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Update on story · 1:20am Jan 19th, 2017

Hello everypony, Cloudy Mane here with an update. Now the story hasn't been updated at all, sorry about that. The issue is, I wasn't confident in my ability to write something with this story. I started off pretty easy but I want the story to be a beginning of a universe, kinda like marvel. I hit a wall with writing. I couldn't think of how to explain the Nightmare Moon scene. So during this break I was looking for inspiration. Turns out, Jojos Bizzare Adventure is really good. Watched the most

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Hey, here's the part of my profile that tells you I'm a terrible writer

Yeah, hey there. I'm Cloudy Mane the Pegasus! I've been a fan since the first season really. I wanted to write stories starting this year. What will you expect from me? Well lets start with King Sombra, I love this evil horse. So my first couple of stories will be based on him. I will be writing mostly humanized stories, may write pony ones depending on how confident I am. I plan on making a 'story universe' with these characters. Remember, leave critique on my stories, I wanna go as a writer. Thank you for checking me out, if you like my stuff you know what to do.

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Thank you for the Fave on my story “The King of Swing”! Your support is greatly appreciated.

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