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You earned the...

...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

TLost Little Wolf
Yet another human-in-the-body-of-a-show-character story
PrincessColumbia · 48k words  ·  1,011  57 · 15k views

Do you never want to see a UwU again? Are you sick and tired of UwU? WELL do I got the product for you UwU REPELLENT just a couple of sprays on your computer and you will never see a UwU again...because your computer will be broken because thats right UwU repellent is just water well at least you won't have to deal with those pesky UwUs

Yes I'm still on here. Just kept so busy these days with work and such

Hey you still there.

Thank you for faving Of Flame and Shadow.:twilightsmile:

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