower and Sunset, it's kinda like this wraps up Wallflower's character behaviourally. From Wallie helping out in Saint Easels to her playful quip about Sunset (which left me stunned!), it almost feels like Wallflower carries some of the character development and maturity that you've given her throughout later parts of the saga and it nicely rounds off your vision of her character. And a story like All I Want For Christmas is the perfect way to do that: A story where, and I mean this as a compliment, nothing much happens. A more subtle kind of story, where you can explore the minutae of a character.

It's weird how in a story written entirely from Sunset's point of view, it's Wallflower's inclusion I end up talking about. Maybe I'm getting the wrong end of the stick with this whole commenting malarkey. But either way, another nice little read, and a lovely denouement to this expertly-crafted saga!

Even though this wasn't in the book edition, I had to read it anyway. SunFlower is sweet already, and your stories with them are just the feelsy odyssey that makes the pairing even better. While I went into the series with expectations of how good you are at natural world-building and relationship chemistry, I never expected there to be any background whatsoever to the key. All this story did was act as the bonus fluff to show me what a pleasant surprise it was to know.

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