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Kind of Brony

Well, I'm not much of a brony as I don't like the show, but I greatly respect the fans and their work. I often wish the fanbase of some other franchises were as talented and ambitious as the bronies.


Anon and his daughter had finally started to settle into their new life amoungst ponies, with Anon now having a steady source of income and his child excelling in school. With the essentials assured, however, Anon started to search for more. After all, life doesn't have to just be the two of them, and he's always been open minded.

Problem is, ponies don't seem to share this trait, and Anon found himself rejected over and over. While he can get dates, no mare ever wants to stick around once they find out he is a single father, apparently caring more about his daughter than the fact that he's an alien.

Ready to give up, Anon is surprised when his daughter makes a very strange friend, and he himself begins to become intrigued with this sweater-wearing mare. Moondancer, for her part, is just trying not to make a fool of herself in front of this strange stallion while his cute-as-a-button daughter does everything possible to make her fall in love with the pair, intentionally or not.


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holy fuck I need more of this

So youre saying there is more...


Because holy heckadoodles do I want more. I was sad at the end when there was no "next" button 😢

I love this story

this sounds good and I actually hope beside her intelligents that this isn't about her being so much better or stronger than the guy and that the guy himself isn't a blushing idiot in the story, what I mean still nice, a good father but still not blushing for every reason. I try the story later if I can read at my own computer.

Really enjoying this so far. Can't wait to read more!

This looks like it’ll be a nice story. Going to love seeing where it goes.


oh god, I'm going to call him Antony now.

"Stallions," the mare mumbled after a moment, walking past the human. "Runnin' around without a herd. Yellin' in libraries. Filly ain't gonna turn out right..."

I forgot her name, but I hope his chosen Mare is one that doesn't like taking herds. I mean at least not one where they share the partner.

Before he fully grasped that fact, he traumatized a few agents with his more... gritty manuscripts. The book he did finally get published read like what you'd find in a middle schooler's backpack, and yet was still marketed towards adults as it was apparently too mature for younger audiences.

I like it and now there is only for me to hope that no matter how long they lived, that he can endure more of whatever stuff he was talking about than Celestia. I don't exactly care for any explanations about why Celestia would do this or that, I just want that difference.

are ran for the hills after finding out he's a single father. It's not just dates affected by whatever stigma these ponies have against single parents, it would seem. Suppressing an exhausted sigh, the father and daughter returned Puck and the Fae Woods to its proper place before leaving the library.

why does that sound as if he was trying to get a date there the first second he saw her?

I just hope that his interesst in her starts slowly. I haven't seen enough stories in which the other char (in this chase Moondancer), started to have the first crush. I honestly would also like it if he would not really think about it till he notice some interesst from Moondancer.
I won't mind even if you let him get interessted, but maybe not right away.
I'm just waiting for a story where one is in love and the other not right from the start. I just want something new once in a while.

However I really like the story and that you keep Moondancer a bit akward, I would actually like it if she is the nervous wreck here and if you keep that up for a while, as if she would slowly need to come to the conclusion that she is safe with him or something like that.

I can’t find what RGRE means. :twilightblush: Can anyone please help. My apologies.

Reversed Gender Roles Equestria. Where the stallions are considered the more dainty and delicate and need big strong mares to protect them, or at least stereotypically so. That kinda thing.

Ahhh. That’s what I thought

Shouldn't this have the 'human' tag as well? Haven't read it yet, waiting for it to finish first (it's mah policy!).

But you know, I'm actually tracking several other stories from this author that intrigued me. I hope at some point, at least one of them is finished so I can get a sense of the style and whether I'm likely to enjoy other stories they write.


I'm going to be needing more of this if you please.

for science reason correct?

- Kind of Brony story
- Sympathetic Anon
- Unique situation

There was almost no way that I wouldn't like this with so much stacked in favor of it; you're one of two or three people on this site who can write AiE stories that I consistently love.

I only noticed a few errors, and nothing big at that.

"School's easy and I wanted to know how you're date went."

"You're teacher was pretty upset about you snoozing, too."


>Later that night, Anon was tucking his daughter into bed, running a hand over her head as she looked up at him.

Not sure if style choice or leftover from formatting into prose, but I'll point it out just in case.

I love the setting and the plot. Please keep it going!

This is the first work that is convincing me that having the protagonist be of a particular demographic ,so readers can get an idea of what living a life hardship would be for someone like them , is worth it

Also I totally imaged that the protagonists look like Guy Delisle and her daughter Alice

was that mentioned in the story somewhere? I actually like it if the story isn't exactly hinting on something like that, I just hardly see that done right.

"Minuette! I'm going to dinner with him and his daughter! This isn't a date! That...! is definitely not going to happen. "

and it would be too soon at least for me in a good romance story.

This story is good.

If Anon and or Jane end up using alchemy , or you have to continue establishng their intelligence for some other reasons , please show don't really so much on telling how she is smart ( exposition ) and maybe maker her carelessness have consequences

Ie she may start falling back academically because she doesn't care about the topics she is presented with , or the school may get tired of her despite her maintaining her grades ( you have to make this bad though ) , which could a way to move the kid into private schooling with moondancer and or to other topics ( alchemy foreshadowing I am looking at you )

I think she might have something against. Can't

you're missing a me in their

I don't really like RGRE but Anon and his kid whant me to read this. It was really cute with Moondancer and Jane reding books. Love to see more.

the girl smacked a palm weakly against her father's chest and mumbled

judging by the thickness of the book and size of the print,

These are the beginning of sentences and are missing the capitalization. I'm liking this so far! :pinkiesmile:

>"Quite a few apparently. I've...

Random Greater Than Sign before the quote happens. :pinkiegasp: Gummy was here! :rainbowlaugh: Well I'm hooked. Keep on going, dude. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Venlin deleted Apr 28th, 2018

Nice now you have two stories I cannot wait for updates on. (this one and Floored)

Actually reading through Floored right now to prepare to write another chapter. I'm hoping to get one chapter out for this, Floored, and my Dragon story by the end of next month. Maybe even one for Gilded Sister, but I don't want to make promises my spirit can't keep.

The daughter gets a name, but the dad doesn't? LOL! :rainbowlaugh:

Not hating on Anon of course, but you to have admit that is pretty funny. :trollestia:

>"You're dad has a mind like a steel trap."
Your dad...

Decent story though, want to see more.


I will be watching...:coolphoto:

I'm loving everyone's character in this story. I especially love your interpretation of Moondancer and her friendship with Minuette. You really get the former's character. Makes me excited to see how this relationship develops!

. "And by come inside, I mean him inside of you."

whoa-ho-ho. Damn! Minuette is wingpony of the year! Slap this mare some wings and call her a princess dammit! :rainbowlaugh:

Also this chapter was really sweet, and I'm glad the misunderstanding was resolved quick. I'd have hated for a saga of them just barely missing each other and building up lame tensoin for no reason...now we get the bubbly butterflies tension! Hnnng, moondancer and her wanting to dance and sing at the end was cute as hell :rainbowkiss:

You DO know what Jane Doe means, right?

The name "Jane Doe" is used in situations when a hospital (or a department of authority) finds or has a female patient that they know nothing of. So, if I was a woman and I end up in a hospital somewhere else in the world and had no source of information on me like an ID, Drivers' License or the such, than I would be designated as "Jane Doe" until I tell them whom I am (if I remember that is) and they confirm it to the right authorities.

I'm really glad the author did their homework to choose the daughters' name.:twilightsmile:

Actually, they might not. I think Jane Doe is strictly an American term? I think the Brits, for example, have their own equivalent.

Yes that is the joke, however the dad is not named John Doe as is custom for males in those circumstances.

That is exactly why I pointed it out, and found some humor in it.

the beeeeest!!!!!!!

I really, really really really really really really want to read this story, but calling the main character Anon is just such jarring hit to my suspension of disbeleif that it makes it unreadable.

I understand the idea of self-insert fics, but there are much better ways to go about it than calling your protagonist Anon.

I know, I mentioned in the author note of the first chapter that I wanted to name the humans John and Jane Doe with Doe being their actual surname, but felt that it'd be... shady, I guess, to pretend the story wasn't a green that I'm transferring over.
Joe Bloggs and John Smith in the UK.

First story I see when logging in...
BAM! Fave button hit! This is worth a read later - both for the description and the cover image!

Oh my god this is so sweet

ship dis shit like fedex

Looking forward to more! So cute.~ :pinkiehappy:


I so want to see more of this!

I’m really liking this story so far, please make lots of updates!! :twilightsmile:

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