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Ascension Attention
Prologue-Chapter 2 - Proofreading
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Slice of Life/Romance
Starring: Twilight | Thorax

Arabian Twilight
Prologue-Chapter 6 - Editing
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Starring: Twilight | Mane 6

The Fairy Tale Facade
Chapter Summaries
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Adventure | Romance
Starring: King Sombra | Twilight | Mane 6

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  • 2 weeks
    No proofreader? Open proofreading?

    Edit: I think I have enough volunteers for pre-reading/proofreading, thank you, everyone! :pinkiehappy: I will keep this blog up, but just wanted to note that the response was better than I thought! /endedit.

    I found a proofreader for my next story and on the last chapter they read, they said that—aside from some preferential suggestions and a few typos—they could almost make the argument that I don't need a pre-reader.

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Comment posted by Starkilleer deleted June 12th

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it so much!
As for the sequel, it is definitely going to happen. I had an issue plot-wise when I had finished the first, but I worked it out a few weeks later. Not certain when I will get around to it, as I have two other stories I want to finish/semi-complete before then, but I'll be sure to send you a message for pre-reading, thank you! :D

Greetings. :) Just dropping in to say hello and offer you my compliments on The Fairy Tale Fiasco. While I just posted an amateur review in the comments section, I wanted to let you know that it was perhaps one of the greatest fanfics that I have had the chance to read to date. Any plans for a sequel? If you’d be interested in a pre-reader, I’d be willing, eager and able.

Hah! I used to work in a library, so I can relate.

Ahaha, thank you! I work in a book warehouse, so my day is literally, "Books, books, food, books, books, food..." Before I get home and occasionally throw some more books in there if I happened to bring any home.

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