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Well, I'm not much of a brony as I don't like the show, but I greatly respect the fans and their work. I often wish the fanbase of some other franchises were as talented and ambitious as the bronies.

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Future of Stories Going Forward · 1:30am June 15th

Okay, let me start with an apology for what I am going to do. I don't want to disappoint people, especially readers of my work, but I just can't go on like this any longer.

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Thats fair and i like it... Depressed NEET pone for the win!
But in all "seriousness" you have a point... Most AiE/HiE do have the protagonist WAY up there in Equestrian society like with the Princesses or the main 6...
I get that a foreign being from another world is something of interest (I mean NASA went crazy when they "found" water on Mars). But c'mon, it's possible but unlikely that all of the Royals would get involved and would use their resources to help this being...

Saw your comment on the story involving Windy Whistles. Your points were all perfectly valid, and entirely appropriate. But sadly, they were also a nasty little buzzkill to fans of a certain genre. It's hard to bring up ethics on this site, especially when someone is just seeking a cheap thrill. I've tried, and gotten smacked down or ignored. Unfortunately, while there are interesting stories of that type on the site, there are far too many that are simply examples of crassness gone wild. Such is the world we inhabit I guess.

Could I ask a dumb question?

Do you think the Blueblood in your story will turn out to be gay when he gets older?

Like I said, it was a dumb question.

The reason I ask is because it would certainly change up the dynamic in his and his family's relationship, especially his sister.

Admittedly, the things I generally dislike about HiE and AiE haven't changed, and I'm avoiding them in my fic. Like, I don't like when the protagonist gets the romantic attention of ponies way out of their league, such as royalty, most of the Mane6, or a goddess, without actually being of comparative standing or character.
The Anon in my story isn't wooing a successful and outgoing entrepreneur, one of the princesses, or an embodiment of a universal force, he's caught the eye of a NEETpone, who, as much as I like her, doesn't really rate very high on the conventional 1-10 attractive scale and who doesn't have very high standards herself. This isn't a story about a 4-5 human getting with a 9-10 pony, it's the story of two undesirables finding one another and helping eachother rise above their lots in life.

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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