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Kind of Brony

Well, I'm not much of a brony as I don't like the show, but I greatly respect the fans and their work. I often wish the fanbase of some other franchises were as talented and ambitious as the bronies.

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For Those Who Enjoy My Writing · 9:09am Feb 19th, 2019

... I do have some other things I've written over on my pastebin that I haven't published here. All RGRE-Lite stuff that I wrote for the 4chan thread on various whims, and not finished, but I figured some of you might like them for a way to whittle away some time.


Any that I do finish, I plan on putting on here, but until then, if you like one, and have thoughts you want to share or ideas you think could improve them, I'm always happy to hear them.


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Massive, massive God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

I really hope you don't just disappear like many other authors on this site. Your stories really give me joy and I want to see at least one of them reach a conclusion.

Miss this author.

Comment posted by OceanBytez deleted Jul 3rd, 2020

dude he hasn't even been on the site in six months, nothing here is getting updated anytime soon if ever again.

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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